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7 Most Wonderful Green Kitchen Cabinets Shades to Inspire You

Green kitchen cabinets offer a natural, refreshing, and soothing look. However, you need to know that green comes in different shades and each shade can impact the visual and atmosphere of your cooking area differently.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

For examples, you can check out the seven most wonderful green shades for kitchen cabinets as listed in the following.

To know every green shade better and to recognize the visual impact it creates, here is the explanation for you.

1. Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

sage green cabinets in a traditional kitchen
sage green cabinets in a traditional kitchen. image © vfinehomes.com

Sage is the first color we recommend you to choose when you want green cabinets for your kitchen area. For you who are not familiar with this tone, it belongs to the category of gray-green cabinets, which is also quite trending in recent years.

While the popularity of sage becomes the main reason why you should pick this type of green cabinets, there are some other reasons to choose this tone more than any different colors.

  1. Sage cabinets give an organic touch to your kitchen area. The color then will make a perfect choice for you who love the natural and organic stuff.
  2. Sage is a suitable color to use in any kitchen style. When you paint your cabinets with this tone, this furniture will be an excellent match to your cooking area no matter what the design you use in it.
  3. Since they take a quite significant portion of space in the kitchen area and the color is also unique, sage cabinets will become the statement in the interior. Of course, it also means they will catch the most attention in there.
  4. Although basically, it is green, sage is a color you can pair with other tones without any problem.

What to Pair with the Sage Cabinets

If you are interested in installing sage cabinets in your kitchen area or if you want to paint your old cabinets with the tone, there are several tips you can consider doing. Individually, the tips are about the colors you can pair with the sage units to create a fabulous look in your kitchen area.

Previously, we already told you that sage seems to work in a neutral tone that you can pair with other colors easily. However, you need to know that when you combine the shade with a specific hue, there will be a particular visual you see. Here is the list of best tones you can match with your sage cabinets.

Muted or Light Grey and Off-White for a Contemporary Look

The first colors you can choose to pair with the sage cabinets is muted-grey or light grey and off-white. When matching the cabinets with one or two of these colors, you can create a contemporary look.

The off-white color is excellent for wall, countertops, and sinks. On the other hand, the grey tones are more suitable for wall only. Other than that, there is also a choice to pair the sage cabinets with light or muted grey kitchen island.

Natural Wooden Color, Cream, and White for a Cottage Look

The next best colors you can match with the sage cabinets are cream, natural wooden color, and white. When you pair the cabinets with one or more of these colors, the visual resulted is cottage look. To be more specific, it is country cottage look.

The way to create the pairing is not that hard to do. For example, you can pair the cabinets with light wooden countertops and white farmhouse sink so the cottage style will exist excellently. You can also match the sage units with a cream backsplash or wall paint if you want to.

Brown and Cream for a Traditional Look

The last but not least colors to match with sage green cabinets are brown and cream. Explicitly, they all will create a traditional look in your kitchen area.

Especially for this one, the brown color is not only applicable on wall or countertops. This tone gives you a chance to pair the cabinets with elegant dark hardwood flooring.

2. Mint Green Cabinets

pale mint kitchen cabinets
pale mint kitchen cabinets. image © donaldlococoarchitects.com

The next most beautiful green shade for your kitchen cabinets is mint. Just like sage green, there are also some significant reasons why you should choose mint for your cabinets.

  1. Mint is a fresh-looking color. This fact will make it feels like there is a refreshing breeze in your cooking area.
  2. Mint green also gives a soothing atmosphere. This feel can make you relax whenever you spend time in the kitchen.
  3. Mint also creates an optimistic and energetic atmosphere. It makes the kitchen a right place to gain a spirit booster or to start your day when there is also an alternative breakfast area included in there.
  4. By choosing the mint color for your cabinets, you can also build up a cheerful feel in the kitchen area.

When decorating the kitchen area with mint cabinets, it is also crucial for you to pay attention to other colors to pair with the green tone. When you choose the right hue, you will make all of the plus points of the cabinets color pop even better.

Some of the best matching colors to consider are available in the following.

Black for Contrast and Dramatic Look

The first color that is nice to pair with the mint cabinets is black. The pairing will create not only contrast but also a dramatic look. You can find something like this combination more in a modern interior, but it is also possible for you to see it in any other kitchen styles.

