grey bedroom with accentuating red decorations

11 Most Practical Red and Grey Bedroom Ideas to Get Influenced

Red and grey bedroom is a design example that gives you a proof that when your single-color room starts to look bland and dull, all you have to do is adding another color to make it sparks again. In this case, the design is applicable in the red or grey bedroom.

Red and Grey Bedroom

When you want to use the red and grey design, it is much better to know first about what effects each of the colors can give to the interior.

Red is an energetic color. It has a higher level of intensity than any other room so it can level up the excitement in any interior. That is why this many consider this tone more suitable for a dining room and living room as places where people usually gather.

Because of all those, many people do not think that red is a suitable color for a bedroom. Moreover, there is a belief that the tone can raise heart rate and blood pressure too, so people worry that using red as a dominant color in their bedrooms will make it hard for them to get relaxation and quality sleep.

However, if you use the bedroom after dark, such as when you have to work or study in the morning till afternoon, red is still a considerable choice. With the light you install in the room, this hue can look elegant, muted, and vibrant.

Another excellent option to make red a suitable color for a bedroom is by pairing it with another color. In this post, the recommended tone is grey.

Grey, on the other hand, is more suitable to name as a neutral tone that is flexible to use in any room and to pair with any color. When paired with red, grey can calm the fiery tone.

The negative value of grey is that sometimes it can look dull. Using only this color in your bedroom can make the interior space look boring.

In this situation, pairing the grey tone with red is an excellent idea to try. The result you will see is not only a beautiful and stunning room but also a balanced and not-boring one.

Now that you have already know about why you should pair red and grey for your bedroom color, the next thing to do is to know about some ideas so you can decorate your room beautifully with the two tones. In the following, we gather 11 practical ideas to influence you in designing your room with both grey and red colors.

In the following, you can find the explanation about each of the ideas above. Besides, you can also see examples in pictures to inspire you even better in decorating bedrooms in your house.

1. Red Bedding That Goes with Gray Walls

Adding red bedding to a room with gray walls is a simple way to create a bedroom with a red and grey theme. Here, there are multiple choices available for you to pick.

bedroom with light gray walls and scarlet red bedding set
bedroom with light gray walls and scarlet red bedding set. image ©

To keep the bedroom looks simple you can choose a bedding set with a solid red color and no pattern like this. If you want to add a decorative touch to the bed, you can add a pillow with a red patterned case.

When you pair bedding set like this with light gray walls, the interior will gain a pop of color. On the other hand, when the walls are darker, elegance is the one you will see more in the room.

bedroom with light gray walls and red-white-lime green bedding set
bedroom with light gray walls and red-white-lime green bedding set. image ©

If you want to create a fun look, such as when the room is for the kids, choosing a bedding set with the combination of red and some bright tones is an excellent idea. Since the gray color of the wall is neutral, there is no need to worry that the bedding will not fit in the room. As long as the bright colors in the bedspread design are compatible with the red hue, you will find no trouble.

bedroom with warm gray walls and red and white checkered bedding
bedroom with warm gray walls and red and white checkered bedding. image ©

For you who are into farmhouse design, warm gray walls are the best choice. This type of walls, as well as the interior style, looks good to pair with a classic design on the bedding, such as the red and white checkered/plaid model.

Other than the examples mentioned above, there are still some other choices of red bedding you can match with the gray bedroom walls. One of the most famous examples is dark red bedding that looks elegant and stylish when paired with both light and dark grey walls.

2. Bedroom Decorating Ideas Red and Gray

Decorating a bedroom with red and gray tones is not a hard thing to do. The most important thing you need to remember is that the room is for resting and sleeping.

In this case, you should be careful in using the red tone since when you use it wrong there is a chance for you not to be able to sleep well because of the energetic visual that red creates.

