white shaker cabinets with dark wood accents

21 Most Attractive White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for Your Home Improvement

White shaker kitchen cabinets have become a favorite among homeowners since long because of the attractive look. For you who are not familiar with this cabinet type, you will know it by paying attention to some characteristics. Those are:

  1. recessed panel doors
  2. simple basic hardware
  3. light-colored finishes, especially white

From all of the most significant features, the special-looking doors are the most well-known when it comes to shaker cabinets.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you are interested in installing white shaker cabinets in your new kitchen or when you want to give an improvement to your old kitchen furniture, here are the 21 most attractive ideas that will improve the look of the furniture as well as making the cooking area looks fantastic.

1. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Knobs and Bar Pulls Combination

white shaker cabinets with knobs and bar pulls combo
white shaker cabinets with knobs and bar pulls combo. image © studio212interiors.com

White shaker cabinets are well-known for its simplistic yet attractive design. This reason made quite a lot of kitchen cabinets made in this style only had a type of handle for the doors, whether it is a knob or pull.

As time goes by the design seems to get improvement, so people no longer use only a handle type but also make a combo. The example here is the combination of knobs and bar pulls. Usually, people use the knobs for the cabinets’ doors, and the bar pulls for the drawers.

The combination of the two different types of the handle isn’t meant only to make the cabinets look more attractive than before. For you to know, this is also about the convenience of opening each of the door and drawer of the cabinets.

You can check out some inspiration about the combination in the picture above. Here, the shaker cabinets have Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 color. It looks good when you pair it with the Benjamin Moore Stingray 1529 wall tone.

2. White Shaker Cabinets with Simple Round Knobs

white shaker kitchen cabinets with simple round knobs
white shaker kitchen cabinets with simple round knobs. image © epicdevelopment.com

Although it is true that the knobs and bar pull combination for the white shaker cabinets’ doors explained previously is both attractive and convenient, the design is still something relative. It means it isn’t always suitable for everybody.

Some people find out that the use of simple round knobs only for the cabinets’ doors and drawers is more interesting than the use of any other handle types. Besides, this design also matches the simplistic characteristic of shaker cabinets.

See how refreshing it is to decorate your shaker cabinets with simple hardware like the round knobs in the picture above. Here, all the furniture’s doors have knobs while the drawers use simple pulls.

From the picture, you can also get color inspiration for your shaker cabinets at home. The color of the cabinets here is Sherwin Williams Eider White SW 7014.

This warm white cabinet color has Sherwin Williams Popular Gray SW 6071, and Sherwin Williams Heron Plume SW 6070 for the pairing applied on wall and trim. Both of these paints have warm undertones, and this is the reason why they are natural pairs for the cabinets’ color.

3. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets and Charcoal Island

white shaker cabinets paired with charcoal island
white shaker cabinets paired with charcoal island. image © kitchensbyeileen.com

With white-colored shaker cabinets, you can build a contrast look in your kitchen area. Of course, here you need to match the cabinets with other items that have contrast color. For an intense contrasting look, you can choose focal kitchen furniture like an island with a bold color like charcoal grey as the pairing for the cabinets.

When you only use white and charcoal grey tones, as exemplified in the picture above, in the kitchen area, the design is also suitable to call as two-tone. Such style is not merely about originality. It is also about a contemporary feel you can produce in there. Besides, since one color is darker than the other, elegance is also the result.

If you want to pair your shaker cabinets with an island with a contrast tone like charcoal or others, it would be best if the cabinets in the island also have a shaker style. The primary purpose of this is to create compatibility between the white cabinets and the island.

4. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets and Stainless-steel Appliances and Range Hood

white shaker cabinets paired with stainless-steel appliances and range hood
white shaker cabinets paired with stainless-steel appliances and range hood. image © erininteriors.com

Another idea to boost the attractiveness of the white shaker cabinets you own is by matching them with stainless-steel appliances and range hood. The natural color of this type of devices is not light.

However, it is simple-looking. Besides, they also provide a clean and hygienic look that is matching with the white color of the cabinets.

