3D turtles mosaic in small inground swimming pool

11+ Most Popular Small Inground Pools You Must Recognize

Who says that small inground pools are boring? The fact that you need to know is that there are so many compact size inground pools made in interesting designs so even if it is small you can still have a quality fun time in it.

Small Inground Pools

We will share the 11+ most popular designs for small size inground pool in here. So, please be ready to get wowed.

1. Compact Size Inground Pool with Slide

small custom shape inground pool with water slide
small custom shape inground pool with water slide. image via homestratosphere.com

The first design is the one that includes a water slide in it. Many people always relate this feature to kids, but the fact is that it is suitable for everyone, including adults. That is the main reason why we recommend you to consider it to create more fun for the whole family.

You may never think before that it is possible for you to add a slide in the small in-ground swimming pool type we discuss in this post. The fact is that you can do that.

One thing that is quite interesting about this feature is that you should not always add it when you first build the small pool. You can still add the water slide even if you already created the pool long ago.

When you want to add a slide to your swimming pool, no matter whether it is a new pool or the one that you have built before, there are several things you need to pay more attention. We have summarized everything for you in the list below.

Make Sure You Have Enough Patio Space

Enough patio space is the key to access the slide more comfortably. Without adequate space, it will not be easy for you to use the slide whenever you use the pool.

If the slide type is a pre-made one and you can pass through under it, the unavailability of enough patio space must you to duck under it so that you can reach the other side to slide.

If the water slide is a custom one, with not enough patio space you need to go around the inground pool deck to reach the other side of the slide and use it again, it is possible to do, but it requires a lot of energy so it will reduce the fun.

Consider the Slide Location Carefully

Other than patio space, it is also important for you to consider the location where you want to place the water slide. Location is important because it can make the feature functions more effectively.

The best location for the water slide is facing the primary congregation area of your inground swimming pool since it allows the water to slide down from the water slide to enter the pool directly. This way, the slide can function as a water feature for the inground pool that you can watch instantly from the congregation area.

Other best location for the slide is not too far from the swimming pool entry. This way, whenever you slide down to the pool, you do not have to swim too far to do it again.

Choose the Slide Model That Meets Your Pool Design

At this time, water slide for an inground swimming pool is available in so many models. Since the size of the swimming pool we talk about here is compact, it is better to choose a slide with an equal size with the pool dimensions.

The one you see in the picture above is a custom water slide. The slide is not too large, and it meets the small size of the inground pool just fine.

The design of this slide is quite interesting because it looks like being built above a rocky surface that is so natural. Besides, it has a waterfall combination that makes the whole design seems fantastic.

Pool builder: Huntington Pools

2. Compact Inground Pool with Tanning Ledge

small tropical inground pool with tanning ledge
small tropical inground pool with tanning ledge. image © johnmcdonaldco.com

The next most popular recent design for a small swimming pool with inground type is the one has a tanning ledge feature. It is a watery space functioned for tanning without leaving the pool. The other names are sun deck or sun shelf.

There are at least four primary benefits that make the existence of the ledge feature in an inground pool a trend. These benefits are also the ones that suggest you choose the inground pool design instead of the others.

Convenient Sunbathing Spot Right at Home

With a tanning ledge included in the design of your small pool, you can get your sunbathing spot right at home. Something like this is convenient in many ways.

Whenever you want to get tanned, you do not need to leave your house. You need to spend your free time swimming and sunbathing in the pool.

It also means that you do not need to worry that you will not get any place for tanning in some public area like a beach or public swimming pool since there is always a spot or two available privately for you. Talking about that, the existence of this unique feature also gives you more privacy in spending time getting a tanned skin since the place is none other but in your land.

A Pleasant Look in Your Inground Pool Design

The existence of a tanning ledge in your small pool also creates a pleasant look. With this feature, it will look like there is some water that cascade down to the main pool area.

Some tanning ledges even copy the look from nature, such as the beach, so that it looks even more stunning. A display like this will affect the exterior look of your house for sure.

A Place for Cooling Down in a Hot Day

Tanning ledge is functional not only for sunbathing. If you want to, you can spend your time sitting or stretch your legs in this watery area while having a good chat with your close ones. With all those reasons, this pool feature also becomes a perfect place for you to cool down on a sweltering day.

A Personal Pool for Kids and Toddlers

The last but not least benefit you can obtain from a tanning ledge in inground pool design is that it can be a personal pool for kids and toddlers. The one that makes it possible is none other but the very narrow depth of water in the ledge.

The little ones can have so much fun in such a place. It is especially when you also bring some water toys when they spend time playing in the tanning ledge.

One thing you should never forget is that you must assist the kids whenever they play in the ledge. The reason is that commonly the feature has a direct connection to the main pool, which is more in-depth as you can see in the pic above. Something like this is dangerous for young ages.

