a soft yellow craftsman house with white trim, a bit of grey tone, and orange front door

9 Best Yellow Exterior Color Schemes to Increase Curb Appeal

What do you have in mind when you hear about yellow exterior color schemes? The possible thing is that you think about using the bright sunny hue to color the house’s most outer part.

Yellow Exterior Color Schemes

Many people indeed seem to avoid the hue when it comes to decorating home exterior because they worry it will look too bright or too popping. The thing that they, and possibly you, forget is that yellow comes in many shades.

If you are not sure about choosing the bright one for the exterior, it will not be a problem. You can always pick the pale and soft shade as an excellent alternative.

The best thing of all, pale yellow is a shade that helps to increase the house’s curb appeal. At the same time, it still contains the characteristics of the sunny color, including cheerful visuals.

That is why if when choosing an exterior color scheme, you think not only about the look but also on how it will affect the property sale’s attractiveness, pale and soft yellow is an option to pick.

This post will specifically discuss nine yellow exterior color schemes that do not include yellow shades that are too bright to prove you that pale and soft yellow houses can look amazing. Check out all the examples, including the color scheme combinations bellow.

1. Perfect Color Schemes for a House with Green Surroundings: Buttercream Yellow, Charcoal Black, and White

a traditional exterior with buttercream yellow siding, charcoal black roof, and white for the doors, windows, and trim
a traditional exterior with buttercream yellow siding, charcoal black roof, and white for the doors, windows, and trim. image © bhg.com

If your house’s location comes with green surroundings, the combination of buttercream yellow, charcoal black, and white color scheme is the one to pick. This combination is the one that will create a soothing visual without being dramatic.

So, of course, the street view of the house will be pleasing to see. It will give a relaxing effect that is not easy to obtain when the shade chosen is bright yellow.

If you are interested in using the color scheme in your home exterior, three is a suggestion that we want to give. It is to pick a white shade that is not too bright, such as off-white or antique white.

We suggest you do so because this kind of white color will not affect the house’s soothing appearance. It is fine to choose the brighter white shade, but you need to realize that the relaxing view will be reduced if you do so.

Please take a look at the picture as an example of this color scheme. The house’s most dominant color is buttercream yellow that comes from Sherwin Williams SW 6700 Daybreak paint.

For the detailing, there is an off-white hue added to the design. This is the color used for the trim, doors, windows, posts, and some rail at the top of the house.

For completion, there are black charcoal roof shingles. The tone is not as bold as any other shades of black. The plus point is that it also has a soothing impression on it.

2. Blonde Yellow, White, and Dark Green for a Balanced and Refreshing Look

craftsman exterior with pale yellow siding, white trim, and dark green doors and windows
craftsman exterior with pale yellow siding, white trim, and dark green doors and windows. image © winndesign.com

The next color scheme includes blonde yellow, white, and dark green shades. The yellow hue used here still has a soothing impression while at the same time also offers a slight of the cheerful atmosphere.

The basic idea that you must know first is that yellow and green always look good together. However, different shades chosen may result in another visual too.

For example, when you pair blonde yellow and a dark green shade, you will get a balanced look. The explanation is like this. Here, the dark green tones down the brightness of the blonde yellow shade.

While obtaining a balanced visual, there is another thing that you will also get from the color scheme combination. It is none other but a refreshing and relaxing look from the dark green hue.

Another thing you need to know is the white tone you can include in the design. For this one, we suggest you more to choose pure white shades instead of off-white or other choices with a warm impression in it.

The reason why we said so is that blonde yellow is more on the warm side too. Pairing it with off-white can make the house looks too warm. On the other hand, if you choose brighter white instead, it can be good for supporting the refreshing impression shown in the color scheme.

3. Create a Whimsical Charm with Banana Yellow, Red, and White

stunning red door in a pale yellow house with white trim design
stunning red door in a pale yellow house with white trim design. image © anchorbuildersmn.com

If you are a fan of whimsical exterior design, you need to be grateful because yellow is a hue that you can count on to create one. The color scheme combination that we want to share here is an excellent example. It includes banana yellow, red, and white.

We suggest using the red hue on the house’s front door as done in the picture for an even stronger whimsical feel. This way, it will look like the red entrance will take you to an amazing wonderland-like place. That is the main point of the whimsical idea.

A rend front entry is also a good thing. Besides the fact that it looks welcoming, it is also believed to attract good lucks to come.

Now let us talk about something else. It is none other but the banana yellow tone, which also belongs to pale yellow shades.

This shade does not look too bright. Instead, it has a soothing impression on it. Something like this is good to pair with off-white or any other white shade with a very slight yellow or brown undertone in it.

4. Soft Yellow, White, Grey, and Orange Color Scheme for a Fun and Cozy Look

a soft yellow craftsman house with white trim, a bit of grey tone, and orange front door
a soft yellow craftsman house with white trim, a bit of grey tone, and orange front door. image © potterconstruction.com

For a fun look, you can pair soft yellow with white, grey, and orange tone. While it is quite easy to pair yellow with grey and white, we want you to focus more on the orange color in this hue combination.

Orange is a color that you can pair effortlessly with yellow. Moreover, both of them belong to the warm shades category, so it gets even easier.

The look resulted from the pairing between yellow and orange is not only fun but also cozy. This visual will get even better when you can pick something that is not too bright.

Take a look at the picture if you need an example. The yellow shade used here is a soft shade called daffodil. It looks good together with the orange front door colored with Benjamin Moore Flamingo Orange 075 paint.

The bright white color added to the design gives not only crisp but also a refreshing touch to the exterior design. White above, there is a touch of grey that seems to match the cozy visual excellently.