Right now, you can find a lot of stainless-steel appliances to place on your white shaker cabinets or to install inside or in between the furniture pieces. Some of the examples exist in the picture above.

Here, there are at least three stainless-steel appliances. Those are a stove with stainless-steel range hood installed above it, a fridge for canned beverages, and a dishwasher near the sink.

When we talk about the sink, you can see that it also has stainless-steel material, so it matches the appliances so well.

From the same picture, you can even get color inspirations for your shaker cabinets and the island paired with it. The color of the cabinets here is Benjamin Moore Oxford White CC-30, and the island is Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166.

5. White Shaker Cabinets and Metallic White Backsplash

white shaker kitchen cabinets paired with metallic silver white backsplash
white shaker kitchen cabinets paired with metallic silver white backsplash. image © signaturedesignsny.com

The next attractive idea to apply in your kitchen with white cabinets in shaker style is matching the furniture with white backsplash. The type recommended here is not a regular backsplash with white tone but the one that also has a metallic accent.

Visually, this type of backsplash looks clean. Therefore, it matches the fresh look of the cabinets excellently.

The metallic accent of the cabinets adds a luxury touch to the cooking area. Besides, the accentuating detail is also highly compatible with stainless-steel appliances, if these are the type of kitchen devices you use.

As shown in the picture, when you pair your white shaker cabinets with white/silver metallic backsplash, it would be great if you also match the floor cabinets with white granite countertops with grey veins as you can see in the picture above.

These tops are the best type not only because of the white tone but also because of the grey veins that match the metallic appearance of the backsplash.

6. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets and Blue Island

white shaker cabinets paired with a blue island
white shaker cabinets paired with a blue island. image © laurenshadidarch.com

Pairing white shaker cabinets with colored-island is an idea that will never get dull. If previously there is charcoal grey as the color for the island, this time it is blue.

Since the cabinets are neutral, it will never be a problem pairing them with any blue shade for the island. However, if you have a concern about the color scheme of the kitchen area, you should also consider giving blue tones in other details in the room.

Please take a look at the example above. Here, white is the first dominant color found in the cabinets, ceiling, and trim. The second dominant color is blue as seen in the island, Benjamin Moore Picture Perfect 743 wall paint, and decorations.

The combination of the white colors and soft blue tones creates light and refreshing look in the cooking area. Something like this is excellent for a beach-style kitchen interior design.

7. White Shaker Cabinets with Corner Cabinet Drawers

white shaker kitchen cabinets with corner cabinet drawers
white shaker kitchen cabinets with corner cabinet drawers. image © glenvalekitchens.com

It is no longer a secret that corner cabinet has a space that is quite hard to access. When you store items in this cabinet, it will not be easy to take them out when you need it. A problem like this is something that often makes people give up on using the corner cabinets.

If you face the same problem with your white shaker cabinets, there is a simple trick you can do to use space or a corner cabinet more efficiently. The method is to remodel the corner cabinets and install corner drawers just like the one you see in the picture above.

The design of the corner drawers is different from the shape of regular drawers. The front part looks like an inside-out arrow.

Right now, you can find some stores selling this type of drawer for the shaker cabinets so the remodeling project will be simpler for you to do. However, if you have a particular design of corner cabinet, it seems there is no other choice to pick but to custom order the drawers you need. This way, you can get drawers with a more precise size to pair with your corner cabinet.

8. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets for Coffee Bar

white shaker cabinets for a coffee bar
white shaker cabinets for a coffee bar. image © lisarobazzadesign.ca

The way to make your corner cabinets attractive is not always about pairing the furniture with other items. You can also make the cabinets interesting by using them for a unique purpose, such as a coffee bar.

A coffee bar like this is not only suitable to build in the kitchen area. If you want to, you can also create it in a small space in your house, such as the space under the stair.

When using white shaker cabinets for a coffee bar, of course, you need to pair the furniture with other items. An excellent example is coffee maker since this is an essential appliance for the bar. Other than that, you can also install a small wet bar sink like the one you see in the picture.

