balcony with bamboo blinds for protection from sunlight

11 Most Significant Outdoor Roll Up Bamboo Blinds Benefits You Must Know

Outdoor roll up bamboo blinds are useful items that you should consider adding in your exterior design. There are lots of benefits you can obtain from these items and, of course, they do not only have a relation with a decorative appearance.

11 Outdoor Roll Up Bamboo Blinds

For you who are curious about all benefits, here we will give you the list of 11 most significant benefits of outdoor roll up bamboo blinds. Every explanation we will provide to you below will help you to consider whether or not they are the right items to get for your home.

1. It Keeps Your Interior Cool during Summertime

Installing the blinds in the right location in our home exterior will keep your interior cool during summer or any other time when the weather is just so hot. When you read about this, you may think that it has relation only with the fact that each blind can block the light from outside to enter the house.

Well, it is not only about that. For you to know, bamboo is a natural material that comes with a fantastic ability to regulate temperature.

That is why when you include some blinds as parts of the exterior design, such as when you install them on the outside of your windows, they will be beneficial during the hot season. They will not only block the excessive light to reduce glare but also regulate the temperature by blocking the heat, particularly in the area they shade.

That is also the reason why this blind type is environmentally friendly. With it, you can reduce the use of electrical fan, air conditioner, or air cooler during the hot weather.

the use of roll-up bamboo blinds outside glass door and windows
the use of roll-up bamboo blinds outside glass door and windows. image ©

About the installation location, there are quite a lot of spots you can choose. One of the most effective is outside the windows. These items are also effective to install outside your glass door.

In the example you can see in the picture above, the bamboo blinds are installed outside a glass door and windows. This position is the best since it will help block the heat during the summertime.

bamboo blinds in an apartment's porch
bamboo blinds in an apartment’s porch. image ©

Another perfect location to install the blinds is in the balcony as you can see in the pic above. The one you see here seems to be the balcony of an apartment located hemin an upper level.

This idea is beneficial when the balcony is prone to heat from outside. Since the blinds block the heat from outside, you can spend your time more comfortably in your apartment and even in the balcony area.

Another thing you need to know is that you can also install the roll up bamboo blinds in your porch for the same purpose.

2. It Reduces the Breeze in the Patio Area

We all know that a patio is an exciting place to spend time outside the house. At any time, you can use this place for enjoying your favorite beverages, reading books, or having a nice chat with those who are close to you.

The problem is that sometimes it is only too breezy to spend time outside in the patio. In this case, the bamboo blinds can help.

By using one or more bamboo blinds, you can block the wind that makes the patio too breezy. In this case, the items can enhance the coziness in the outdoor area.

Besides, with the blinds, you do not need to add an electrical warmer in the patio area. It means that you can also reduce the use of energy during the cold season.

Mediterranean patio with bamboo blinds at the back
mediterranean patio with bamboo blinds at the back. image ©

Take a look at this picture as an example. Here, the bamboo blinds location is in the back. It seems this position does not only reduce the breeze in the outdoor sitting area. It also helps to block the sunlight at day time.

roll up bamboo blind to reduce breeze and add privacy in a patio
roll up bamboo blind to reduce breeze and add privacy in a patio. image ©

The roll-up bamboo blinds are not only useful in reducing the breeze in your patio. They are also the items that you can count on to add extra privacy in the outdoor area.

The example is when you decide to play a day bed in the patio, just like the one done in the pic. You do not have to worry that you will get cold because of the breeze whenever you spend time there. Besides, you can even take a nap on the bed without worrying that someone will look.

3. It Protects Your Furniture from Sun Fade

Too much sunlight can give the furniture you place outside, such as in the patio, porch, or balcony, a fade. The same thing can even happen to the ones you put inside the house but exposed to the indirect sunlight from outside.

In this situation, installing the roll-up bamboo blinds is proven beneficial. The reason is that the shade they produce can give extra protection that will avoid the furniture from getting the sun fade.

The most important thing to do is knowing where does the sunlight mostly comes from. It will be helpful to recognize the location to install the blinds properly.

tropical porch with roll-up bamboo blinds to protect furniture from sun fade
tropical porch with roll-up bamboo blinds to protect furniture from sun fade. image ©

This tropical porch is an example. It looks obvious that the sunlight mostly comes from one side of the area. That is also the location where the owner installs three large roll-up bamboo blinds.

With these items, all the wooden furniture can be avoided from excessive sunlight whenever needed. Besides, with the help of the bamboo blinds, it will still be possible for you to spend time in the area comfortably without having to worry about the sun-glare and the heat.

balcony with bamboo blinds for protection from sunlight
balcony with bamboo blinds for protection from sunlight. image ©

You can also use the blinds to give extra protection for the furniture in the balcony. By placing them in the right location, you can get everything you need to avoid sun fade on the furniture.