5. Cozy Alternative with Pale Yellow, Pink Brick, White, and Grey Color Scheme

cottage exterior with yellow and grey siding, white trim, grey windows, beige door, and pink-brick detail
cottage exterior with yellow and grey siding, white trim, grey windows, beige door, and pink-brick detail. image © oldtowndesigngroup.com

The next color scheme combination we want to share with you is similar to the previous one. However, we do not use any orange hue here. Instead, there is the natural pink tone of brick.

As you may already know, brick naturally comes in some different colors. Pink is one of them, and it looks like the one you see in the picture.

The hue in the yellow color scheme can enhance the cozy and welcoming visual in the exterior design. As a bonus, the brick material can give an extra unique texture too.

From the picture, you can see not only another example of pale yellow shade you can use in the color scheme, which is Sherwin Williams SW 0078 Sunbeam Yellow. There is something else you can find here too.

It is the use of a grey tone in some other parts of the exterior other than the roof or some part of the siding. As you can see, the greys are used on the door and windows in this design.

It gets more interesting because the type of grey shade used for the door is rather different in this craftsman cottage exterior. It is greige, instead of the pure grey.

6. Exterior Color Scheme with a Touch of Boldness: Pale Yellow, Grey, White, and Black

exterior color scheme with pale yellow, white, grey, and black colors
exterior color scheme with pale yellow, white, grey, and black colors. image © cummingsarchitects.com

You can also add boldness to the yellow color scheme if you want to. The way is none other but by adding a bold hue that looks compatible with grey. The one that we talk about here is black.

The pairing between yellow and black always create a stunning look. The best thing is that black looks good to pair with any color. That is why you can include other shades in the color scheme effortlessly if you want to.

For example, the traditional exterior design that you can see in the picture has some colors included in the scheme. The most dominant one is none other but the pale yellow shade from Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow HC-4.

Other than that, there is also the grey tone of the roof shingles. It excellently matches the pale yellow hue of the house’s body.

Besides the two most dominant colors, there is also a white hue that accentuates the home design. And the main star is the black color from the shutters.

The contrast between it and the yellow house and the white accent connected directly to it is amazing. It proves that the type of color scheme we are talking about in this post is not always about pale and soothing impression.

7. Yellow, White, and Stained Wood: Unusual Combination for an Exterior Color Scheme

a beach-style exterior with yellow, white, and stained wood tones
a beach-style exterior with yellow, white, and stained wood tones. image © klaybor.com

The pairing between yellow color and stained wood is something that is not used quite a lot. Although so, it does not mean that the combo does not look good at all. The fact is that it creates an unusually unique.

People worry about pairing yellow and stained wood in an exterior color scheme because the colors will not look good for one another. It could be confusing when you plan for a wall remodeling but do not want to change the current stained wood details, such as the trim, door, and windows.

If you are in such a situation, there is something you can do. It is by making sure that the stained wood has the brownie or even yellowy impression in it to match the yellow hue of the walls. Something orangish can also work in this case.

In the beach style exterior above, the Sherwin Williams SW 6688 Solaria wall color is paired with stained wood doors and windows. Another hue connected directly to it is the white.

This color scheme looks fine, although some contrast feeling resulted from the existence of stained wood material in the yellow wall design. There is a brownie impression on the doors and windows that make them still look compatible with the color scheme.

8. Soft Yellow, White, and Sage Green for a Welcoming and Lively Look

soft yellow, white, and sage green tropical exterior design
soft yellow, white, and sage green tropical exterior design. image © tweakyourspace.com

Yellow and green always look good together, and they are effortless to pair with one another. However, there is a specific combination that you must know to create a great color scheme that can help in increasing the house’s curb appeal.

The combination that we meant earlier is none other but between yellow and sage green and white. There is something welcoming that can be seen from this color combo. Besides, it brings some lively feel too. Everything works even better when the yellow hue used looks soft.

If asked about how to apply the scheme’s colors, there are so many variations to try. The sure thing is that yellow will be the wall tone, and white will be the trim, windows, and doors.

As for the sage green tone, you can use it in many parts of the home exterior. In the picture above, this hue is found on the windows and doors.

9. A Charming Look with Yellow, Blue, and White Color Scheme

charming exterior with pale yellow, white, and sea glass blue color scheme
charming exterior with pale yellow, white, and sea glass blue color scheme. image © kristindrohancollection.com

If you want the house to look charming outside, you can try pairing yellow with white and blue in the exterior color scheme. FYI, blue is also the complementary hue of yellow. That is the most basic reason why both of them look good together.

Besides the charm, there is also something refreshing about this combination. It is applicable in many home styles, but it works the best when used to create a beach-style exterior.

Please look at how the combination between the pale yellow siding, white trim, and sea glass blue door looks charming in the beach-style house in the picture above. The combination is quite simple, actually, but it can make the exterior look appealing.

The thing that you must remember about this is that any shades of yellow and blue can work for the combination. You only need to know which ones to pick since the main purpose is making the curb appeal of the house fascinating.

10. Closing

Those are the nine yellow exterior color schemes that you can use for inspiration to increase your house’s curb appeal. All of them prove that the existence of other colors in the design with yellow as the main hue can make a difference.

From all the color combinations we talked about earlier, do you notice a similarity in each idea? Yes, it is the use of white color, which is mostly work on the exterior trim.

The use of a white tone like this is not merely about its compatibility with white. It is also about the white hue’s function that can create a sense of shape to the yellow color. It can avoid the tricky seamless visual that can reduce the house’s curb appeal.

So, what is your opinion about the color schemes that we shared above?