Using some glass doors on the wall cabinets is also an excellent idea here. The reason is that the doors will make the furniture a perfect place for storing cups and mugs while at the same time making the look inside the furniture an additional decorative value to the interior.

For convenience in making coffee in the bar, you can install lighting under the upper cabinets. Doing so can also create a dramatic look in the room where you locate the shaker cabinet bar.

9. White Shaker Cabinets with Golden Pulls

white shaker kitchen cabinets with golden pulls
white shaker kitchen cabinets with golden pulls. image © mhouseinc.com

Do you want to add a luxury and classy touch to your shaker cabinets white at the same time not wanting them to lose the neutral look? In this case, golden pulls are the recommended hardware you need to pair with the furniture.

Golden pulls have a simple design, but the color is the one that makes this hardware special. If you want, you can also place other golden hardware in the kitchen to match the pulls. The example you can find in the picture above is golden faucet for the kitchen sink.

Choosing golden pulls for your white shaker cabinets is also a good thing in the way that gold metal color looks well together with wooden accents, especially the dark ones. This fact gives you an option to add items made from wood to make the kitchen looks more attractive than before. Some of the examples are stools and cutting boards.

10. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Wood Accents

white shaker cabinets with dark wood accents
white shaker cabinets with dark wood accents. image © ur-build.com

Talking about dark wood accents, you need to know that you shouldn’t always have golden details to pair with the white cabinets if you want to add accentuating wood items in your kitchen. You can add the accents if you’re going to do so.

Remember, both of the white cabinets and dark wood material have a neutral look. It means it won’t be hard for you to place them together in an interior space.

No matter whether the white tone of the cabinets is warm or neutral, pairing this color with a wooden accent can result in a warm and cozy atmosphere. In other words, the idea is a good one to try to create a more comfortable cooking area.

If being asked about what type of dark wood accents you can pair with the white shaker cabinets, there are a lot of options available. However, choosing the one you can place on or connect directly to the cabinets would be excellent.

Take a look at the picture above since there are some examples you can find in it. The first one is the wood strip as an accent on the range hood above the stove. The other one is the thick wooden tray on the cabinets used to place spices and oils.

11. White Shaker Cabinets and White Stone Backsplash

white shaker kitchen cabinets paired with veined white quartz backsplash
white shaker kitchen cabinets paired with veined white quartz backsplash. image © quartexsurfaces.houzz.com

When it comes to a white natural stone slab for your shaker cabinets, it is not only functional as countertops. You can use the same material for the backsplash you can pair with the furniture too.

The result is just as fabulous as when you use the stone material for the white shaker cabinets’ countertops. Besides the color compatibility, the white stone also offers a bright and clean look as well as elegance.

When you use this type of backsplash, there is an option for you to decorate your shaker cabinets with the same material just like the inspiration you can see in the picture. This idea will create white color domination in your kitchen area.

If by any chance you are curious about the kind of stone slab used in the picture, it is quartz. Specifically, it is 4200 Chic Statuario by Quartex Surfaces.

If the ceiling and floor are also white, you will have an all-white kitchen design. However, when you think that all-white doesn’t meet your style, you can always add color to the cooking area, such as by adding a grey island as shown in the picture.

12. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

white shaker cabinets with glass doors
white shaker cabinets with glass doors. image © ekdkitchens.com

It is true that white shaker cabinet is famous for the recessed panel doors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t modify the door to get a new look.

You can replace the solid recessed part of the doors with glass material if you want to. This design idea is suitable to apply to your wall cabinets. The reason is that these are the cabinets that you can see easily from every location in the kitchen.

With the design, surely you can enhance the aesthetic value of the cabinets. Besides, you can also make the kitchen design looks more attractive generally than it was.

The look can get more interesting when you decide to place some functional yet decorative items and then arrange them neatly in the cabinets. Some item examples you can consider is plates and cups with beautiful patterns and/or colors.

