rusty corrugated metal fence with vertical and horizontal design

15 Most Attractive Corrugated Metal Fence Inspirations for Amazing Exterior

A corrugated metal fence is an interesting choice to consider when you think about giving boundaries to your land or providing extra privacy. If we see it from the style, it tends to show an industrial or agricultural look.

Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas

Another benefit from this fence type is that it belongs to the affordable category. The installment is even suitable for people with moderate to expert DIY skill, which means if you are in the level range you can do the installation on your own so you won’t have to pay other people to do the project for you.

Corrugated metal is also an easy-to-get material, and it is available in different range of quality. You can go to the nearest home and building store, and you can get it for sure.

If you are interested in creating a corrugated metal fence to build boundaries and privacy, here are the 15 most attractive inspirations you must check out.

1. Corrugated Metal and Brick Fence

rustic corrugated metal and red brick fence
rustic corrugated metal and red brick fence. image via

Corrugated metal is compatible to pair with different types of material. One of the best examples is red brick as shown in the picture.

Although corrugated metal comes in various thicknesses, it is still thinner if being compared to other materials commonly used for building a fence. If you pair it with brick, the design will look sturdier.

To make the design looks interesting, you can experiment with the combination of the two materials. The example above is a good one.

Red brick is a material we know to be suitable also for rustic style. The rusty corrugated metal sheet in the example above shows design compatibility. It is an example of an excellent way to match the two entirely different materials.

2. Corrugated Metal and Colorful Concrete Wall Fence

combination of corrugated metal and yellow wall fence
combination of corrugated metal and yellow wall fence. image © Debra Yates

Installing fencing with corrugated metal often makes people worry that the final look will be too ordinary. The cause is none other but the color of the material.

If you also think about the same matter, you do not have to worry about a thing because there is a trick you can do. It is by pairing the metal fence with regular concrete wall fencing with a colorful appearance as the one we usually see in the home interior design. The example exists in the pic above in which the corrugated metal has a mustard yellow wall as the pair.

So many colors are available for the wall fence right now. It means, creating a perfect exterior look is an effortless thing you can do.

Besides, the splash of color from the wall fence can create something focal for the outside part of your house. At the same time, it also makes the corrugated metal fencing easier to spot.

3. Corrugated Metal and Pallet Fencing

combination of corrugated metal and pallet for fencing
combination of corrugated metal and pallet for fencing. image via

As we already told you in the beginning, corrugated metal is a more affordable material option you can choose to build fencing for your property. Although so, it does not mean that you cannot make the fencing looks attractive.

You can always pair it with other material to create an attractive look without loosing its money-friendly characteristic. One of the examples is by matching the corrugated metal with pallet as shown in the pic above.

We all know that pallet is also a cheap material that people often use for creating DIY projects. It gets even better because commonly it is available as second-hand items so purchasing it won’t cost you a lot of cash.

4. Corrugated Metal and Wire Fencing

corrugated metal and wire combination for fencing
corrugated metal and wire combination for fencing. image ©

Another material you can pair with corrugated metal to create fencing is wire as seen in the picture. The combination of both can create an excellent agricultural or country look.

The design options available for this idea are quite various. As an example, the corrugated metal and wire fencing you can see in the pic above is short and has a naturally bright wood frame. A design like this is suitable to pick if you want boundaries but don’ really need extra privacy.

corrugated metal and gabion wall combination for fencing
corrugated metal and gabion wall combination for fencing. image ©

Other people make the fence tall and the wire to have a boxy shape so they can fill it with stones, which is more familiar to call as gabion wall. This kind of fencing does not only offer extra privacy because of the height, but it also looks sturdier because of the addition if stone material in the design.

5. Corrugated Metal Fence for Backyard

the use of corrugated metal for backyard fence
the use of corrugated metal for backyard fence. image © Burle Yates Design

Some people think that corrugated metal is not the choice they would go for front yard fencing material. They prefer something they believe to have a better look since this part of the house is the one people see more often than the backyard.

