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17 Most Amazing Hallway Paint Colors for Your Home Improvement

New hallway paint colors are a simple improvement that can create a significant change. Many people, possibly including you, still often overlook hallway because its function is just as an entrance hall or a corridor that connect rooms.

Hallway Paint Colors

If you want to see it differently, a hallway is a part of your home that has an available space to create style. This place can even be your gallery where you can display some photos or arts.

With all those reasons, it would be great if you can make the hallways in your house look amazing. The way suggested here is by updating the current paint colors with the new ones.

If you need some inspirations, there are at least 17 most amazing hallway paint color ideas to consider. Those are:

To make each of the ideas above understandable, here are the full explanations for you to read further.

1. Dark Grey Hallway with White Trim

a hallway with dark grey paint and white trim
a hallway with dark grey paint and white trim. image © shift-interiors.com

Dark paint is more suitable to choose from a rather high ceiling or the one with lots of light. The cause is none other but the fact that when misused, a dark paint can make a hallway looks narrow, cramped, and uncomfortable.

The same basic idea is also applicable for dark grey paint for the hallway. If by any chance you are interested in using this color for your hall or corridor, some things are essential, so you need to give more concern to them.

Please check if your hallway gets enough light and has a high ceiling. If not, it would be much better to pair the grey wall with white interior trim. The trim can enhance the sense of space in there while at the same time also add a bit of brightness and makes the place looks less cramped because of the dark paint.

Another thing to give concern is the color of the ceiling. It would be nice if you can color the ceiling in a bright color, so a visual height appears. Since the trim color is white, it is best if the ceiling also has the same tone. Besides, white is the best color to add height to any room visually.

If you are still worried about the room visual of you add the dark grey color, you can use two wall colors instead of just one. It can be a two-tone design for all part of the wall, or you can paint a side of the wall with dark grey paint and the other with another lighter tone.

The example shown in the picture above is quite excellent. Although the wall has dark grey color and the ceiling is not too high, this hall still looks impressive. The reason behind all these is nothing else but the white trim, the white ceiling, the amount of natural light brightening up space, and the two colors design.

If you are curious about the wall color used in this hallway example, it is quite unfortunate that no exact source is available for that. However, this color looks very similar to Benjamin Moore Black Pepper 2130-40.

2. Light Grey Hallway with White Trim

a hallway with light grey paint and white trim
a hallway with light grey paint and white trim. image © janelockhart.com

Other than dark grey, you can also use light grey paint to color your hallway. Unlike the dark one, this paint color is a suitable choice for any hall without regarding the height, width, and light. So, yes it is a more comfortable choice to pick.

Although it will be effortless to choose lighter grey paint for your hallway, still, you need to consider some details to make the place looks fantastic.

Adding a white trim as a pairing for the wall tone is a great idea. It doesn’t only make the place looks more sensible than it was. It also gives the area an extra decorative value. For an even more decorative look, you can choose something like crown molding.

Another thing you can consider is the type of light grey color to choose. Is it warm or cold?

The choice depends on another color in the place or on your taste.

For example, if you want a warm and comfortable feeling in the hallway, you can choose a light grey color with a beige undertone as you can see in the picture above.

The grey paint color used in this picture is Benjamin Moore Barren Plain 2111-60. The white trim here is Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White CC-20.

3. White Hallway with Colored Door

white hallway with blue door
white hallway with blue door. image © osmonddesignsfurniture.com

If you are interested in a white hallway but at the same time you also think that all-white will look dull, this idea is a perfect one for you. It is the idea of giving bright or even pop color to the door at the end of the hallway to avoid dull look.

The best thing about this is not merely about how the color of the door will affect the hallway because of the visual it gives. It is also about the fact that you can use the idea in your next hallway remodeling project.

By changing the color of the door, you will get a new look in your interior. While this is an excellent way to improve the place, you should know that it could be quite affordable too.

As an example, you can take a look at the picture of a transitional hallway above. At the end of this hallway, there is a blue door with Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143 paint.

The door has the quite similar tone with the one available on the rug placed on the center of the hallway. Although you don’t always need this kind of compatibility in color, you can use the idea if you want to.

The choice of a blue door at the end of this hallway doesn’t only add a refreshing look to the interior. It also changes a dull look into a bold one.

4. White Hallway with Black Doors

white hallway with black French doors
white hallway with black French doors. image © jkandsons.com

The next idea is still about the white hallway. This time, the combination is between white hallway paint with black doors.