There are so many ways you can choose when you want to pair mint green cabinets with black. For example, you can select black countertops for the mint units. Other than this, it is also possible for you to make a cabinet design with black frame and mint doors.

You can use the black tone without making it connected directly to the mint units too. An excellent example of this idea is kitchen island. Another example is black floor cabinets as pairing for mint wall cabinets.

White for Energetic and Fresh Look

The next color that will look amazing to match with the mint green cabinets is white. Mainly, the pairing will create an energetic and fresh look.

Although mint color sounds like something that is more suitable to use in modern interior, especially when you pair it with white, you need to know that it is ideal for a lot more kitchen styles. Those include traditional and retro designs.

Warm White or Light Wood for Cozy Cottage Style

The last but not least color you can pair with your mint green cabinets is warm white or the natural tone of the light wood material. When you combine them, the detail that you will see is not only a cozy look but also a cottage style.

If you want the cottage style to look more intense, it is better to consider open shelving for the wall storage instead of cabinets with doors. Other than that, you can also choose wood for the material of the flooring. As suggested previously, light wood is an excellent choice to take into consideration.

3. Lime Green Cabinets

bright lime and wood cabinets
bright lime and wood cabinets. image © mckinneyphotography.com

Lime is a green color that comes with a rather strong yellow undertone. It becomes the reason why this green shade is not suitable to pick to create a soothing and relaxing kitchen atmosphere. Energizing and refreshing look is the ones this tone can generate more.

Mainly for this subheading, instead of saying about why lime green is an excellent option for your kitchen cabinets, it seems to be better if we talk more about some things you need to consider when about to pick this hue for the kitchen units.

  1. Lime green cabinets are suitable for you to choose when you wish to feel energized whenever you enter and spend time in your kitchen area. You need to know that the tone will not give you a calming and relaxing visual effect as much as any other green shades will provide you.
  2. For some people, lime green cabinets can look too bright. That is why when choosing these units for a kitchen area, pairing the green with other compatible colors is an excellent way to deal with the brightness level. More explanation about colors is available in the following.

Colors to Match with the Lime Cabinets

As we already told you previously, one significant thing to do when using lime green cabinets in your kitchen area is by pairing them with other items in other colors. The purpose is not merely about dealing with the brightness level of the green hue but also about producing a better visual in the interior.

White to Lighten the Lime Green

White is not just a color that looks good together with the lime cabinets. It is also the one that can lighten the green cabinets. It is an excellent color option you can pair with lime green if you do not want your kitchen to look too energetic.

If you want to match the lime green cabinets with white tone to make the units look lighter than it is, there are several ways you can choose. The most important thing to remember is that the white must take a significant portion in the room so you can effectively lighten the lime green tone of the kitchen units.

The first way to do is to use the color on the wall and floor connected directly to the cabinets. The next move is by pairing the cabinets with white countertops. Another way is by using white kitchen appliances to match the lime green cabinets.

Black to Create Color-Popping

If you want to create a color-popping, black is the right tone you must pair with the lime green cabinets. The neutral dark color of black becomes an excellent background that makes the lime green tone of the kitchen units gain prominence.

Using black as a match for the lime cabinets is also excellent because the darkness avoids your kitchen area from looking too bright and overwhelming because of the yellowish undertone of the kitchen units. It is also great to add another color, which is white if you use this combination. The reason is that white can also lighten lime green properly.

Wooden Color to Bring Natural Look

If the one you want is a natural look, wood color and wooden material is the one you should choose as a match for the lime cabinets. An example of this is available in the picture above.

If you want, you can even combine both of the lime tone and natural wood material in a cabinet design as also shown in the picture. Here, the designer uses lime green as the color of some of the cabinets’ doors and drawers while the rest of the units has wooden material with a semi-gloss finish.

When using such design, it seems right if you consider using a kitchen island with the same color with the green tone or the wooden material for design consistency and compatibility. In the picture above, wood is the choice.

Blue or Green for Even More Refreshing Feel

For you who want an even more refreshing feel in your kitchen area, combining the lime cabinets with blue or green shade is a recommendation you should follow. In some ways, the combination even reminds you of things you see in nature including underwater life and the forest.

Pink for a Complementary Look

This idea might never occur in your mind because lime and pink seem to be on the opposite from one to another. Although so, adding pink color as pairing for your lime cabinets can result in a complementary look.

