woven wood roman shades in black French doors

6 Benefits of Roman Shades for French Doors You Must Know

The use of roman shades for French doors is a widespread thing right now. It gets even more exciting because people consider the treatment as an excellent pairing for the entrance type.

Roman Shades for French Doors

An opinion like that assuredly comes with reasons. They are none other but the benefits that make people choose roman shades instead of others to treat the glassy doors.

Are you looking for that kind of information because you are not sure whether or not the accessories are the right choice to pick for your French door? If yes, you are already in the right place.

In this post, we will not only list all the benefits of roman shades for the door type. We will also give complete information about each of them. Hopefully, you will find the answer to your uncertainty and can decide whether you will choose the type of shades or not.

1. Roman Shades Give You Extra Privacy

woven wood roman shades in black French doors
woven wood roman shades in black French doors. image © kr-id.com

Before installing French doors, there is one thing considered problematic that many people have in their minds. It is the fact that the entrance design consists of mostly clear glass. It means the reducing of the privacy value so that people from outside can see everything inside the house.

Although this thing is correct and you agree with it, it does not mean that there is no solution available to deal with it. In this case, the roman shades are the solution that we offer you to take into consideration.

About the use of French doors in your home design, the roman shades can give the extra privacy that you need. If you need to block the view for extra seclusion, you can lower the shades down. When privacy is not really necessary or when you want to enjoy the outside view more, you just need to pull them up.

The best thing about the shades is that they usually come with an easy operating system. It means you can open and close them quickly based on your necessity.

2. Roman Shades Help Control the Light from Outside

sheer blue stripe roman shade to allow subtle light through a French door
sheer blue stripe roman shade to allow subtle light through a French door. image © oharainteriors.com

The second most significant benefit of pairing your French doors with roman shades is that the treatment can help you in controlling the light from outside. The best thing is that it indeed has something to do with energy efficiency. Let us explain this further to you.

Easy access for natural light from the sun is one of the most significant factors that make people choose French doors instead of the others. The more amount of natural light that can enter, the house also has meaning the healthier the interior environment will be.

Besides, when you allow more sunlight to enter the house in the morning and day, it means you do not need to turn on any light at that time. The house already gets the natural lighting from the sun.

Do you know what it means? It means there is a chance for you to use energy more efficiently. It also has a meaning that there is a chance for you to reduce the electricity bills.

If you want the interior to look brighter naturally, you can fully open the shades. On the contrary, if you don’t want any light to enter the house, close it entirely. You can even open just some portion of the shades to adjust the amount of light just like you want it.

The quite same idea is also applied when it comes to the heating and cooling system needed in the house. Roman shades cannot only block or allow natural sunlight to enter the house. They also can let the heat in and out.

Some of them even come with insulated technology. When the outside environment is cold, you can pull down the shades to avoid the heat to leave your house. On the reverse side, by entirely pulling them up, you can let the heat to leave the house so the interior can be cooler when the weather is hot.

3. Roman Shades Flat Construction Is a Good Match for French Doors

roman shades commonly have flat design when fully-opened to match any door handles
roman shades commonly have flat design when fully-opened to match any door handles. image © kr-id.com

The next benefit offered by roman shade is the design. It is mainly made to be a good match with any French doors.

Although the shades are available in different styles, they usually become flat when you pull them down. It allows them to fir behind the door handles without a problem.

However, you need to make sure about the size of the French doors, particularly the glass parts that you want to cover by using the roman shades. By doing so, you can make sure about the right measurement of the door treatment that you need.

Right now, roman shades exist in different choices of standard sizes. However, if the French doors are custom and you are not able to get the proper sizing for the treatment, you do not have to worry.

Many manufacturers also provide a service to create custom roman shades based on the measurements that you give. This way, finding the right treatment for the French doors will no longer be problematic.

4. Roman Shades Enhance the Stylish Look of French Doors

stylish roman shades in Mediterranean French doors
stylish roman shades in Mediterranean French doors. image © Hallmark Interior Design LLC

French doors are considered to look more stylish than any other regular doors. It even has a fashionable touch in the design.

The addition of roman shades in the design of the French door is a good thing. The reason is that it can make them look even more stylish than before.

It gets even better because, at this time, the shades are available in so many designs. We will talk about this point further in the next subheading.

5. Roman Shades Are Available in Different Styles

As told earlier, roman shades are now available in various designs. When talking about this, there are at least to main topics that we can include. Those are styles and materials.

Let us talk about the styles first. These are the details that you can pay attention to when you are about to pick roman shades to be paired later with the French doors.

flat roman shades with coordinating color and pattern with the nearby windows
flat roman shades with coordinating color and pattern with the nearby windows. image © design-box.ca

The sure thing is that different style can provide a different visual. And from all choices, there are only four suitable to pick as a match for the door type.