About that, it is more recommended to use grey as a more dominant color in the room. Another idea is to make the portion of both tones equal from one to another.

grey bedroom with fluffy red rug
grey bedroom with fluffy red rug. image ©

To avoid the worry that whenever you are trying to sleep, you see the red tone in your grey bedroom, and it makes it hard for your eyes to rest comfortably, the idea you should follow is choosing a decoration with the same level as the floor so you will not see it whenever you lay down on the bed.

In this situation, a red rug is the best choice to pick. This item will not affect the relax atmosphere but can still make the room looks stylish.

From the same picture above, you can also find a simple yet effective way to decorate a grey bedroom with red. It is by placing a pair of red pillows on the bed that has no red tone at all.

medium grey bedroom with stunning red wall art
medium grey bedroom with stunning red wall art. image ©

Another simple idea that can make your bedroom looks stunning is to add a red wall art in a grey bedroom. When you use this idea, as long as you pick the right wall art, it is okay not to add any other red tones in the room.

Stunning red wall art can be enough to catch attention in the interior.

grey bedroom with accentuating red decorations
grey bedroom with accentuating red decorations. image ©

If you think that one red adornment is not enough for the bedroom, another great idea is to create an accentuating decor in the interior. Here, grey is a better choice for the dominant color in the room while red becomes the accents.

Adding red accents to a grey bedroom like this is also excellent since this does not only result in a fabulous look. This idea can also add warmth to the room if the dominant grey color is cool or neutral.

About the accentuating red decorations, there are many options available to pick. Those include pillows, throw blanket, night lamps, small rug, and so on.

3. Dark Grey and Red Bedroom

For a bedroom, dark grey can be an excellent choice. The reason is that this color can absorb light better so the room will not be too bright. The tone, then, can promote better sleep for the room’s occupant.

On the other hand, dark grey can also be an excellent match for red. It can make the red color more prominent even if the red only accentuates the color theme there.

charcoal grey and red bedroom with double bed
charcoal grey and red bedroom with double bed. image ©

Right now, finding dark grey items to decorate a bedroom is not a hard thing to do. However, if you want the color to visually impact the room in a stronger way, painting the walls with the dark grey hue is recommended. You can take the paint in the picture above as an example. It is Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166.

contemporary bedroom with charcoal grey and white walls, red accents, and glass windows
contemporary bedroom with charcoal grey and white walls, red accents, and glass windows. image ©

Another example of dark grey wall paint that is lighter than charcoal is in this picture. It is Benjamin Moore James River Gray AC-23.

From this picture, you can find two solutions to avoid the dark grey bedroom from looking too dark. The first one is allowing the natural light to enter the room by adding glass windows in the design. The second is by making the place to have another lighter wall color than the grey tone so the style will be two-tone.

4. Dark Red and Grey Bedroom

Other than dark grey, you can also use dark red in the combination of red and grey tones for a bedroom area. Unlike the brighter shades of red, the dark ones may not look popping. Although so, they are prominent in elegance and boldness.

Besides, dark red also looks dramatic. More importantly, because this tone does not seem too stimulating and energetic, this will allow you to sleep comfortably at night.

dark red bedroom with grey bedding set
dark red bedroom with grey bedding set. image ©

If you want to, you can use dark red color as a dominant tone by applying it on the bedroom’s wall. However, you need to know that such wall color may look too strong an intimidating.

Because of that, you need to do something to reduce the intense atmosphere. One of the ways is by installing unique yet straightforward ceiling fixture for a good distraction.

grey bedroom with stripes dark red headboard
grey bedroom with stripes dark red headboard. image ©

It is fine if you think that using the dark red tone to dominate the bedroom is too uncomfortable. There is another option available.

It is to use the dark red tone in detail in the bedroom only. Here, please be sure to choose one feature that is the catchiest so the red color still can steal attention in the room design. The best examples are headboard and accent wall.

5. Red and Grey Teen Girls Bedroom

Many still think that grey is not a suitable color for a teen girl’s room. There are so many ways we can do to make the tone excellent for the bedroom. One of the ways is by adding bright red hues to the room.