Somehow, the combination reminds us of the natural color of watermelon. Another great thing is that you can pair the lime cabinets with any pink shade you want, including fuchsia.

There are some recommended parts of the kitchen area where you can use the pink color as a match for the lime green cabinets. Those include countertops, backsplash, wall, interior trim, accessories, tableware, appliances, and so on.

4. Chartreuse Green Cabinets

chartreuse green cabinets in a contemporary kitchen
chartreuse green cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. image © beach-dwellings.com

Another green shade you can pick for your kitchen cabinet is Chartreuse. This one is also a yellow-green color, but it is not as bright and popping as lime. The name of this tone might not be familiar for some people, but you need to know that the inspiration of this name, as well as the shade, comes from a French liqueur, Chartreuse.

If being asked about the visual effect that this cabinet color can create, there are some we find will be beneficial to the cooking area.

  1. Chartreuse is one from so many colors that can represent nature. It is an excellent selection to bring nature to your cooking area.
  2. Although Chartreuse does not give a calming and relaxing effect due to the lightness, it is still beneficial in the way it produces energetic look. It will help you in getting motivation and inspirations in cooking or in anything else you can do in the kitchen.
  3. Chartreuse is also a color that can boost creativity and focus. That is why applying this tone on kitchen cabinets is suitable for you who always try to create innovation in cooking.

Now, let us talk about other colors you can also use in the kitchen area when you choose Chartreuse green for the cabinets. The list is in the following.

White to Create Bright and Clean Look

If you want to get a bright and clean look in your kitchen area, you need to match the chartreuse cabinets with white color, no matter whether you use the white on the wall, countertops, appliances, or others. For an even brighter kitchen area, please make the white into a more dominant tone than the yellowish-green color of the cabinets.

Black to Make the Chartreuse Cabinets Pop

If the one you want is to make the green cabinets to pop and shines better, black is the color you need to pair with the furniture pieces. The combo between black and chartreuse can also produce a contrasting look in the kitchen interior.

Tan or Gray to Mute the Chartreuse Tone

If you think that Chartreuse green is too intense for the cabinets and the cooking area, the only thing you need to do is muting it. In the case, tan or gray can help you to get the green tone softened.

5. Olive Green Cabinets

olive green cabinets in a narrow kitchen
olive green cabinets in a narrow kitchen. image © gregnatale.com

Next, we have olive as the recommended green shade for your kitchen cabinets. This shade is one of the most favorite greens for kitchen area because of the calming and relaxing visual, which is also the most significant benefit of having the olive tone in the interior, it can create. All those make the kitchen gains a more comfortable feel.

Olive green is also an excellent color for your kitchen cabinets because it gives a sophisticated touch to the furniture. While being sophisticatedly stylish, at the same time it is still an earthy color, which means it is another perfect choice of natural green.

Just like any other green shades we have talked about earlier, there are also some secondary colors you can pair with this green. Together, they can make both of the cabinets and kitchen look great.

Orange as a Unique Tone to Add Brightness to the Olive Cabinets

The first color you need to consider pairing with the olive cabinets is orange. Generally, this tone can add brightness to the cabinets design. In other words, the orange tone can avoid the green cabinets from looking dull, especially when the olive shade is rather dark.

Brown for a Natural Look

The next color is brown. When being paired together with olive green, brown can bring an ultimate natural look inside your kitchen area. The best thing of all is that this tone also compliments the green color of the kitchen cabinets excellently.

Blue to Make the Olive Cabinets Pop

If you want to make your olive kitchen cabinets pop and catchy, the color you need to pair with them is blue. Besides, the two colors in some ways also represent some views in nature.

Creamy White for a Beautiful Look

To create a beautiful look, you need to pair the olive cabinets with creamy white or off-white tone. The good thing about this combination is how it can maximize the characteristic of olive green that can create a soothing atmosphere.

If you think that the combo is suitable only for an antique or vintage kitchen, you are wrong. You can also bring this color combination in modern kitchen interior if you want to.

Pure White for a Clean and Refreshing Atmosphere

Other than creamy white and off-white, pure white is another shade you can match with olive green cabinets, such as on the wall, countertops, or others. Unlike the previous combination, the combo between pure white and olive tends to create a clean and refreshing look.

For this one, it is also great if you allow more natural light from outside to enter the room. This way, the refreshing look can get more intense.