3. Dark Bottom Small Inground Pool

small custom inground pool with dark bottom
small custom inground pool with dark bottom. image © confidencelandscaping.com

The next most popular small inground pool to inspire you is the one with a dark bottom. There are so many pool designs that come with a bright base to create a crystal clear water visual. However, the dark bottom design offers something different with a bit of mysterious touch.

Whenever it is sunny, the inground pool with dark-colored bottom can gain warmth more easily. Besides, it also has a mirror-like effect that makes the water can reflect the view of the surroundings. A picture like this is just enchanting.

From the example above, we can see that the dark bottom can make a small pool looks beautiful. It gets interesting because the final color of the water seems quite similar to the upholstery of the seats located near the pool.

4. Inground Pool with Waterfall Feature

small rustic pool with waterfall feature
small rustic pool with waterfall feature. image © dolphinpoolsla.com

Your small-size inground swimming pool can look fascinating when you add a waterfall to the design. This water feature exists in so many designs right now including the ones that are suitable for a small pool like the one you have at home.

The best thing about the waterfall feature is not merely about the stunning beauty it offers or the exotic look that will affect the surroundings of the swimming pool. It is also about the mysterious aspect you can obtain from it.

When you add a waterfall in the inground pool design, you can hide a cave, which entrance is right behind the falling water. Besides, you can also hide a secret slide like the one you see in the picture above. Something like this will bring the fun value to the next level.

5. Inground Pool with Spray Water Feature

outdoor inground pool with spray water feature
outdoor inground pool with spray water feature. image © Platinum Poolcare

Do you have kids? If so, this next type of inground pool will be suitable to pick. It is the one with the spray water feature.

If you are confused about what is spray water, it is water jets commonly installed in pool deck. It sprays water from the deck to the pool.

A feature like this can enhance the excitement in the pool area. Besides, it does not take too much space, so it is very suitable for a small pool as the one we discuss in this post.

Just like the one you see in the picture above, this small-size pool has water jets in all of the four corners. As you can see, the water jets do not take much space, and you can even walk through the spraying water if you want too.

Sometimes, when the space is quite limited, you can also pair the jets with other feature that also does not need much space. The example you can see above is a hoop that allows you to play basketball in the pool.

Basketball hoop: Residential Challenge Basketball Game by S. R. Smith
Home builder: Richard Bondarowicz, SMART Construction Group, Ltd.
Pool color: custom cobalt blended by AGSCO Corporation
Pool tiles: NSGO 636 Gothic Blue by Noble Tile

6. Private Compact Inground Pool

compact size inground pool in private area
compact size inground pool in private area. image © allisonramseyarchitect.com

Adding extra privacy to your compact-size inground pool is a possible thing for you to do. If it is the one you want, you should consider building the pool in the backyard where privacy is more obtainable than in any other spots in your land, especially the front one.

The best way to add privacy in the pool design is by installing fence surrounding the backyard and pool area. This way, you do not need to worry that people will see whatever you do in the pool.

Take a look at the example above. Here, the private inground pool has a location that is close to the backyard seating area that even includes a grill in there. Enjoying time swimming and grilling there would be excellent, especially during summer.

For additional information, the pool you see in the pic above belongs to the category of an endless pool. It is the one with a propeller at the end purposed for speed adjustment when swimming. The size of this pool is approximately 8′ x 16′.

7. Small Inground Pool with Beach Entry

a small inground pool with beach entry
a small inground pool with beach entry. image © vistaprolandscape.com

This design inspiration is very suitable to call as the most stunning. It is the combination between a small pool and a beach entry.

If you are not familiar with this name, people also call it as zero entry pool. The reason is that there is no steps or ladder included as a feature to enter the water.

Commonly, the pool design has one slopy side or more that replaces the regular entry and allow transition from land to the water. For a small pool, usually, the end on the slopy entry has some underwater steps to cut the need of more space.

One important thing you should not forget is that the primary purpose of this entry type is to make the pool looks like it is a part of a beach. The idea naturally results to an excellent view.

Another benefit offered by this type of small inground pool is that it makes it easier for elderly and kids to enter the pool. Besides, the entry can also be a place for sunbathing, so there is no need to add some tanning ledge to the pool design.

If you are interested in building a small in-ground swimming pool with zero entry, you need to be ready to prepare extra cash due to the building process and materials.

8. Small Inground Swimming Pool with Build in LED Lights

compact inground pool with build in LED lights
compact inground pool with build in LED lights. image © russospoolandspa.com

The LED lighting is another most popular detail for small in-ground swimming pool design. The fact that you need to know is that this lighting type gains better popularity in the recent years because it is better than another common lighting type that people usually used for pools, which is incandescent lights.