The first is the flat roman shade. It is an excellent choice to select when you want to create not only a clean look but also a modern one.

However, when you choose a particular material choice, you can create a traditional look with it too. One thing that you need to remember is that this style always shows a clean flat surface when you fully close the shade.

When you open it, you can see the stacked accordion. It will also give you a tailored look that can add a touch of structure in your place.

The last but not least thing you need to know about the flat style is that it looks perfect with large and bold patterns.

hobbled roman shades as French family room entrance coverings
hobbled roman shades as French family room entrance coverings. image © elizabeth-gordon.com

Another roman shade style you can pair with the French doors is the hobbled. It is excellent to pick if you are a fan of solid fabric or patterns in a smaller size.

The primary impression that this style can create is in the unique yet soft waterfall folds. Just like the flat option, this one also has a tailored look that is helpful to add subtle structure in your room design.

banded-and Greek key roman shade as French door treatment
banded-and Greek key roman shade as French door treatment. image © tracymurdock.com

Next, there is the banded and Greek key style. The most prominent detail that you can find in this choice is the pretty tape trim that commonly has a contrast look and color with the primary fabric.

Usually, roman shades made with this style has a solid neutral color for the primary material. On the contrary, the trim has a very different tone, and it often has patterns too. It is something that makes this choice of roman shade looks more decorative than the others.

About the use of this treatment as covering for the French doors, you need to know that the reason why it is an excellent option is because of the flat construction. That is why it is easy to fit with the entrance design.

sheer grey linen relaxed roman shade to cover French door
sheer grey linen relaxed roman shade to cover French door. image © yearofcleanwater.org

Lastly, we have a relaxed style that is compatible to pair with French doors. The name of it comes from the look when the accessories are pulled up.

You can see that there is a slight dip located in the center of the shades. This detail creates a more casual ambiance not only to the design of the French door but also to the entire area.

This styling can also create a more comfortable atmosphere. That is why you can choose it to cover the French doors of less-formal rooms, such as bedroom, family room, or kitchen. It can also be an excellent choice for a nursery because of the comfort look it creates.

When we talk about the styling like this, you may think that you can use a balloon or London style roman shade because they also have a relaxed impression. However, you need to remember that the treatment will be paired with the French doors.

Balloon and London styles are not compatible with the entrance type because of the decorative accents. They can make it hard for you to pair the shades with the door design.

6. Various Designs of Roman Shades Are Available

The designs available for this type of French doors treatment are also various. When we talk about this topic, it means we are not only talking about the styles but also the choices of materials, colors, and patterns too.

The material choices for roman shades are also limitless. Although fabrics dominate most of them, some alternatives exist, too, such as wood and bamboo.

That is why when you can get creative in choosing the color and pattern for the French doors roman shades. Although so, we suggest you consider the windows nearby too for a more coordinating look.

It would be best if the windows also get the same roman shades as the French doors. However, if you want something a bit different, you choose something with different patterns but in the quite same color scheme.

If you want to, you can treat the windows with other types of accessory that has a coordinating look with the roman shades for the doors. The example is drapes made from the same fabric as the one chosen for the door treatment.

To give you inspirations in pairing roman shades and French doors, please take a look at the following ideas.

Top down Bottom up Blackout Roman Shade

French doors with brown blackout roman shade in top down bottom up style
french doors with brown blackout roman shade in top down bottom up style. image © landlwindowfashions.com

This first idea is quite an exciting one. At a glance, it looks like nothing is fascinating about the roman shades matched with the French doors in this transitional bedroom.

They only look like regular treatment for glassy doors. They have a brown color, and the fabric material seems to come from the blackout type, which means it has an excellent ability to block the light from outside.

However, please take a look at the design carefully. These roman shades are a special one because when you open it, it won’t go up but go down instead.

This kind of mechanism is known by the name of top down bottom up style. It can be an excellent alternative to pick when you do not want to go with the conventional one.

It is an excellent choice for a bedroom area. The reason is that whenever you need extra privacy but want to let some natural light comes into the room, you can only open some of the upper parts.

The roman shades you see in the picture are a custom product of Hunter Douglass Vignette. It is a perfect selection for any modern interior.

Waterfall Semi-Sheer Roman Shade

Vignette semi-sheer roman shade in off-white by Hunter Douglas
vignette semi-sheer roman shade in off-white by Hunter Douglas. image © mydesignershades.net

The items you can see here is another example of Vignette Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas. This product is available in a lot of custom options, and this one is not a blackout.

It is a semi-sheer roman shade that comes in waterfall style. The best thing that is provided by this manufacturer is that the rear cords of the French doors treatment are not visible from the front. It is a detail that can enhance the style value of both the doors and the shades.