When choosing colors for your hallway, you need to keep in mind that, most of the time, corridor connects rooms. Therefore it would also be better if the hall also has color compatibility with the places connected to it.

It doesn’t mean that the color scheme of the rooms must be the same with the one you pick for the hallway. It is just that it would be much better when the hallway colors also exist in the room. You should apply all these ideas when you choose to paint your hall in white tone and adorn it with black doors.

This hallway paint idea has a classic combination that is timeless. Besides, both of the colors used in it are also neutral tones. It means when you try to create compatibility between the hall and the rooms connected to it, this neutral value will be helpful since black and white are compatible with many other tones.

If you need an example of how a white hallway and black doors combination look like, you can check out the picture above. For a stronger classic look, you can even choose black and white tile floor as you can see in the pick. This floor type is always the best for a classic black and white interior.

5. Warm White Hallway

a hallway with warm white paint
a hallway with warm white paint. image © farinelliconstruction.com

For a warm look, warm white hallway paint can be an excellent choice to take into consideration. Just like any other colors, white also has some different shades including the warm one.

For any interior, this shade of white tends to create an inviting atmosphere. Besides, it also looks comfortable, so people feel like spending time in the room with such feeling.

This feeling is also the reason why designers often choose warm tones, including the ones from the white category, to color rooms for gatherings, such as living room, family room, and dining room.

Unusually for a hallway, warm white can create an intimate feeling. Something like this is beneficial for a narrow corridor. This color selection can enhance the comfortable atmosphere while you pass through the place.

When you choose warm white paint for your corridor, adding trim to the interior might be a considerable thought. This interior detail is helpful in building up the sense of space in the place.

The most important thing is that you shouldn’t forget that the trim must be at least two shades lighter than the warm white tone you choose for the wall. In the picture above, for example, the wall and trim paints are different. Here the wall is a warm color named Sherwin Williams Patience SW 7555 while the trim is Sherwin Williams Shell White SW 8917.

6. Warm White Hallway with Wooden Trim

warm white hallway with wooden trim
warm white hallway with wooden trim. image © urbanrustic-living.com

Warm white hallway paint is also excellent to pair with wood interior trim. Of course, the look resulted from the combination is still warm and inviting.

Although so, you need to know that there is an extra look you will get when you pair a warm white paint with wooden trim. It is a rustic look. As you may already know, a wood material is inseparable from this kind of interior style, right?

If by any chance you are interested in rustic style, and you want your hall to have it even better, maybe you should follow the inspirations shown in the picture above. It is to use hardwood floor and wood ceiling.

For this design, the ceiling and floor will look better when they have a finish and a color that are the same with the ones applied in the interior trim. In this example, all of the wood elements also get stain treatment, which makes them even more suitable for rustic interior

7. Beige Hallway with White Archway Feature

beige hallway with archways feature
beige hallway with archways feature. image © wdesign.com

This next most amazing hallway paint idea is quite specific. It is the idea to use beige paint and archways together in the hall.

Beige is a warm color that offers a comfortable feeling in the hallway. You need to know that it is also a neutral color that can moderately reflect light from the surroundings. This paint color option is suitable for all types of hallway including the wide, narrow, high, and low.

While it is true that beige has some major plus points as stated previously, there is another feature included in this idea. It is the use of white archways as pairing for the beige wall as told earlier.

Because of this feature, you can’t use the beige color in any hallway. The primary reason is that archway is only suitable to use in a wide hallway or the one with a high ceiling. In other words, it is not fit to install in a small and narrow hall.

When installed in the right type of hallway, such as the wide hall you can see in the picture above, this will make the place looks fabulous because it enhances the decorative value to the next level. From the same picture example, you can also see how the archway feature makes the hall looks like a personal gallery to display some artworks.

Away from the use of beige paint and white archway, the example above also shows the use of chandeliers in a hallway. If you think that this lighting type is not suitable at all for the place you are wrong.

Using chandeliers in hallway area is OK. However, you need to make sure that the place is quite spacious or else the lighting will steal too much space in there.

8. Light Tan Hallway

Mediterranean hallway with light tan color
Mediterranean hallway with light tan color. image © fratantoniluxuryestates.com

The next recommended paint color for your hallway is light tan. The one you can see in the picture is a light shade belongs to the tan color category. It is macaroon tan.

At a glance, light tan color like this looks quite similar to yellow tones. The fact is they are different.