An interesting idea that you can get from this picture is that the owner provides metal frames, which seems to the bamboo blinds to stay in place when they are not rolled.

4. It Gives You Extra Privacy without 100% Blocking the Light

As we already told you in some previous parts, bamboo blinds are also beneficial because they can provide extra privacy to your outdoor area. It is even better because privacy is not something permanent because you can roll up these accessories whenever needed.

Although this benefit sounds impressive, it is possible for you to worry that by using the blinds your patio or porch will get less natural light. Well, these accessories may provide the extra privacy you need, but it won’t 100% blocking the sunlight because of the design that is not so dense.u

bamboo privacy blind for an outdoor bathtub
bamboo privacy blind for an outdoor bathtub. image ©

This benefit is essential in an outdoor area that is functional to do some private matters. The example is available in the picture above. It is an outdoor bathtub in a small roofed patio in the backyard.

The existence of the rather large bamboo blind is advantageous here. It is primarily for people who want to get the sensation of bathing outside but do not want others to see.

Whenever the bathtub is not in use, it is good for the bamboo blinds to be rolled up. The reason is not merely about letting people know that the tub is ready to use. It makes the backyard area to look more spacious.

a change room with rolled-up bamboo blind
a change room with rolled-up bamboo blind. image ©

Another example of a place that will get benefit from the extra privacy offered by the bamboo blinds is the change room near the swimming pool as you can see in the pic above. It is applied for an outdoor change room or the indoor one but has more glass instead of solid walls.

By using the blinds, you do not need to provide any light at day since some natural sunlight from outside can still enter the room. It is another environmental-friendly value.

5. It Turns Your Balcony, Patio, Porch, or Veranda into a Semi-Indoor Space Whenever Needed

An outdoor place like balcony, patio, porch, or veranda is beneficial for adding extra space whenever you host a specific event at your house. It may be a bit problematic when it is somewhat private since those areas are commonly visible from outside.t

Here is when the bamboo blinds will be beneficial for you. They can turn the outdoor spaces into the semi-indoor ones, which are just perfect for different kinds of private or family events you host at home.

a balcony with bamboo blinds and cozy seats
a balcony with bamboo blinds and cozy seats. image ©

Here is an example of a semi-outdoor set you can use when holding a private event at your place. This one is an apartment’s balcony. Although it is rather small, you can see that it looks cozy because of the choices of seats, lighting, and even flooring.

The use of bamboo blinds here is also excellent since they make the space even cozier. Besides, these accessories provide the privacy needed for the event.

balcony with an outdoor dining table set and bamboo blinds
balcony with an outdoor dining table set and bamboo blinds. image ©

The same idea is also applicable for this kind of balcony you see in the picture. The difference is that it has an outdoor dining table set with four chairs instead of living furniture pieces as you can see in the previous pic.

With the bamboo blinds, a place like this balcony is perfect for hosting a private dining event with family or even with your loved one. You only need to roll down the blinds, and you do not have to worry anymore that the intimate dinner will be visible to the neighbors.

6. It Is an Excellent Addition for Oriental Design

Roll-up bamboo blinds are also excellent to select when you want to add an oriental touch to your exterior design. Of course, the shades alone are not enough to create such a style. Adding another Asian or oriental details in the same area would be helpful in this case.

Bamboo itself is a material used quite often in interior and exterior design with Asian style. The best thing of all, it also brings a tropical touch in your home design.

Asian-style entry with three rolled-up bamboo blinds
asian-style entry with three rolled-up bamboo blinds. image ©

The picture that you can see here is an excellent example. Here, the outdoor bamboo blinds function as a treatment for the large-size glass windows.

Instead of being the main items that build up the Asian theme in the entry, the bamboo blinds function more as an element only. As you can see, there are other oriental details available in this design. Those include the door styling, the live bamboo plants, the large wooden pillar, and the use of stones as stepping.

7. It Looks Naturally Stylish and Elegant

The next benefit you can get from outdoor bamboo blinds is their look. It is quite simple yet naturally stylish and elegant at the same time. When they come in a non-finished form, they even have a touch of rustic style in them.

Adding a bamboo blind can also instantly bring a natural touch to the exterior design of your house. The same thing is also obtainable, even if you do not have any live plants in your outdoor area because of space limitation. The example is like when you live in an apartment.

In this case, the decorative value from the bamboo blinds is the one that we want to emphasize more. It is a part that makes every blind or shade made of bamboo can accentuate the space.

Something like this is beneficial for a place that doesn’t look attractive, but you also do not want it to look too fancy.

patio roll up bamboo blinds paired with hanging flowery plants
patio roll up bamboo blinds paired with hanging flowery plants. image ©

As an example, you can take a look at this picture. It is a traditional patio that has a transparent roof that allows the sunlight to brighten the space.

You can see that there are two bamboo blinds hanged on one side of the pergola. Particularly in this design, these shades are not functional for blocking the light or heat from the sun.

