unique arrow-like wood kitchen backsplash

17 Fascinating Wood Backsplash Ideas to Create a Beautiful Kitchen Interior

A wood backsplash is suitable to say as one of the trending options in the kitchen designs. We can say so because, the use of alternative materials, including wood, for this kitchen element is getting more and more popular.

Wood Backsplash Ideas

Of course, that is not the only reason why we recommend you to pick wood for your next kitchen remodeling, specifically for the backsplash. This material has a unique and various appearances that can give you endless possibilities to make the kitchen interior looks fantastic.

Based on that, in this post, we will give you 17 fascinating wood backsplash ideas to create a beautiful kitchen interior. But before that, it would be great for you to know the five fun facts about wood backsplash first.

1. 5 Fun Facts about Wood Backsplash

It Is Suitable for Any Kitchen Style

The first fun fact about wood as backsplash material is that it is a suitable option for any kitchen style. Although so, you need to know that to create a more excellent particular look the wooden material must have specific details.

For example, you can use beadboard or a v-grooved wood paneling for the backsplash to create a stunning country style. If the look that you want to create is transitional, you can choose an exotic wood as the material instead.

Other than such things, it is also crucial for you to consider the color. Something like this is also a determiner or how good a kitchen style will look.

You Can Apply Any Finishing Treatment to It

We all know that one of the best things about using wood for the kitchen backsplash is that you can add a coat in the design. It gets even better because in this case, you can apply any finishing treatment as you like to give protection as well as creating a more beautiful appearance.

Do you want to know the reason why it is so? It is because backsplash is a kitchen part that will never have contact with the foods you make or prepare in there. In other words, any finishing treatment is safe for wooden backsplash.

No matter what type of finish that you will use on the backsplash, please be sure that it has good quality. This way, the finish will also give extra protection from damages to the wood surface.

You Can Create It from Reclaimed Wood

Another fun fact of backsplash from wood is that you can create it from reclaimed material. If by any chance you have some used wood at home, as long as the amount or size is suitable for the backsplash area, you can use it.

This idea is a good one to try because it means that you can save cash in giving a new look to the backsplash area. Besides, with it, you can also reduce the number of reclaimed items in your warehouse so you can use the space for anything else.

This idea is also excellent because when you create a kitchen backsplash from reclaimed wood, you will get a unique result. Even if you do not apply any coat on the material, it will be fine since it will give you the fabulous unfinished or rustic look.

It Has a More Affordable Alternative

It is true that sometimes wooden material can cost you a lot of money. It applies particularly on quality hardwood or exotic wood.

If so, can you still consider the backsplash type we discuss here as an option you should pick?

Well, if money is the one that makes you worry, there is the best solution that you will find helpful. It is the fact that there is a more affordable alternative available, which is none other but laminate wood.

This material has the look of wood, but it comes at a cheaper price. Although it sounds nice, please know that there are always pros and cons occur when you choose a laminate instead of real wood for the backsplash.

It Looks Naturally Beautiful

The last but not least fun fact about backsplash made from wood is that it has the natural beauty look. No matter what the interior style that you choose, you can always bring nature inside it by adding a wooden touch, which in this case comes in the form of a backsplash.

Wood is also available in so many types and natural colors. It is even okay for you not to add any finishing to it to keep the beauty look. With something like these, it becomes reasonable for wood to be one from many excellent materials designed for kitchen backsplash, right?

2. 17 Wood Backsplash Design Ideas

A Combination with Popular Modern Color

clean grey kitchen with medium tone wood for the backsplash
clean grey kitchen with medium tone wood for the backsplash. image © artofkitchens.com.au

To create a clean, modern look, you can pair the wooden backsplash with any modern color. In the example above, the tone is grey, and it appears mostly on the cabinets as well as the island.

The clean look will get stronger if the kitchen furniture has clean lines with fewer decorations or patterns.

Another thing to know is that when you choose the combination between backsplash from wood and a modern color is that the wall can pop even better. That is why you should pick a quality wooden material with a nice look for a more stunning visual.

Warm White for Cozy and Timeless Look

a cozy kitchen design with vertical stripes warm white wood backsplash and cabinets
a cozy kitchen design with vertical stripes warm white wood backsplash and cabinets. image © mkimarchitecture.com

Adding color to a wooden backsplash is also a possible thing for you to do. And if you, mainly, want to create a cozy kitchen environment, applying a warm white tone to it is an excellent idea to do.

This color is also a timeless one, which means it is suitable to use anytime regardless of the season or even the current trend. Besides, white is also a neutral tone so you can pair it with any color from the kitchenware, appliance, and accessories without trouble.