The yellow shades usually have a sunny look. On the other hand, the lighter hues of tan don’t have that and tend to look soft and muted. Based on all those this paint choice is a perfect one for you to choose if you want something that looks like yellow, but you don’t want it to look too sunny.

Another advantage you will obtain when choosing lighter tan paint for the hallway is that it looks gorgeous. It even has a bit of a luxury look because of the golden undertone.

If being asked about which hallway to apply this paint, you can use the paint in any hall you like since it has a rather bright color. However, it looks best when chosen for a hallway with lots of natural light since it can reflect the muted brightness better.

9. Black Hallway with White Accents

black hallway with white trim
black hallway with white trim. image © Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

If black is your favorite color and you wanted to choose this for your hallway, you may worry that it will make the place looks smaller and uncomfortable. You don’t have to worry about those things because black is just as fantastic as any other colors for hallway as long as you use it right.

It is even OK if you want to color all the hallways parts, including the ceiling and floor, in black tone if you want it. Of course, you can’t just do this since this will make the place pitch dark.

Check out the picture above as an example. Other than as the wall color, the black tone also exists in the ceiling and the room of the place. While the ceiling has the same hue as the wall, you should know that the floor here is stained and polished concrete.

While most parts of the place are black, the designer also uses white accents, especially for the interior trim and door color. There are also white-framed wall arts and two lamps to brightening up the hall.

The hallways example here is quite narrow actually. Although so, with all the white details mentioned previously, the size doesn’t seem to be a problem. Moreover, the light that comes from the lamps and the fact that the hall is quite high makes the place looks more comfortable than without them.

10. Beige Hallway with White Trim and Black Doors

beige hallway with black doors and white trim
beige hallway with black doors and white trim. image © atmosphereid.ca

If previously there is an idea of creating a color design by combining beige wall paint and white-painted archways, this time the beige tone will have something else as the pairing. The combo is between the white interior trim and black doors as shown in the pic of wide transitional hallway above.

While the combination between the beige wall and white trim is already quite popular, you may question about why should you paint the door in black instead of in the same white tone as found on the trim. Boldness is the main reason here.

As you may already know, both of beige and white are neutral colors. Using these two tones only for the wall and door is fine, but something will be lacking because the look is just too ordinary. That is why black doors are the recommendation here since it makes the style looks bolder and more challenging.

Especially for the picture above, the black door color doesn’t only add boldness. It also compliments the dark hardwood flooring. Together the doors and floor create an elegant look in the hallway area. It gets even better because the black tone of the entries in there is also compatibility with the chairs, console table, and lamps.

11. Light Blue Hallway with White Trim

light blue hallway with white trim
light blue hallway with white trim. image © moorearch.com

Although it sounds like an ordinary choice, light blue wall and white trim are, as a matter of fact, the next recommendation of most amazing color idea you should consider. Mainly, this combo is an excellent choice to choose from a rather low hallway with less light.

Light blue and white are bright colors, so they are very suitable to pick for a low hallway with less light. Another useful fact about the light blue tone is that it can reflect the light from its surroundings so the place won’t be too dark.

Light blue is also a cool and refreshing color. This property is useful in enhancing the mood in the hall area, so it becomes a nice-looking place to pass through.

Please take a look at the picture above as an example. This hallway has a low ceiling and less natural light even the room next to it has glass windows.

The choice of light blue wall, which is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143, here, is just right. This bright color doesn’t make the ceiling looks lower.

Moreover, the hall also has interior trim, ceiling, and custom furniture. All these are helpful in reflecting the light to avoid the room from looking cramped.

12. Purplish Grey Hallway

purplish grey hallway color
purplish grey hallway color. image © johnlumarchitecture.com

If you are a fan of purple but you think that coloring your hallway using the tone is not a right thing to do, choosing a purplish grey color is a much better choice you should consider. This paint is grey but with purple undertone in it.

The reason why a purplish grey paint is a better selection here is that it is the answer to your problem of not wanting to choose a solid purple tone for the area. Another primary reason is that the paint is grey, which is a neutral color.

As told earlier, neutral tone is always the best choice to pick for any hallway considering the visual it can create.

If the purplish grey paint you choose is light, it is even better. The reason is related to the light reflector characteristic that the color has. This value is useful in spreading the light in the whole hallway so it won’t get too dark.

The only thing you need to give more concern is other colors that you plan to use in the hallway. Since the paint has a purple undertone, you will create a color crashing when you choose the wrong tone to pair with it.

