red and black decor in an Asian-themed bathroom

16 Most Fabulous Red and Black Bathroom Decor Ideas to Get Inspired

Red and black is a timeless combination that is suitable to use in any bathroom style. The bold characteristic of each tone can create a stunning look in your interior.

Red and Black Bathroom Decor

If you want to decorate your bathroom with the color combination of red and black, this post is the right one to read. In the following, we will share with you 16 most fabulous red and black decor ideas that we can find so that you can get the inspiration you need.

Let’s start with idea number 1.

1. Contemporary Red and Black Bathroom with Custom Built-in Shelves

a contemporary bathroom with red and black color theme

The first idea that we want you to take a look at exists in the interior of this contemporary bathroom. As you can see, this room has black as the most dominant color. Other than that, it also has red as the accentuating tone.

There are quite a lot of interesting details available in this bathroom design. However, there is one that catches our attention the most.

It is none other but the built-in shelves you can find at the left side in the photo. It does not only provide storage space for placing towels, other bathroom supplies, and toiletries. The contrast red color also gives a decorative look in the bathroom area, and it is just amazing.

2. Eclectic Shower Room with Black and Red Tiles

a red, black, and white shower room seen from below

Here is another fantastic photo of bathroom design with red and black décor idea that gave us awe. If you are confused about what it is, it is an image of a shower room see from below.

The thing that we want you to focus more on this design is the shower wall. The material used here is just regular tiles. However, the design can make it looks fabulous by arranging the tiles in such a way to create a certain pattern.

As you can see in the picture, the tile colors used in the design are red, black, and white. And from this inspiration, there is one thing that we want you to know.

It is that the idea of decor a bathroom area with red and black tones often includes another color that is compatible with the main tones. In this case, the other color used is white, a choice that can add brightness in a red and black bathroom interior.

Still, about the idea you can see in the pic, it is suitable to use also when you are thinking about a shower room remodeling. Something like this won’t cost you a fortune but will result in something extraordinary.

3. Red Stool in a Black and White Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

a black and white modern farmhouse bathroom with accentuating red stool

You can build a red and black decor in your bathroom interior when you already have a black and white theme in there. In other words, you will give some updates to the design and makes it look more attractive. In this case, the addition is none other but the red tone.

Take a look at the picture of a modern farmhouse bathroom above. It has the domination of black and white color everywhere. It gets some touches of red from the stool as well as the wall lamp above the mirror.

The idea shown in the picture is fascinating. It proves that with simple items that will not cost you too much money, like the stool and the lamp, you can update the look in your bathroom interior. The best thing of all, the addition of red tone in this black and white bathroom creates a stun.

4. Red Single-Sink Vanity with Black Top in a Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

a red and black themed bathroom vanity with single-sink

When you want to decor your bathroom interior with red and black, you can consider applying the tones in your vanity. The reason why we say so is that every room in your house has a furniture piece that arrests the most attention. In a bathroom, vanity is the one.

If the piece that you have is still in good condition, you can remodel it to get the red and black theme. This idea is worth trying, and it is quite cheap to do.

If what you want is replacing an old vanity, you just need to purchase a new one with the red and black color combination. If you cannot find any to match your bathroom interior style, you can always order a custom option.

Take a look at the red and black single-sink vanity in a farmhouse bathroom shown in the picture above as an inspiration. The red tone used here looks stunning. Besides, it does have not only a black top but also black handles for the detailing.

5. Black Mirror on a Red Bathroom Wall

a red accent wall with black mirror in an eclectic bathroom

Here is another simple yet fantastic idea that you can use to create a red and black decor in your bathroom interior. The idea is to create a red accent wall and then decorate it with something black.

In the picture of an eclectic bathroom above, the red accent wall seems to become a part of the bathroom vanity design. Like the decoration, there is a black mirror that looks fabulous because of the frame style.

The mirror here is not merely a decoration. It also gives function and convenience for whoever using the vanity.

6. Red Bathtub with Black Feet

a red tub with black feet in a Scandinavian bathroom

Other than vanity, a tub can also be another center of attention in a bathroom. Therefore, you can also choose one to help you build up the red and black decor.

The one you can see in the picture is an excellent example. It is none other but a red clawfoot tub with black color for the feet.

A tub style like this can boost the elegance in your bathroom interior. Everything gets even better because of the combo of red and black tones that look elegant too.

If you have this type of tub in your house, repainting it with red and black tones could be a good idea. However, you must consider whether or not the color theme will be suitable for the current bathroom design.

7. Luxurious Combination of a Double-Sink Red Vanity, Black Wall, and Gold Accents

a luxurious red and gold vanity placed in front of a black wall surround

The idea of putting a red vanity in front of a black wall could result in something extraordinary. The darkness of the wall can make the red tone of the bathroom furniture pops.

To make everything even more interesting, you can add some accentuating tones if you want to. As an example, you can see the picture above, in which gold accents are added to the design.

The main focus in this design is none other but the red vanity with white top and black sinks. This furniture piece already looks luxurious with its glossy appearance as well as the golden accents in the feet, knobs, and mirror frame.

At the back, you can see there is a black wooden wall surround that becomes a perfect background to make the vanity pops. Here, you can also see some golden details that finally make the whole look coordinating. The gold items meant here are the wall lamps.

8. Red Brick and Black Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

the combination of red brick material and black color in a contemporary bathroom

Pairing red brick material with black color in your bathroom can also be an excellent decor idea. The natural color of the material is always suitable to pair with any tones, including also with black.

In the contemporary bathroom design above, the red brick material exists not only as the bathtub surround but also floor. As for the black color, you can see the floating sink, the heater, and the window frame.