Although so, they still think that corrugated metal would be perfect for the backyard and it is true. This material can close the backyard area tightly so full privacy is genuinely obtainable. Something like this is excellent to choose when you land share direct borders with your neighbor’s land.

6. Corrugated Metal Fence for Sloped Land

corrugated metal fence built on sloped land
corrugated metal fence built on sloped land. image ©

Corrugated metal is a material that is commonly available for sale per panel or sheet. This fact makes it perfect to create fencing for sloped land.

You may think that the most suitable design for this type of corrugated metal fencing is the one with a frame as shown above. The fact is that it is okay if you want the fence to be bare without anything surrounding it.

This last one is a more affordable option. You do not need to buy other material like wood to create the frame.

Although so, it is undeniable that the first design has a more attractive look. Everything is worth it even if it needs more money.

7. Corrugated Metal Fence with Wood Frame

corrugated metal fence with cedar wood frame and door
corrugated metal fence with cedar wood frame and door. image ©

We have mentioned about this type several times above. It is the corrugated metal fence that also comes with a wood frame.

At a single glance, it is clear that the existence of the frame can make the appearance of the fence more interesting. So many types of wood are also available with different characteristics. It is something that can add the uniqueness of the fencing.

The wood frame is also useful because it makes the fence design clearer, including the linear corrugated pattern of the base material of the fence too. It can create a border that makes the fencing bolder and more visible.

horizontal corrugated metal fence with pastel turquoise trim
horizontal corrugated metal fence with pastel turquoise trim. image ©

8. Corrugated Metal Fencing for Outdoor Bathroom/Shower

an outdoor shower with corrugated metal fencing as the walls
an outdoor shower with corrugated metal fencing as the walls. image ©

A corrugated metal material is not only suitable for creating regular fencing. You can get more creative by using it as fencing for the open shower or even bathroom located in your exterior area.

Something like this is suitable to select when you prefer an outdoor cleaning area, such as when you also have a swimming pool. This way, after you swim, you can directly clean yourself without having to go inside the house.

The best thing about corrugated metal sheets, in this case, is that they are quite tall when used vertically. It means you can get the privacy needed for the open shower or bathroom.

9. Corrugated Metal Fencing for Patio

eclectic patio with turquoise corrugated metal fencing
eclectic patio with turquoise corrugated metal fencing. image ©

Some people love an open patio while some others feel more comfortable if space has a privacy feature. In this case, corrugated metal fencing can become a suitable option to pick to create some private patio space as you can see in the pick above.

Since patio is commonly a part of the back outdoor area of the house, it is not wise if you cover the whole space with corrugated metal sheets for the sake of privacy. Therefore, although you add some fencing there, it is best of the fence is not too tall so you can still feel the outdoor atmosphere whenever you are in the sitting and relaxing area.

The example you see in the pick is an excellent one. The designer uses the corrugated metal sheets horizontally so the fence won’t be too tall. He even adds a refreshing turquoise color for the fencing to create a cozier ambiance.

If you are not interested in horizontal style, you can still use the vertical one, but please consider the height. If you choose this choice, you will probably need to cut the metal sheets to get the most excellent height that you need.

10. Galvanized Corrugated Aluminum Fence with Border Plants

contemporary galvanized corrugated aluminum fence with border plants
contemporary galvanized corrugated aluminum fence with border plants. image ©

One reason that makes people doubt whether they want to install fence from corrugated metal is that they are afraid that the final look will be too dull and boring. The thing that they may not know is that there are so many ways available to make this exterior element looks fantastic. One of the examples is by pairing the fence with border plants.

So many plants are suitable for this purpose. Those include lemon ball stonecrop, moss phlox, nasturtiums, sweet alyssum, tricolor sage, and many others. The one you see in the picture above is thamnocortus insgnis that is also well-known as trashing reed.

The existence of border plants near the fence removes the dull appearance. Of course, it also makes the surroundings look naturally beautiful. The fencing also works as a neutral background that makes everything you plant in front of it more visible.