13. White Shaker Cabinets and Black Island

white shaker kitchen cabinets paired with black kitchen island
white shaker kitchen cabinets paired with black kitchen island. image © usiremodeling.com

Another thing you can match with your white shaker cabinets is a black island. This design idea will also create a contrast visual in your kitchen area.

With the combination of the white cabinets and the black island, you will get something timeless. This choice is suitable for you who don’t like to do kitchen remodeling and redecorating over and over again.

It is even possible for you to use the design forever without any changing. Black and white are always suitable for any time.

When you create a contrast look by combining white shaker cabinets and black island, adding one or two big items with the same tone would be great too. However, this won’t make white as the most dominant color in the space anymore since the scheme tends to be balanced this way.

In the picture above, for example, two other significant items have black tone. Those are cupboard and hood range.

It is true that it is not easy to find items with the same color with the island. If you find it difficult, you can always choose any items with the models you love the most, and then painting them with the same finish with the one you apply on the island.

14. White and Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

white and black shaker cabinets
white and black shaker cabinets. image © maletzdesign.com

This next idea is still about black and white combination. Here, it is not a black island chosen for the pairing of the cabinets. It is the cabinets that have not only a white color but also black tone.

This idea is perfect to choose if you don’t want your kitchen area to look too bright. Other than that, it is also a suitable idea to pick when you love the classic combination of black and white.

You can create a better look with this idea if you choose the black tone for the floor shaker cabinets instead of the ones you install on the wall. Besides the fact that this will make the cooking area looks spacious and not dull, this coloring idea gives you a chance to color the island with the same black tone for design consistency.

You can use this idea in any indoor kitchen no matter whether the interior is big or small. The color placement makes the design suitable even for a tiny cooking space.

If you need some paint color inspirations, check out the picture above. Here, the upper cabinets have a standard white color just like the one you usually find at stores. On the other hand, the floor cabinets, as well as the kitchen island, have Benjamin Moore Black Panther 2125-10.

15. White Shaker Cabinets with Under-cabinet Lighting

wall white shaker cabinets with lights under it
wall white shaker cabinets with lights under it. image © chrisharperconstruction.com

Next, we have the idea to install under-cabinet lighting for the white shaker cabinets to add some glows in your kitchen area. With this type of lighting, it will also be easier to do some cooking activity on the kitchen furniture, especially when the light is a bit lacking.

It is true that when you want to add the lighting type in the upper cabinets design, the best time to do it is when you install or remodel the cabinets. This timing is related to the fact that you need to install some wiring to make the lights work.

Good news that you have to know is that right now you shouldn’t always have to wait until your next cabinet remodeling project to get the under-cabinet lighting. The reason is that there are quite a lot of tutorials you can get so you can install the lighting and wiring even without tearing up your kitchen wall. All you need to do is to find the right tutorial for it.

Once you get the lighting for the lower part of your wall shaker cabinets, you will see how high the effect it creates. You will also notice that your kitchen interior will get a dramatic ambiance that makes it a cozier and more attractive place for cooking and hanging out.

16. Warm White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

warm white shaker cabinets
warm white shaker cabinets. image © venegasandcompany.com

When talking about white shaker cabinets, of course, it is not only a pure white tone that is suitable for the furniture pieces. Warm white is another excellent choice available for you to pick.

With the warm tone of the cabinets, the kitchen interior will feel homey. Something like this can give a boost whenever you are in the cooking area.

From so many warm white tones available, antique white seems to be a good choice you can pick. This color doesn’t only add warmth to the kitchen area but also beauty. You can take a look at the picture above as an example.

Just like what’s shown in the picture, when you choose a warm white tone for the shaker cabinets, it would be excellent to pair the furniture with other warm-colored items. The examples you can find here are cream subway tile backsplash, yellowish built-in lighting, and brown wooden island.

17. White Shaker Cabinets with Integrated Features

white shaker kitchen cabinets with integrated trash bins and cutting board
white shaker kitchen cabinets with integrated trash bins and cutting board. image © amazingspacesllc.com

Another way to make your white shaker cabinets attractive is by adding more integrated features in it. This idea also means adding more functions to the kitchen furniture.