In the example above, the whole kitchen even has the same color as the one applied to the backsplash. It makes the entire room looks super cozy and not boring even the white tone seems to dominate the whole space.

Unique Backsplash from Recycled Wood

counter to ceiling backsplash from recycled wooden wall framing
counter to ceiling backsplash from recycled wooden wall framing. image © hm.la

As we already told you in the fun facts about backsplash from wood, you can use reclaimed material for a unique look or for merely saving the budget in building up this kitchen element. The one you see in the picture above is the example.

This counter-to-ceiling backsplash design is unique not only because it has an unusual shape. It is also because the designer made it from recycled wooden material.

The wood comes from unused frames. The sturdy characteristic even makes the backsplash a room divider at the same time, and it brings the whole design to the next level.

Same Color with the Cabinets

wood kitchen backsplash with the same color with the cabinets
wood kitchen backsplash with the same color with the cabinets. image © whittenarchitects.com

Making your wood kitchen backsplash to have the same color as the cabinets is another way to create a fascinating design. Besides, you should not use too much time thinking about what you should do to make the kitchen element looks nice.

This idea is suitable to do if you want to install a new backsplash as a pair for the existing kitchen cabinets or when you want to do a whole renovation for both items. Since both have the same color, surely you will get a themed look in the design.

One thing that you may find to be tricky is when you only want to change the backsplash and keep the cabinets. It may be a bit hard to get wood material with the same appearance and color to match the furniture.

Cozier Atmosphere with Darker Backsplash

darker wood backsplash paired with cream kitchen cabinets
darker wood backsplash paired with cream kitchen cabinets. image © daliakitchendesign.com

If you want to build up a cozier atmosphere in the kitchen area, choosing backsplash from a darker wood is an excellent idea to try. In this idea, you can use either medium or dark tone woods instead of the bright one.

This idea works better when your kitchen has bright color domination, such as when it has more potions of white tone from cabinets, countertops, fixture, and so on as the example, you see above. The existence of natural dark backsplash can help to soothe the brightness in the room.

Vertical Wood Beadboard Backsplash for Beach Style

vertical wooden backsplash is excellent for beach style
vertical wooden backsplash is excellent for beach style. image © traceyrapisardidesign.com

Are you into beach kitchen style? If so, try to choose a vertical design for the wooden backsplash instead of the horizontal one.

The look would be even better when the material you choose is beadboard. Also, it would be awesome if you also paint the backsplash with a tone that will give a breezy and airy atmosphere in the room, such as the one you see in the pic above.

Super Elegant Dark Backsplash and Black Cabinets

black contemporary kitchen cabinets with dark wood backsplash
black contemporary kitchen cabinets with dark wood backsplash. image © stambulusa.com

If you want an elegant kitchen design, it seems excellent for you to pick a dark wood material for the backsplash. For a super-elegant look, you can pair this kitchen element with black as the color of the cabinets as you can see in the picture.

A design like this is perfect for choosing when the kitchen has enough light. It would be best if the light is natural from outside and comes inside the interior through windows. It can avoid the room from being too dark because of the dominant furniture pieces.

Bold Rustic Look from Wood Planks

bold rustic counter-to-ceiling backsplash
bold rustic counter-to-ceiling backsplash. image © michael_raffin.houzz.com

The wood backsplash is always excellent to build a rustic look in your kitchen interior. It would be even better if the material you choose is wood planks.

Besides the fact that you can use it to build a rustic backsplash, you can also use it for other parts of the kitchen to create a consistent look. The example is for the peninsula.

For a bolder look, you do not need to add any finish or paint to the backsplash surface. If required, you can add a transparent protective layer to it to keep the quality and durability.

Another thing that you need to know is that it is possible for you to use reclaimed wood planks for this idea. Something like this can even give you a stronger rustic look.

Contrast Wood Kitchen Backsplash and Black Countertops

a contrast look from medium tone wood kitchen backsplash and glossy black countertops
a contrast look from medium tone wood kitchen backsplash and glossy black countertops. image © flatforfox.com

The wooden backsplash can also create a contrast look in your kitchen as long as you pair it with the countertops with the right color. In this case, black is the one you must pick.

The best thing about this combination is not merely about the contrast look. It is also about the fact that both of the wood color and the black tone are neutral.

It means you can pair them easily with any wall or cabinet color as you like. In the picture example, white is the tone chosen for the cabinets, and the whole design looks neutral in a stunning way.

