the backyard area view showing the white-painted brick walls appearance

9 Inspiring Painted Brick Ranch Homes That You’ll Love

Original ranch homes from the past still exist nowadays. The fact that they tend to look traditional and even outdated. It often makes people who buy such properties to think about a remodeling project. Some of them even did some big renovation to update the look.

Painted Brick Ranch Homes

This post will talk specifically about painted brick ranch homes as a renewed form of the old original houses. This topic is suitable to know if, by any chance, you just buy a ranch-style property and want it to look better so that you can live in it happily with your loved ones.

The fact that the house has brick as the main exterior material is a thing to be grateful for when it comes to remodeling or renovating projects like this. You can update the look quite easily and affordably by painting the brick only.

You do not need to cover the exterior walls with siding or other materials, which indeed needs more effort and money. All you need is a new paint color and the knowledge about how to paint brick properly to get the tone you want for the ranch home.

Let’s not waste any more time. Please check out the nine inspiring painted brick ranch homes that we found, especially for you. Each of them will give you a different idea to get inspired from.

1. Painting the Brick Walls to Beautify Ranch House Exterior without Losing Its Textured Look

a traditional ranch style house with daisy-white painted brick exterior walls
a traditional ranch-style house with daisy-white painted brick exterior walls. image ©

Painting your ranch home’s brick exterior walls is the best way to get a new look without losing the unique texture that becomes the best thing about the material.

Something like this is unobtainable when the option that you pick is siding, plaster, and some other options instead of the new paint.

That is why we want to say that repainting the brick is the best to pick if you are a fan of the textured brick appearance. As an example, you can take a look at the picture of a ranch house above.

The design of this house looks quite simple from outside. However, the daisy-white paint applied on the brick successfully makes a more elegant view in the exterior design. It certainly looks better than the original mixed-yellow brick tone of the house that seems so old and boring before the property getting remodeled.

a closer look to the daisy-white brick walls
a closer look to the daisy-white brick walls. image ©

Here is a closer look at the new painted-brick walls. As you can see, the textures are still clearly seen there, and it is just gorgeous.

The thing that we love from this paint color is the very subtle grey undertone it has. It looks compatible with the light grey tone of the roof shingles.

We also love the grey decorative board and batten shutters, as well as the natural stone walkway. Again, the colors are also suitable to pair with the new paint of the brick walls and the roof of the house.

When you are thinking about repainting the brick ranch house exterior, you can also think about other elements like these. Doing so will help perfect the final result.

2. Trim, Windows, and Doors, as Important Elements to Pair with the Repainted Brick Ranch Home

a new greige paint for the brick walls of a traditional ranch house
a new greige paint for the brick walls of a traditional ranch house. image ©

When you want to repaint your ranch home’s brick exterior, you can think about adding new colors for other elements connected directly to the walls for the most excellent result. Of course, in this case, the colors must look compatible with the new brick tone that you pick.

There are at least three elements that we are talking about here. Those include trim, doors, and windows.

To make the explanation easier, you can take a look at the picture above. This transitional ranch house is remodeled, and it got the greige paint to color the brick walls. FYI, the paint used here is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.

the close-up of the greige brick walls
the close-up of the greige brick walls. image ©

You can see that at least two other colors are companying the greige brick tone from this closer look. The first color is white for the trim and windows.

The second is the grey color of the French doors as well as window shutters. The paint used here is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain 2134-30.

All these secondary colors look good together with greige brick paint. Particularly for the doors and shutters, we love how the color also has a warm undertone that can match the exterior wall tone very well.

3. Classic and Elegant Brick Ranch House with Clean White Paint

classic and elegant white brick ranch house exterior
classic and elegant white brick ranch house exterior. image ©

Clean white is another paint color that is suitable for coloring the brick walls of your ranch-house. If being asked about the visual that you will get, it tends to be classic and elegant while at the same time being timeless also.

This color is always an easy choice for any exterior style. Certainly, we cannot separate it with the fact that you can pair it effortlessly with any other exterior elements.

In the picture above, the most visible examples shown are the brown doors and window shutters. Other than those, there is also the grey roof shingles.

the backyard area view showing the white-painted brick walls appearance
the backyard area view showing the white-painted brick walls appearance. image ©

If you think that a white brick ranch house will look boring, you are wrong. This picture shows you something on the contrary.

It is the back view of the ranch house shown in the previous picture. From it, you can see that the exterior wall material is bricks painted in a clean-white tone.

We want you to see more from this design: the yellow lighting paired with the clean white brick if the house. It somehow makes the exterior look even more gorgeous and cozy at the same time. It even looks compatible with the yellow light in the home interior and the bulb string on decorating the alternative dining area under the decorative pergola.

This house is originally from the 1960s. Although so, the new clean white paint for the bricks and the lighting chosen makes it very suitable as modern living.

4. Painted Brick and Siding Combination in Ranch Home Exterior

an L-shaped ranch home exterior with cream-painted brick and grey siding combo
an L-shaped ranch home exterior with cream-painted brick and grey siding combo. image ©

If you have a brick ranch-style house and think about a repainting project to update the look, you can include some other variation to make the house look even better. An example that we want to show you here is the addition of siding for the exterior wall

Please take a look at the L-shaped ranch home in the picture. The main wall material in this building is brick painted in a cream-white tone.

On the upper part, which seems to have an attic area in the interior, grey vertical siding material is used. While its tone looks compatible with the brick’s cream-white tone, it generally adds uniqueness and extra texture to the entire exterior design.