Flat Blackout Roman Shade

elegant-patterned blackout roman shade in flat style covering French doors
elegant-patterned blackout roman shade in flat style covering French doors. image via pinterest.com

We all know that the design of any French doors looks rather simple. Although they have their way to look unique and beautiful, some people find it hard to get a decorative look on it that will also affect the interior design.

In this case, you can count on to the roman shades because many fabric selections are available, including the one with the beautiful look that you are looking for. As an example, you can take a look at the picture above.

The roman shades used here has a flat style. They also have a blackout fabric material that is excellent for both extra privacy and light blocking.

These roman shades are custom made and are a part of a shabby chic interior. They have patterns that create an elegant look too.

Hobbled Blackout Roman Shade

orange blackout roman shade in hobbled style for French doors
orange blackout roman shade in hobbled style for French doors. image © shademakerblinds.ca

If you want to add structures in your home design, you can pair the French doors with hobbled roman shades. At a glance, this choice has a somewhat similar look with the flat choice. However, it has tailored details as the difference.

In the example above, the hobbled roman shade fabric has a solid orange color. As told earlier, it is the best type to pair with the style option.

Another excellent example that you can find in this example is that the color choice belongs to the color scheme of the transitional family room. As you can see, this place does not only have a coordinating window shade. It also has another orange touch, such as the one you see in the cushions.

Woven Wood Sheer Roman Shade

French doors treated with woven wood sheer roman shade
French doors treated with woven wood sheer roman shade. image © p2designinc.com

This next idea is excellent to choose if you are not only in need of something to cover the French doors but also want to add a natural touch to the interior. The roman shades used in this traditional dining room has woven wood as the primary material.

For you who are not familiar with it, it is not a fabric option. For you to know, woven wood is commonly from not only natural but also an eco-friendly material, such as grasses, bamboo, and reeds.

Because of the woven style, they usually come with sheer coverage only. It means they can still provide privacy but do not totally block the outside light, as shown in the picture.

In this example, the designer does not only use the woven wood roman shades to cover the French doors. He/she also uses it to cover the glass windows for the sake of coordinating and compatible look.

If you are curious about the product used here, it comes from Anaya’s Custom Draperies, Inc.

White Woven Flat Roman Shade

white woven flat roman shades as pairing for French doors
white woven flat roman shades as pairing for French doors. image © butlerarmsden.com

Woven wood roman shades do not come only in the most natural design with the original color from the primary material. Some of them are also colored to increase the style value. The example is available in the picture above in which the French doors are covered with white woven roman shades.

The product used in this contemporary family room design comes from Grace Richey Clarke Handwoven Window Shades. The best thing about this manufacturer is not only about their hand-weaving technique but also because of the all-natural materials they use.

Slat Front Blackout Roman Shade

large-patterned slat front blackout roman shade for nursery French doors
large-patterned slat front blackout roman shade for nursery French doors. image © hollydurocher.com

The next idea that you must check comes from this nursery room. As you can see, the French doors, as well as the sidelight windows here, are treated with the flat-front roman shades.

However, you might notice that something looks different here. The reason behind this is the fact that rod pockets of the shades are sewn in the front part instead of in the back. A design like this provides both a tailored and structured look to the room area.

Another thing you need to know from this idea is the use of the large-patterned material for the slab shades. It is a unique cotton fabric you can find at Duralee by the name of Sungold by Thomaspaul.

Relaxed Sheer Linen Roman Shade

light brown sheer roman shade in relaxed style
light brown sheer roman shade in relaxed style. image © discutiilaferestra.ro

Next, let’s talk about the example of relaxed roman shades. The one that we choose for you to take a look at is available in this traditional dining room design.

The place looks like it has a more formal tendency. The existence of the roman shades here gives a bit of a more comfortable touch while at the same time becoming a part of the room color scheme.

The fact that the designer chooses a sheer material here is excellent. The reason is that the room is not so spacious, and it looks full already because of the table set, chandelier, and drapes. Choosing a blackout material for the shades will only make the place seems uncomfortably tight.

Relaxed Blackout Roman Shade

relaxed roman shade covering transom windows and French doors
relaxed roman shade covering transom windows and French doors. image © mgitelis.com

The use of blackout relaxed roman shades for the French doors is more suitable for a home office like this one. An accessory like this can provide a good working environment at home.

When the outside is too crowded and noisy or when the light is too glaring, you can close the shade so that you can work more peacefully. On the contrary, when you feel like wanting to work while enjoying the outside view, you can open the door treatments.

7. Closing

Those are the six benefits of roman shades for French doors, as well as some ideas that we can share with you. The thing that we can conclude from everything we told you in this post is that the kind of accessory is a highly considerable choice for the entrance type.

They do provide not only functions but also a stylish look. Besides, the variety of styles and designs are also endless so you can get creative with your choice.

If there are some other benefits of roman shades as a treatment for the French doors that we miss, feel free to share everything here.