While there are quite a lot of red shades available, the bright ones are most suitable for girls. These colors do look not only cheerful and fashionable but also full of passion. Besides, such tone also stimulates optimism and can boost energy. These are all things needed by teenagers, right?

red and grey teen girl bedroom
red and grey teen girl bedroom. image ©

In decorating a girl’s bedroom with red and grey, sometimes the tones do not stand alone to a unique look or to make the room brighter. As an example, you can pair the colors above with white to enhance brightness. With grey and white, which are neutral, like the match, the red hue will look prominent in the room even if the portion is not too much.

grey girl bedroom with brave red accents
grey girl bedroom with brave red accents. image ©

You can also add some simple but cute patterns, such as heart shape or peace signs, in the room if you want to. This detail can make the place pretty without being too much.

6. Gray and Red Paint Ideas

The combination of gray and red paint for the bedroom walls is the one that is excellent for the color theme we talk about in this post. The use of more than one tone on the walls can boost the style value of the room to the next level.

gray bedroom with blush red accent wall
gray bedroom with blush red accent wall. image ©

The first idea is to use red to paint the wall near the head of the bed and grey to color the rest of the walls in the room. In other words, with this idea, we create an accent wall for the bedroom.

When you use the red paint this way, it is okay not to add any other red tones in the room since the wall alone is catchy. However, if you want to add more red in there, you can add small items like pillows or blanket so the main attention will still go to the accent wall.

kids' bedroom with red and gray stripes wall design
kids’ bedroom with red and gray stripes wall design. image ©

The next design idea is to create a pattern on your grey wall. This idea will not only make your bedroom’s wall more interesting because of the color addition. It will also make the room looks fascinating because of the pattern.

From so many patterns available right now, stripes are the one quite easy to make. The one you see in the picture is a unique stripes wall pattern.

This wall has Benjamin Moore Pearl River 871 as the base. The stripes pattern has the combination of Benjamin Moore Piñata 007 and Benjamin Moore Steel Wool 2121-20.

If you think that the pattern you want to create on the wall is too hard to make, the next idea is the solution you should choose.

red and grey bedroom with a stenciled red wall
red and grey bedroom with a stenciled red wall. image ©

Another more simplistic way to create a pattern on your bedroom wall is by using a stencil. You can find this item in a home and building stores. You can see many pattern options there.

The stenciled design is also an excellent alternative to upgrade your plain wall without costing you much money. It works on both gray and red walls. But adding gray patterns on a red wall as you can see in the example seems to look better.

7. Gray Walls with Red Furniture

Matching gray bedroom walls with red furniture can create a stunning look. The visual is way more interesting when the room only has grey shades, and the furniture is the only red item exists in there.

gray-dominated bedroom with red beds
gray-dominated bedroom with red beds. image © Braswell Home Inc

Right now, there are so many choices of red furniture you can match with gray walls. A bed is one of them. The ones you can see in the picture is the match of a one of the most popular grey paint, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170.

grey bedroom with red bed-end bench
grey bedroom with red bed-end bench. image ©

Other than the bed, there is also red bed-end bench that looks popping for your grey bed. You can also choose a pair of red bedside tables, red chair, red dressers, and many others.

8. Grey with Red Accent Walls

We have mentioned this previously that a red accent wall is also an excellent detail choice you should consider when designing a red and grey room. This wall is not merely about another source of red tone in the room. This wall can also be the source of visual effects that will psychologically affect you when you see it.

Since the accent wall is behind the bed, it gives you an advantage related to your sleeping time. It makes the focal red tone not quite visible when you lay down so you can still rest your eyes comfortably with grey walls as the main view.

grey bedroom with deep red accent wall
grey bedroom with deep red accent wall. image ©

There are so many red accent wall ideas you can find now. An example is available in the picture above, in which a muted red tone is the one used for creating the accent wall.