There are four primary benefits make LED lighting a better choice for your small pool instead of incandescent light.

  1. LED lights consume less energy than any other types of lighting usually used for inground pools. Because of this, you can reduce the energy bills and save some money.
  2. LED lights are eco-friendly. It is not merely about less energy consumption but also because they produce almost no heat.
  3. LED lights last longer. It is another fact that can make you save more cash when providing lighting for your pool.
  4. LED lights come in a large variety of color you can use to set the mood in your swimming pool. The best thing of all, they also come with changing pattern program that makes the visual even more exciting.

9. Small Inground Pool with Fire Feature

small inground pool with fire bowls features
small inground pool with fire bowls features. image © tampabaypools.com

Adding a contrasting element to your small in-ground swimming pool design is another interesting idea you can take into consideration. In this case, the aspect we meant comes in the form of fire bowl that you can install in your poolside.

Adding two or more fire bowls can enhance the modern feel in your swimming pool design. Besides, they are the perfect items to create visual perfection in the same area too.

At this time, fire bowls for swimming pool come in a large variety of design and material. Many of them even come together with waterfall feature, which is so stunning. This kind of thing is just perfect for people who love fire as well as those who love water.

Another benefit that the bowls offer to you has relation to the fact that it has a real fire in the design. While it serves a soothing ambiance to the pool area, you need to know that it is also functional. You can use the fire to warm up after you swim in cold weather.

10. Small Infinity Inground Swimming Pool

modern small infinity inground pool
modern small infinity inground pool. image © lapoolbuilders.com

Because of the stunning look, infinity pool design also becomes one of the most popular. Of course, it also includes the fact that this type of pool, which also comes by the name of edgeless pool or disappearing edge pool, becomes a suitable option to pick by those who want to build an inground swimming pool in a small size.

The design of the infinity pool makes it look like a side of the pool blends with the landscape. Sometimes, the designer also makes the composition to flow water from the edgeless side and create a stunning natural look.

One thing you must always keep in mind is that small inground infinity pool is more suitable to build in a rather high and sloppy land. This way the pool can offer a stunning view that makes it even more amazing.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that an infinity pool usually cost you more money. The cause is not only because you will need an experienced builder to build it for you. It is also because of the additional technologies required to create the edgeless design as well as the flowing water detail.

Pool deck material: porcelain tile from Emser Tile

11. Small Pool with Grotto

small inground pool with stunning full-size grotto
small inground pool with stunning full-size grotto. image © marquisepools.com

A grotto is another detail that can make your small in-ground swimming pool looks trendy and fascinating. The question is; do you know what it is?

The simplest definition for it is a unique cavern for an in-ground swimming pool that includes a waterfall in the design.

Usually, the grotto design allows you to swim inside it while enjoying the fascinating view of the waterfall from inside the cavern. Although so, some of it available with a slide instead of the swim-inside-the-cave feature. No matter which one you choose, both of the designs are amazing.

Besides the fact that you can swim and slide inside the cavern, you need to know that you can also use it as a seating area. You can even use it as a spot to cool off on a hot swimming day.

Another benefit that makes grotto a feature you should consider for your small in-ground pool is that it creates a resort-like view in the pool area. Having this feature will make you feel like you have your paradise at home.

Before adding grotto to the in-ground pool design, there are several things you need to think first. Those include the possibly high construction price, the time required to finish the project, and also the limitation of space in your yard.

Because of all those things, it is better for you to consult the local builder first to find out whether or not it is possible to add this fabulous feature in your small pool design.

12. Small Size Inground Pool with 3D Mosaic

3D turtles mosaic in small inground swimming pool
3D turtles mosaic in small inground swimming pool. image © mosaic.pro

If you want to remodel your small in-ground swimming pool but you want to do it in a simple way, adding a 3D mosaic to the pool bottom is the one you should do.

This mosaic is a set of tiles with some specific image, such as the turtles in the picture above, that looks like it is real. Since this feature is for a swimming pool, the best model to pick is the one with water or sea animals like fish, turtles, or something else.

While the view resulted from the use of the 3D mosaic is impressive, you need to know that the idea is only suitable to apply in specific pool design. It is none other but the one that has tiles as the bottom.

Of course, it also means that when you want to add the 3D mosaic, you need to remove only the current tiles in some specific area of the pool bottom. Although so, you might still need some professional help to do the project.

Turtle mosaic: Ceramic Shadowed Green Sea Turtle Sea Mosaic from Mosaic Tile

So, those are the 12 most popular small inground pool designs. By applying one or more of the models listed above, it is certain that you can make your pool looks fabulous even if the size is small due to the space limitation.

No matter which style you choose, the thing that you must remember is to make sure that the residential in-ground pool you have meets the state regulation so you and your family can have fun without worrying about breaking the law.