If you see the location, it looks like the blinds are meant for adding privacy in the patio. We can say so because they cover only the sitting area.

Another detail you must pay attention from this picture is the pairing between the bamboo blinds and the flowery hanging plants. The accessories belong to the natural accessory category. That is why it is never hard for them to pair with any plants in your exterior.

natural-patterned roll up bamboo shades in a patio
natural-patterned roll up bamboo shades in a patio. image ©

Another good thing about bamboo blinds is that the base material does not always have a plain look. Some species naturally have spots, and when they turn into the outdoor accessories, they look like the one you see in the picture above.

An accessory like this is excellent to erase the plain look in your home exterior design. Besides, it looks so beautiful.

8. It Is Eco-Friendly

Another benefit that you must know is that this kind of bamboo blinds is eco-friendly. In other words, it is not harmful to the environment.

the natural non-finished look of a bamboo blind
the natural non-finished look of a bamboo blind. image ©

Something like this becomes the reason why people often consider this type of outdoor shade as a green choice. Many roll-up blinds from bamboo also come in the most natural form without any finishing, which makes it even suitable for green environment.

roll-up bamboo blinds can blend with natural environment easily
roll-up bamboo blinds can blend with natural environment easily. image ©

The natural look of roll-up bamboo blinds is none other but the most beautiful appearance that they can give. That is why it is reasonable that these accessories can blend with any natural outdoor environment easily, just like the one you see above.

Here, the blinds do not only look suitable to place in the natural tropical surroundings. They also look compatible with the wooden furniture, fence, and floor of the surf shack.

If by any chance you’ve heard some rumors about bamboo being endangered, this possibly makes you hesitate to use the roll-up blinds. In this case, you need to know the real truth about this plant. The sure thing is that it is not endangered.

Bamboo, including also all the products made from it, is safe to purchase. The plant is even quite easy to cultivate because it can grow significantly in a very short time.

9. It Is Durable and Versatile

an eclectic porch with roll-up bamboo blinds
an eclectic porch with roll-up bamboo blinds. image ©

Next, you need to know that when you compare bamboo with other materials that are common for making blinds and shades, this one is more durable. Combined with the other benefits that we mention in this list, it makes the roll-up blinds a better and considerable option to choose.

the use of roll-up bamboo blind in a beach house balcony
the use of roll-up bamboo blind in a beach house balcony. image via

It gets even better because outdoor bamboo blinds are also versatile. It means there are so many ways you can use them.

They are perfect for different types of outdoor spaces, including the porch, patio, veranda, balcony, and many others. Besides, they also function in different ways like a cover for extra privacy, light blocker, natural temperature regulator, and so on.

It is quite surprising also that you can use them for an alternative decorative outdoor roof for patio. However, when functioned this way, you cannot operate the roll-up system.

The versatility is also applied when it comes to exterior design. Because of the neutral color and appearance, bamboo blinds can fit in any style without difficulties.

10. It Almost Doesn’t Need Any Maintenance at All

the use of bamboo shades in upper level
the use of bamboo shades in upper level. image ©

Another benefit that makes roll up bamboo blinds excellent for your outdoor area is that there almost no maintenance needed. It means that you can choose any location to install them without worrying about how to maintain them. This fact is applied even when it means that the spot is rather high.

the use of roll-up bamboo blinds in a balcony
the use of roll-up bamboo blinds in a balcony. image ©

However, you need to consider that the blinds are located in the outdoor area. It means it is possible for them to be exposed to dust.

About this, the only maintenance you need to do is cleaning the blinds from dust once in a while. This action is also a thing you can do to keep the excellent appearance of these outdoor accessories.

11. It Has an Affordable Price

The last but not least benefit that may make you fall in love with roll-up bamboo blinds for the home exterior is that they are affordable. They are even available at almost all curtain and furniture stores so it won’t be hard for you to get some.

paint can give the bamboo blind a new color
paint can give the bamboo blind a new color. image ©

The best thing is that with such an affordable price, you can get something that looks amazingly stylish and elegant. Besides, the blinds also come with all the benefits above.

About the look, roll up bamboo blinds for outdoor come in two options; finished/painted and non-finished/non-painted. If you have some old shades, which are still in good shape, painting them can make an attractive brand new look.

12. Final Words

Outdoor roll up bamboo blinds is handy items you can add to the exterior design of your house. With all the benefits that we have mentioned above, it is inevitable that this shade type proper to take into consideration.

Remember, when you decide to install these blinds outside your house, it will be excellent to clean it from dust once in a while. This action is the best way to keep the natural and beautiful appearance these accessories have.

Besides, when you have used the blinds for years, it will be helpful for you to check the quality. Although they are a durable option, after a quite long time there is a chance for them to get some damages, such as getting porous. When such things occur, it means it is the right time for replacements.