It is too bad that there is no precise information about what the red paint used here. It looks quite similar to Benjamin Moore Deep Rose 2004-10.

grey bedroom with small red accent wall
grey bedroom with small red accent wall. image © FORMA Design

Here is another example for you. This one is unique because of the small size as well as the design of the wall. This design can reflect the lights installed on the wall, so the bed area gains an extra dramatic look.

For the paint colors, the red accent wall here is Duron AC119R Sizzling Haute. The match is Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17.

9. Grey and Red Boys Bedroom

Grey and red theme are excellent for boys bedroom because grey is a color that has a masculine side. On the other hand, red is a hue that can represent the brave and rebellious characteristics of boys.

grey and red boys' bedroom with charcoal accent wall
grey and red boys’ bedroom with charcoal accent wall. image ©

When decorating a room for boys, considering a darker shade of grey like charcoal is a thing you should do. This idea will build a masculine feel in the interior.

Of course, it does not mean you have to color most of the room with the dark tone since it can make space looks dark and even dull. You can use the dark grey shade to create an accent wall.

As for the red, it would be excellent if you use it in a simple way. For example, you can pick a plain red bedspread or place a simple-looking red chair in the room.

gray and red bedroom for a younger boy
gray and red bedroom for a younger boy. image ©

If you design the room for a younger boy, it seems better to reduce the usage of dark grey tone to avoid the bedroom looking dark. If you still want to add the hue in the room, use it on the furniture instead of the wall. As for the wall, you can paint it with a lighter or even bright shade.

10. Grey Black and Red Bedroom

You can also design your red and grey bedroom by adding a third color in there. The first one we recommend you to pick here is black.

In a room with a red and grey combination, the black color can add an intense look. Besides, the combination of the three tones also creates a fabulous and stylish look that is suitable for both men and women.

grey and red bedroom with black bed and black nightstands
grey and red bedroom with black bed and black nightstands. image ©

If being asked about where you should add the black color, the answer may vary. The most simplistic way is to use black as the color for the furniture in the room. The recommended choices you can take into consideration are black bed and nightstands since these are the main furniture pieces in any bedroom.

red, grey, and black boys’ bedroom
red, grey, and black boys’ bedroom. image ©

Some other examples of black details are available in this picture of boy’s bedroom. The items include black cabinets that also function as a divider, black geometrical lamp, and black shelf with curtains as the cover-up.

11. Grey White and Red Bedroom

Other than black, white is another third color used quite often in grey and red bedroom design. Especially for this tone, it can create a brighter interior space no matter what the shades of red and grey you use in the room.

dark grey, red, and white bedroom design in contemporary style
dark grey, red, and white bedroom design in contemporary style. image ©

This bedroom is an example. As you can see it has quite a lot of darker grey items, including the bedding set, the carpet, and the room divider. There is even a darker red decorative cushion on the bed.

The idea of using a white bed, white ceiling, and white interior trim here is excellent. Besides the fact that it makes the room looks brighter than it is, it also avoids the interior from looking cramped because of the darker grey tones and the low ceiling.

red and grey bedroom with white bed and white ceiling
red and grey bedroom with white bed and white ceiling. image ©

This next example is also quite the same. The red and grey room has a rather low ceiling so painting this part with white makes it look taller than it is.

The use of white bed here is also a great idea. As you can see, the bedroom has quite a lot of warm gray shades that are neither light nor bright. With the white bed, the interior does not appear too bulky.

There are quite a lot of practical ideas you can follow to make a red and grey bedroom looks fantastic. There are even examples available in this post to inspire you in decorating the room.

An important thing you must never forget in designing a bedroom with red and grey tones is that you have to use the right tone carefully because this hue is not only energetic but also looks playful. Using it wrong may result in difficulties in getting quality sleep. Because of all these, use the inspirations we share here to guide you.