Overall, everything looks fabulous yet straightforward. It matches the contemporary style that the designer built-in there.

9. Red and Black Bathroom Vanity with Gold Mirror

a bold contemporary red and black bathroom vanity with oversized white sink

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can take advantage of the boldness of the red and black combination to make the room looks more fabulous. An example is available in the picture of a contemporary bathroom above. To be more specific, let us take a look at the vanity.

This furniture piece has black color on the lower part and red color on the upper part. Other than the bold tone combination, the quite large size that it has makes it gains prominence. Moreover, the oversized white oval sink is also catchy.

In this design, the red and black vanity blends into the dark-themed contemporary bathroom. As an addition, there is a round gold mirror as the pairing. As we already told you earlier, gold is a color that you can always include in a red and black interior decor because of the compatibility with both of the main tones.

10. Black French Door, Bright Red Bathroom Vanity, and Deep Blue Wall

unique contemporary bathroom interior with black walls, black French door, and bright red vanity

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Here is another interesting example of the use of red and black theme for bathroom decor. As you can see, this contemporary room has black and white as the main color. There is also a touch of bright red from the vanity and deep blue from a wall side.

The compatibility between the red, black, and white tone is something that we don’t have to question anymore. The thing that is quite interesting is the existence of a deep blue color in this bathroom interior.

It seems to prove that blue is another color you can also include in the bathroom decor theme. In the picture above, since the tone is deep blue, the final result of the combination is bold.

Thankfully, the bathroom also has quite a large portion of white color that boosts the brightness in there.

11. Romantic Red, Black, and White Bathroom Decor

red, black, and white bathroom decor for building a romantic atmosphere

Here is another fabulous idea that we found. This bathroom is black and white. However, the designer creatively added some red touches in there using towels that are arranged in such a way to give a decorative look.

The red tone pops well in this bathroom design. Moreover, the contrast look between it and the black granite material on the tub and the bench boost the prominence even better.

The decor idea shown in the picture is very practical. You can try it at home when you are hosting a party or when you invite someone special to come over.

This idea is very easy to follow. The best thing is that it will show you a significant impact in the bathroom decor.

12. Eclectic Bathroom with Red Wall and Black Mirrored Double-Sink Vanity

an eclectic bathroom with glossy black double-sink vanity and red walls

When the main topic is bathroom decor colors, there are so many ways we can do to apply them in the room. We can even do some experiments as long as a result is pleasant to see.

The picture above is an example. It is an eclectic bathroom in which a black double sink bathroom vanity and bright red walls are paired together. The vanity here looks interesting because it has a mirrored-like appearance that can visually make the room more spacious.

An interesting small detail that we want you to take a look at is the small black tiles separating the white tiled wall with the red wall above it. A small detail like this creates a coordinating look in the whole bathroom design too.

13. Custom Rustic Red and Black Bathroom Vanity

a matte red custom vanity with black countertop and hardware in a rustic bathroom

To create a rustic impression, you can choose a matte red color like the one shown in the picture of a custom bathroom vanity above. As you can see, the wood material of this furniture gains a red tone that can still make the piece looks natural and suitable for the rustic interior style.

Another thing that we love from this item is the use of black granite countertop that does not have a glossy surface. It makes the top compatible with the matte red vanity.

The red and black theme of this furniture piece gets even better because the hardware is also in black. Besides, if you look closely, you will also find that the fixture of the sink, including the faucets and soap holders, are also in black.

14. Red and Black Asian Bathroom

red and black decor in an Asian-themed bathroom

The pairing between red and black is also perfect for applying in Asian-themed bathroom decor. As you may already know, the two colors often appear in the Asian interior and create such a stunning look.

In the bathroom design that you can see in the picture above, the color combination appears mainly in the separator. While looking decorative, the main function of these items is to separate the toilet area and the sink area of the Asian bathroom.

15. Black Floating Vanity with Unique Red Glass Tile Backsplash

a matte red custom vanity with black countertop and hardware in a rustic bathroom

In this next idea, there are at least two things that we love about how the designer built up the red and black decor. The first is about the red mosaic glass accent wall that, at the same time, also works as a backsplash.

The textured appearance of this bathroom element is enough to steal attention. It gets even better because, at the lower part, it has a curve that seems to increase the decorative value.

The next thing we love from this red and black bathroom is none other but the floating vanity.
Its black color is an excellent match for the red accent wall.

Besides, the floating design is also interesting. It makes the bathroom feel more open and spacious. That is why this kind of idea is perfect to use when you have a small bathroom.

16. Elegant Red and Black Eclectic Bathroom

elegant red and black bathroom with unique red cushioned-like tiled wall

This one is the last but not least idea that we found for you. From the picture shown above, it is already clear that there is a very catchy bathroom element in this design. Yes, it is none other but the red-tiled wall.

The design is unique. At a glance, it looks like it is cushioned. The fact is that it is solid tiles with a textured appearance.

Other than the red-tiled wall, the choices of black items in this bathroom interior are also fabulous. It gets even better because most of them have a glossy appearance that is compatible with the red wall. In the end, the final result is an elegant look.

17. Closing

In simple words, we can say that there are two primary ways to build up red and black bathroom decor. The first is by using only the two tones, which tend to create a bold, elegant, or dark look depending on the shades used.

The second way is by including one or more other colors in the red and black decor. It will also give you different results depending on the secondary colors that you pick.

We already share with you both of the ways in the idea list above. Each of the ideas and explanations that we shared above will give you an understanding of how the color combination in the bathroom decor can look different.

Which of the idea above do you love the most? Share your thought!