Bright and Airy Kitchen with Backsplash from Wood

airy and bright white kitchen with brown wooden backsplash and countertops
airy and bright white kitchen with brown wooden backsplash and countertops. image © photoikos.com

With backsplash from wood, you can also create an airy and bright kitchen design. The way to do it is by choosing bright wooden material for the backsplash to pair with the cabinets. In this case, white is the best cabinet color to pick because it can make any interior look airy and spacious.

Other than the backsplash and the cabinets, it is also essential to make sure that the kitchen area gets more natural light from the sun through the windows or glass doors. This detail from nature is the best for creating airy interior space.

Multi-Color Backsplash from Reclaimed Woods

multi-color reclaimed wood backsplash
multi-color reclaimed wood backsplash. image © diynetwork.com

If you have some reclaimed woods and they have different colors, do not throw them away because you can use them to create a multi-color backsplash. This kind of backsplash is so interesting because instead of having just one tone, they have several.

The backsplash design you can create form this kind of wood material is also endless. As an example, you can see the vertical multi-color design in the picture.

Herringbone Backsplash from Wood

herringbone wood behind-stove backsplash
herringbone wood behind-stove backsplash. image © waterviewkitchens.com

Wood is also a perfect material to create a herringbone kitchen backsplash. Even if the color of each plank you use to create the design is not the same, the final result is still fantastic. You can see the proof in the pic example.

Kitchen Backsplash from Pallets

pallet kitchen backsplash idea
pallet kitchen backsplash idea. image via thespruce.com

Pallets are the other reclaimed wood type that you can use for creating kitchen backsplash. This material is quite easy to find. Besides, the price is also affordable.

It comes in different sizes, which also means that the design possibilities are quite endless. As for the color, it has a lot of natural wooden shades, but if you want to, you can always apply paints to it.

Arrow-Like Wood Kitchen Backsplash

unique arrow-like wood kitchen backsplash
unique arrow-like wood kitchen backsplash. image © nika-rusanova.wixsite.com

Wood kitchen backsplash, especially the one made from planks are available in so many designs. With an extra effort, you can even create something that looks stunning, as the arrow-like design you can see in the picture above.

The uniqueness of this design gets even better because the wooden material used here does not only have one color but two. This idea does not make the backsplash design look dull, and of course, it positively affects the overall kitchen interior too.

Rustic Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

rustic mosaic wooden backsplash
rustic mosaic wooden backsplash. image © refreshingdesigns.biz

Do you want to add texture to your kitchen wall design? If the answer is yes, you can pick wooden mosaic backsplash just like the one you see in the example.

Just like the other type of kitchen backsplash from wood material, this one is also available in a wide variety of natural color. It also comes with or without a finish.

If you have extra time to create the backsplash on your own, it is even very possible to do. The DIY project is even advantageous because you can save cash by using reclaimed material instead of the new one.

Bold Painted Beaded Backsplash

bold painted wooden kitchen backsplash
bold painted wooden kitchen backsplash. image © shaker4less.com

For you who are interested in using wood beadboard to create the kitchen backsplash but at the same time you also want to look bold and stunning, there is a solution you can follow. It is to paint the material in an extraordinary color. The example is the navy blue color in the pic.

For an even bolder look, you can use the same color for the cabinets too. This way, you will get a chance to build a fascinating color scheme in the kitchen area.

Wood Backsplash for Bathroom

rustic wood backsplash in a bathroom
rustic wood backsplash in a bathroom. image © wellbornwright.com

As an extra, you need to know that wooden backsplash is a detail you can also use in the bathroom. Adding it in the room can create a different look depending on the type of wood you pick. For instance, an unfinished light tone big plank can create a stunning rustic look as you can see in the example.

Since bathroom commonly has a higher level of moisture, you need to make sure that you can care and maintain the wooden backsplash properly to keep the quality, durability and to make it away from damages, including from the ugly-looking mold.


Those are all the wood backsplash information and inspirations that we can share to you. As for the closing, we would like to say that there are at least three things you must do when you choose to have wood kitchen backsplash instead of others.

– Do not install the backsplash from wood over the range. Besides the fact that this is the area where food splattering mostly happens, the heat may cause some damage, such as scorch to the wood surface. The worse possible scenario is that fire.

Specifically for the area over the range, it is much better for you to use a different backsplash material to avoid all the bad things mentioned earlier. Some of the best options to pick are ceramic, metal, and stone.

– You can enhance the durability of the backsplash by applying a finish with water protection. The one with good quality can even allow you to clean it regularly without having to worry that the process will cause some damages.

– When you decide to use a commercial cleaner to clean your wooden backsplash, please be sure that the choice is made especially for the material. This simple action is the thing you can do to clean the kitchen part without causing any damages to it.