In the picture above, for example, the purplish grey wall paint here has white and light grey tones as the pairing, and everything looks right. If you are interested in knowing about what purplish tint used in this hallway design, it seems quite similar to Behr Cloudberry 590F-4.

13. Yellow and Green Hallway

two-tone yellow and green hallway
two-tone yellow and green hallway. image © joanheatonarchitects.com

For you who love to bring the natural feeling inside their house, the combination of yellow and green paint colors is the one you should choose. Yellow reflects the sun while green reminds us of trees, grans, and other plants.

Besides the natural look, this paint combination also looks refreshing. The cause is the existence of green tone, which also belongs to the cool color category.

If you do not want the hallway to look too bright with this combination, you can choose some muted colors like the ones to exist in the picture example. Other than the ones you see in the pic, there are still so many choices of soft and light green and yellow tones so take your time finding the best ones.

14. Golden Hallway with White Trim

hallway with golden color and white trim
hallway with golden color and white trim. image © smithandvansant.com

Using a golden paint only in your hallway is fine. However, you need to know that this tends to make the place looks warm.

Although it is also true that gold color can bring luxury and elegant look in the interior at the same time, there is another lack you need to know about golden color, especially the ones that have a quite dark shade. This type of paint can make a corridor looks cramped.

If you don’t want your hallway to look too warm or cramped, there is an excellent way you must do. It is pairing the golden wall paint with white interior trim color.

The function of the white trim here is not merely about making the interior looks brighter even with golden wall paint. The trim is also functional in avoiding the cramped look mentioned above. You need this benefit quite much when you have a narrow hallway.

In the design example above, you can see that the white interior trim is useful in erasing a cramped and too-warm look in the corridor because of the use of a golden paint tone, that is none other but Benjamin Moore Sombrero 249. The trim, together with the white ceiling tone, also add brightness to the place.

15. White Hallway

white hallway design
white hallway design. image © structures.net

While we have talked about many color ideas for your hallway, you shouldn’t forget that white is still a considerable and one of the best choices. A clean impression is the most significant benefit offered by white wall paint for the hallway.

If by any chance you don’t have any idea to decorate your hallway after you paint its wall, including also other elements in there like doors, in white tone, you don’t need to worry too much. For you to know, you can leave the hallway without any decorations, and it will still look amazing.

You can check out the example above if you don’t believe in it.

As a suggestion you can follow, when you chose white as the most dominant color in your hallway, please consider picking floor which isn’t white to avoid monotonous look. If you already install white flooring in there, it is OK since there is a trick you can do.

The trick is by placing a colorful runner on the floor. In a white hallway, a runner like this is not only functional in spicing up the place. It can also make your hall looks more spacious than it is.

16. Stripes Hallway Wall

hallway with navy blue and white horizontal stripes wall
hallway with navy blue and white horizontal stripes wall. image © scheer.co

When adding color to your hallway wall, you can also make it more interesting by using a specific pattern when you do the painting process. An excellent choice you should give a try is stripes pattern.

This pattern will create not only an eclectic look but also a beach style. As an example, you can take a look at a hallway picture above.

The wall of this hallway has a white and navy horizontal stripes pattern. The navy blue paint used here is Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue HC-156.

Although the navy blue paint has a rather dark shade, you can see that it doesn’t make the hallway looks dark. It is because there is also a white tone included in the stripes pattern. Besides, the corridor also gets adequate lighting here.

The choice of navy blue and white tones in the pattern is also an excellent choice here since both of them becomes a superb background to everything placed in front of the wall. Those include the artworks, the plant, and everything else put on the console table.

One more thing you need to remember when choosing stripes patterns or your hallway wall paint is that there are two different pattern types available. Those are horizontal and vertical stripes.

17. Cream Hallway

hallway with cream wall paint
hallway with cream wall paint. image © amdgarchitects.com

The last but not least recommended paint color for a fantastic hallway is cream. This tone is a perfect choice to pick when you want to create a warm atmosphere in the corridor.

One thing you need to know about cream paint is that this creates a warmer atmosphere in the hallway, even better than beige or greige tones. This color is also a rich one, so it will create a more exciting look in there.

Another excellence of cream that you need to know is that it can compliment any neutral colors quite easily. This fact will make it easier for you to decorate the hall area with other stuff.

As you can see in the list above, there are so many colors available for you to pick for painting your corridor at home. Of course, all of the color ideas shared to you here are not the only ones since there are many other choices available.

However, the list above contains the best selections, so hopefully, this list will help you make your hallway looks even more amazing than before.