The thing to remember when choosing this design is that you must make sure that the brick color and the siding tone look good together to create a fantastic exterior color scheme. Here, we suggest you choose the brick tone first since it is the remodeling project’s main concern. After that, you can continue selecting the tone for the siding.

5. Modernized Painted Ranch Home

white-painted brick paired with black and copper color in a ranch-style exterior color scheme
white-painted brick paired with black and copper color in a ranch-style exterior color scheme. image ©

One of the most popular purposes, why people choose to repaint their brick ranch houses, is for creating more modern looks. In other words, the places get modernizing projects.

If you are interested in doing the same thing, you must know that there are some design options that you can choose from. The first is related to the choice of the paint color you will apply on the brick walls.

There are so many options of modern tones available right now. If you do not know what to pick, you can choose white, as shown in the picture. This white paint is successful in renewing the naturally worn-out look of this ranch house’s brick walls, making the property look brand new.

White is a color that is always suitable for the modern exterior. However, to make the style even more visible, you can include some other design elements to match the painted-brick walls.

Still, from the same picture, we want you to see the black-framed glass windows and doors. These elements look highly compatible with the white brick walls and the new modern style applied to the property generally. They even add boldness and clean lines to the design too.

Other things we love from the same exterior design is the copper accents from the gutters. They make the modernized ranch house looks even more beautiful.

6. Bold Paint Color to Update Your Ranch Brick House

a modern ranch house with greenish-blue brick walls
a modern ranch house with greenish-blue brick walls. image ©

Choosing a bold paint when you want to update the ranch brick house’s appearance is also an excellent idea to do. It is a perfect way to refresh the home exterior with only a very simple way.

One thing you must know is that it tends to result in one thing. It is none other but a more modern appearance of the house. Based on it, this idea is not quite good to choose if you want to preserve the original traditional look of the residential building.

The options of the paint color that you can choose for this design are quite a lot. As an example, you can take a look at the picture of a modern ranch house above.

The brick wall of this residence is greenish-blue. It comes from Sherwin Williams SW 6229 Tempe Star paint.

The darkness shown by this tone is excellent for building a bold appearance. The best thing is that at the same time, it still gives the cozy, refreshing feel to whoever sees it.

7. Elegant Look with Grey Paint for the Brick Ranch House Walls

light grey brick ranch house exterior paired with grey shutters and white trim
light grey brick ranch house exterior paired with grey shutters and white trim. image ©

Besides using white paint, you can also make the ranch brick house look elegant and beautiful by using grey paint. Although so, the look is obtainable only under certain circumstances.

The first is about the grey tone used to paint the brick. For a more elegant and beautiful look, light grey is more recommended than the dark one.

You can pair the light grey paint of the wall with white color for the trim, doors, and windows for perfection. An example of this design is shown in the picture.

You can see the use of other color from the same pic, which is a darker shade of grey as you can see on the tall shutters. Since the exterior design has more portion of light and bright tones, the darker grey tone does not reduce the beauty and elegant look.

To perfect everything, the roof color is chosen rightly here. As you can see, the light grey shingles look good together with the brick walls’ grey tone. Besides, it adds more portion of light colors for building elegance here.

8. Brick Ranch House with Darker Grey Tone for a Trendy Look

grey painted ranch house exterior with white windows and doors
grey-painted ranch house exterior with white windows and doors. image © Bonsai Architectural Designs LLC

If you want to erase the old impression of the brick ranch house while at the same time making the building look trendy and suitable for nowadays look, darker grey paint is the one you must choose for the walls. Everything will look even trendier when you select a white color for other connected elements like doors, windows, and trim.

You can take a look at the picture of an updated traditional ranch house above. The exterior design looks trendy with the new pairing between darker grey and white tones from the doors, windows, and trim, right?

You can even make a design like this more interesting by choosing a popping color for the house’s front door. You can pick something compatible with the grey tone, such as bright yellow.

Of course, it is also possible for you to pick another pop color for the front door to match the ranch home’s grey brick walls in a trendy way. Some of the recommended choices are aqua, turquoise, mint-green, cherry-red, and coral-pink.

9. Brick Repainting Project for a Renewed Ranch Home

a red brick exterior of a ranch-style house got repainted for a newer look
a red brick exterior of a ranch-style house got repainted for a newer look. image © cabinet solutions group

The last but not least idea that we want to share with you here is excellent to pick when you do not intend to change the exterior look of the brick ranch home. The idea meant here is to repaint the brick in the exact tone as the original look.

We cannot lie that there is something really beautiful about the original design of brick ranch houses. That is why it is totally fine for you to have a desire to preserve it but, at the same time making everything looks new by repainting the brick walls.

For example, you can repaint the red brick of the house with a red tone to renew it. It is something shown in the picture above.

Here, it looks like the brick is not the only thing repainted. As you can see, the wall’s white grout also looks updated with the new white color.

10. Closing

Painted brick ranch homes are an effortless and effective idea to give a new look to the old-style building. The choices of tones you can pick are endless too.

You can fit the selection by thinking about how you want the new look to be. You can even consider if you wish to modernize the residence or to preserve its beautiful original look. No matter what, the choice is on you.

All the inspiring ideas that we share with you above are only some from so many practical ideas available when the topic is about brick ranch house repainting project. The sure thing is that we tried to provide the most inspiring ideas to make your next project easier to do.

Is there any choice from the options above that you consider suitable to apply to your current brick ranch home?