If you are interested in this design, we suggest you choose galvanized corrugated metal for the fencing since it comes with a protective zinc layer that can avoid the fencing from rust. This way, you shouldn’t be worried anymore that watering the plant will change the appearance of the fence by time.

11. Painted Corrugated Metal Panel for Fence

black-painted horizontal corrugated metal for fence
black-painted horizontal corrugated metal for fence. image ©

When choosing corrugated metal as the material for your fencing, you need to know that painting the panel is an option you can do. So, it is not only the wood trim that you can paint.

As an example, you can see the picture above. The corrugated metal panels and also the wood posts in the fence design has black color. It becomes a perfect background for anything else placed in front of the fencing, especially the seats and decorations.

If being asked about the reason why we recommend you to paint this fence type, the answer can be various. Painted corrugated metal fencing can become an excellent background in your exterior area as you can see in the pic.

Another reason is that it can be an excellent colored detail to your home exterior design. For example, you can paint your metal fence with a coordinating color to match the plants and flowers you plant in your garden area.

12. Plain Corrugated Steel Fence for an Attractive Industrial Look

vertical corrugated steel fence with obvious industrial look
vertical corrugated steel fence with obvious industrial look. image ©

Because of the material and color, corrugated metal steel becomes an excellent choice to build fencing with a bold and attractive industrial look. For the better result, you can choose the one from steel as you can see in the picture.

When thinking about building an industrial corrugated steel fencing, you can either install the fence vertically or horizontally. Both look attractive.

The most important thing is to keep the industrial look pure. The way is by not painting the fence or not pairing it with imcompatible material, such as wood that will reduce the industrial appearance.

If you want to use another material for the fencing, concrete would be perfect since it matches the style quite the most.

Another option you can do is by planting plants near the fence such as the bamboo exists in the picture above. It can still decorate the fencing, but it does not affect the industrial look that you try to build.

13. Rusty Fence from Corrugated Metal

rusty corrugated metal fence with vertical and horizontal design
rusty corrugated metal fence with vertical and horizontal design. image ©

Corrugated metal panel often comes with anti-rust protection so that it will be more durable and can stand different kinds of outdoor condition. The most common example is the protection from galvanization.

However, some people do not like the idea and choose to create rust on their corrugated metal fencing purposely. The result is a fantastic rusty look.

The good news is that right now it is quite a lot of tutorials available on the internet about the things you should do to create a rustic look on your corrugated metal sheets. Some are even available in video form, so it will make it easier for you to understand each step that you need to do.

As an example, take a look at the short video below. It will show you how to create a rustic look on corrugated steel by using chemicals.


14. Short Fence from Corrugated Metal

short wood-framed corrugated metal fence
short wood-framed corrugated metal fence. image ©

Corrugated metal fencing is not always tall. If you want to, you can make a short fence by using the same material no matter whether you will add a frame or not to it later.

There are at least two things you need to know before choosing this fencing type. The first one is that because of the height it can give you the boundary but not the extra privacy. It is may be the reason why people choose it more for a front yard fence.

The second one is that you need to find the right metal sheets or panels with the height that is suitable for the fencing. If unfortunately, you cannot find any, it means you need to give more effort in cutting the material.

15. White Modern Corrugated Metal Fencing

modern corrugated metal fencing with white theme
modern corrugated metal fencing with white theme. image ©

Other than building an agricultural or industrial exterior look, corrugated metal fencing can also make a modern ambiance in the outside of your house. In this case, there is another thing that you need, which is paint color with modern style.

If you face difficulty in deciding which modern tone to pick, go with white. This color is not only matching with any hues easily, but it also looks ultra-modern.

Sometimes, you can also add some other modern detail to the fencing design if you want to. The example is available in the picture above, which is a rectangular (geometric) shape for the wood frame.

There are quite a lot of designs available to use the corrugated metal fence as a part of your home exterior design. One sure thing you should never forget is that the metal naturally has a quite strong industrial look due to the color and base material.

Because of that, you need to be sure that the appearance of the metal sheets matches your home style. If you are not sure about it, you can try to give color to the fence or to pair it with other elements that can create compatibility for the design.