6. Dark Green Cabinets

dark green cabinets in a traditional kitchen
dark green cabinets in a traditional kitchen. image © teddyedwards.co.uk

This next green shade to choose for your kitchen cabinets is unique. If you only look it in a glance, there is a chance for you to think that it is black. However, if you look at it carefully, you will find out that it is green. The shade meant here is none other but dark green, just like the tone applied to the kitchen cabinets and island in the picture of a traditional kitchen above.

Dark green shade also brings some advantages when you use it on your kitchen cabinets designs. Some of the most significant are;

  1. Dark green is the best shade of green to bring elegance to the kitchen furniture as well as the kitchen area.
  2. Dark green can also create a contrasting look in the interior especially when you also add some lighter shades as secondary tones in there.
  3. Although the hue is dark, this shade of green can still bring a refreshing atmosphere. Therefore it is perfect for you to pick when you want a fresh look on your cabinets but do not want to paint the furniture with a bright paint color.

If you are curious about what to pair with the dark green cabinets, you can check out the picture above to gain the inspirations. For you to know the specific paint used to color this kitchen furniture is Farrow & Ball Studio Green No.93 and in the followings is the information about what details you can pair with this cabinet color.

Cream Countertops

Since dark green cabinets tend to look cool, adding warmth to the design can be an excellent idea. From the example above, it comes from the cream countertops used on both the cabinets and the kitchen island.

Another alternative you can pick for the countertops is pure white. This white shade is the tone that can strengthen the cool and fresh look of the green color.

Dark Green Island

Furniture that often inseparable from the kitchen cabinets is an island. That is why when you paint the cabinets in dark green color it is so much better for you to think also about what color you will apply to the kitchen island to create a compatible style and look.

The best and simplest color to pick is the same dark green tone. Although you can paint the island in another color or you choose a natural-looking material like wood for this furniture, dark green is still the best choice to pick in this case. Besides, this idea can also keep the consistency of elegance in the room.

White Wall

As for the wall, white wall is the best option you should choose to pair with the dark green cabinets. The most neutral color of the wall will make cabinets more prominent.

Light Wood Floor

The last but not least detail to pair with the dark green cabinets is light wood material for the kitchen floor. This floor type is the one that will be helpful in maintaining the natural look from the green color.

7. Pistachio Green Cabinets

pistachio green cabinets
pistachio green cabinets. image © garrisonhullinger.com

The last but not least most beautiful green shade we recommend you to pick for your kitchen cabinets is pistachio. This pale and soft green shade is also quite popular in recent time.

From some benefits that you can obtain by coloring your kitchen cabinets in pistachio green, one that is unique is the fact that the intensity and the brightness level of this green do not depend on the amount of light in the interior space. In other words, the cabinet will look quite the same no matter what.

Although pistachio belongs to the category of soft and pale green, it can create an energetic atmosphere in your kitchen area. Besides, this color can bring freshness in there too.

One more thing you should not miss knowing about pistachio cabinets is that the tone is also pleasing. Being in the kitchen area can feel more comfortable too because of this fact.

Colors That Go with the Pistachio Cabinets

Wine Color for a Complementary Look

If you are looking for a perfect match for a particular color, one of the best ways to do this is finding the opposite tone. In this case, the contrasting hue of pistachio green is wine red.

Being combined in a room, both of them can create a complementary look. Besides, these colors somehow create a vintage touch in the cooking area too.

White for Refreshed and Gentle Look

This color can create not only a refreshed but also a gentle look when paired with the green cabinets.

Brown for Accentuating and Natural Look

It is the color that can create an accentuating look when matched with the pistachio green cabinets. Besides, this is also the most natural choice to add warmth to the kitchen area when there is a refreshing green tone like the pistachio in there.

Gray for Luxurious Look

You can also pair the pistachio green cabinets with different shades of gray. The look you will see in this combination is luxurious.

Blue for a Creative and Dynamic Look

Pistachio cabinets are excellent to match with various shades of blue too. One of the most recommended shades is turquoise. The visual you will see from the combo is not only cool but also creative and dynamic.

So, those are the seven most wonderful shades of green that we recommend you to apply on your kitchen cabinets. Since the main color category is green, it is reasonable then if a refreshing look is the one you will mostly see in the kitchen furniture design.

However, you should not forget that different shade of green can create a specific look too. The visual can get even more specific when you also pair the green with other hues.

From the seven choices above, which one is your favorite?