There are quite a lot of custom features you can add in the shaker cabinets’ design. As an example, you can see the ones in the picture above.

It has integrated trash bins and a cutting board above the trash containers. The board even has a round hole so you can directly throw away unneeded kinds of stuff to the trash bins through it.

Of course, cutting board and trash bins are not the only type of features you can add to your shaker cabinets. You can add custom organizer inside a cabinet drawer so you can use it to store utensils separately.

You can also create organizers for the cabinets’ doors so you can save bottled items like herbs and spices on them neatly.

The function of adding some integrated features in the cabinets is not merely about making the kitchenware, utensils, and other neater. It is also about a more effective way to use space inside the kitchen.

18. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets and Peninsula

white shaker cabinets paired with kitchen peninsula for a small open kitchen
white shaker cabinets paired with kitchen peninsula for a small open kitchen. image © weilfriedmanarchitects.com

White shaker cabinets also look impressive when there is a peninsula added to the design. As you may already know, kitchen peninsula is a suitable to build when the place is not spacious, and it is quite impossible to add an island in the cooking area.

The compact design of the whole cabinets and peninsula makes the model suitable for small houses. Besides, it is also an excellent choice for a property with space limitation, such as regular or studio apartment.

When creating a peninsula to pair with shaker cabinets, you must think about design consistency. The meaning is that the lower part of the peninsula must also be shaker cabinets with recessed doors.

19. White Shaker Cabinets with Solid White Countertops and Sink

white shaker kitchen cabinets with solid white sink and wooden countertops
white shaker kitchen cabinets with solid white sink and wooden countertops. image © baldingbrothers.com

The next inspiration to think about is the use of solid white kitchen sink as a match for the white cabinets in shaker style. This idea is simple, and many people think about it. However, you need to know that it brings benefits.

About the white cabinets, the most significant benefit obtainable from the sink is that it has a white hue and it matches the cabinets tone excellently. Even when the cabinets and sink have different shades of white, they are still matching to one another.

The next benefit is related more to the base material of the sink. A white sink like this often has strong base material, such as ceramic. Besides the strength, the material also makes the sink easy to clean and to maintain.

The last but not least benefit is about the style of the white sinks. There are so many choices you can find right now, so there is a higher chance also to beautify your white shaker cabinets.

The one you see in the pic above is the example. It is a white farmhouse sink that matches both of the shaker cabinets and wooden countertops well.

20. White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Roller Doors

white shaker cabinets with roller doors
white shaker cabinets with roller doors. image © kitchensbypetergill.com.au

Some white shaker cabinets even have an unusual and unique design. One of the examples is the one that uses roller doors as a design variation instead of using recessed panels for all the entries of the furniture pieces.

With the doors, as well as some other stuff, you can create extra storages in the space between the floor cabinets and the wall cabinets just like the idea you see in the picture. The storages are suitable to use to put items that you use quite often and quickly, such as the combo of coffee makers and cups or bread toaster, butter, and jams.

If you are interested in this kind of small rolling doors for cabinets, you need to know that these items may not be natural to find but some parties can organize the custom feature for you. If the information is right, Hafele is the one who manages to create the doors in the picture.

21. White Shaker Cabinets with Black Countertops

white shaker kitchen cabinets with black countertops
white shaker kitchen cabinets with black countertops. image © levitch.com

The last but not least attractive idea you can apply in your white shaker cabinets design is to pair the white cabinets with black countertops. This idea doesn’t only add a contrast look in the overall kitchen design. It is something that adds boldness to the neutral and straightforward white cabinets.

Black countertops for white shaker cabinets are available in different choices of primary material right now. It can be natural stone or a manufactured one. In the example above, the black countertops is a manufactured quartz stone provided by Kova Stone in Granite Expo.

See, there are so many ideas you can apply to your white shaker kitchen cabinets to make the furniture pieces look attractive. Other than the 21 ideas shared in this post, there are still many others you can find. Which one gains your interest the most?