the laundry closet behind the roll up corrugated metal door is completed with cabinets and stacked washer and dryer

Roll Up Closet Door: An Excellent Option to Deal with Clutter and Space Limitation

Having limited space in the house makes us think smartly about how we can get all the functions we need without making everything look too full and uncomfortable. This is the thing experienced by a friend of ours some time ago.

Roll Up Closet Door: An Excellent Option to Deal with Clutter and Space Limitation

She told us that she was having difficulty finding inspiration about roll up closet door. When we asked why her answer was because she wanted to make a particular area for laundry, and she wanted the specific door type.

We got even more curious why she did not want to pick another option and sent another question to her. She stated some reasons, and the major ones are; space-friendly value, budget, and most importantly, she wanted the look that matches her modern industrial hallway, which is none other than the place where the laundry area will be built.

We then tried to give her a hand in finding some inspiration she needed. Surprisingly, all the things she said were true; there is not much that we could obtain. After spending hours surfing the internet, we found almost nothing.

1. Why Choose Roll-Up Door for Closet?

A roll-up door and a closet seem to be quite unusual combinations in a residential interior. This may become the reason why there were only very few ideas that we could find (we will share them later).

However, our friend’s interest has awakened our curiosity too. We are even considering making a small home office closet in our bedroom with the same door type so that we do not have to look at the clutter when we go to sleep.

The question is, what are actually the reasons to choose a roll-up door for the closet? While people’s opinions might vary, we think that our friend’s experience is enough to give an explanation.

A roll-up door can be an excellent solution when a closet is built in a narrow place, such as in a hallway or a corridor. The opening type will not take any space at all, so the door will not disturb anyone passing through.

If our friend is interested in this closet door type because of the industrial look, you should not think that metal is the only one you can get. The fact is that there are a lot more options available, including the one that looks like wood or even made from the real one.

Another excellent benefit that we think to be considerable is the ease of use. Something like this is perfect for when you need to access the closet area quickly, such as when you want to do the laundry.

Depending on the material and the technology, a roll-up option can be more affordable than some other door types.

2. Roll Up Door for Different Types of Closet

We all know that the most general meaning of a closet is a small room with a door that is commonly used to fulfill the storage needs in a house. Another thing to know is that it is available in some major types, including walk-in, reach-in, linen, hall, entry, and utility.

If you see it in the more specific kinds, there are some other types available. Those include garage, nursery, laundry, home office, crafting, bags, books, shoes, and so on.

The idea of using a roll-up door is suitable to apply in almost all types of the closet. The sure thing is that when you choose it, you can get the benefits of space-saving or concealing to hide clutter behind the door.

An example is the reach-in closet design, which commonly has a smaller size compared to the walk-in one because of space limitations in the house. The use of a rolling door for this kind of closet would be perfect since it also meets the space-friendly value.

What about a walk-in closet? Can we use the same type of rolling door for it?

Of course, we can. However, when we can build a walk-in closet in our house, the possible situation is that the house has plenty of space for everything. In this case, something that can provide not only a function of also a pleasant look is usually more preferable.

3. Laundry Closet with Roll Up Door

A laundry closet is an excellent alternative that we all can consider when there is no room available in the house to be used for a specific function. The best thing about it is that it has a compact value that allows us to get everything we need without taking too much space.

Because of that, it is also possible to place the laundry closet even in a narrow area. Some examples are the hallway, corridor, and corner in the garage or in the bathroom.

If space limitation is the primary concern, a roll-up door would be a considerable option to pick for the laundry closet. The consideration is none other than the benefits that we have already mentioned earlier, especially the one that is related to the space-saving advantage.

Other than that, the door can also hide all the clutters in the laundry closet. It includes when you do not have time to tidy up some dirty clothes or the clean ones that you have washed but have not folded.

A Roll Up Door Conceal a Contemporary Laundry Closet Excellently Behind It

the roll up door perfectly conceal a laundry closet behind it
the roll up door perfectly conceal a laundry closet behind it. image ©

In the category of laundry closet that comes with a roll-up door, here is the first idea that we can find. FYI, it has been relocated to this new hallway near the bedroom.

The type of door that is used here is a motorized roll-up garage door. From the name, it is clear that it offers ease of use.

This kind of door is commonly operated with a remote or a wall button, so less effort is needed to open and close it. If you are curious, the product used here comes from Roll Up Door by Smart Garage.

About the appearance, when the door is closed, you can see a noticeable chic and industrial feel here. That is also why we think it can be the answer to our friend’s curiosity.

The roll-up door here conceals everything inside the laundry closet perfectly. Although it is located near the bedroom, there is no need to worry that seeing the clutter inside will unconsciously create a haunting dream about finishing the laundry the next day every time you want to go to sleep after a tiring day.

the laundry closet behind the roll up corrugated metal door is completed with cabinets and stacked washer and dryer
the laundry closet behind the roll up corrugated metal door is completed with cabinets and stacked washer and dryer. image ©

Here is the look inside the laundry closet when the roll up door is opened. As you can see, it comes with custom shelves and cabinetry that fit in the interior space perfectly.

All the storage space inside the closet is enough to place laundry supplies. The basket placed on the lowest shelf is perfect for taking out clean clothes from the drying machine.

There is even a hanging rod available in the center. It is perfect for hanging some clothes to dry, just in case some fabric types are not suitable to place in the dryer.

We love the choice of a stackable washing machine and dryer here. The reason is they have a significant space-saving value, so that they are more considerable when there is not much space available.

A Laundry Closet with Complete Cabinetry and a Roller Shutter

the laundry closet interior with black and white cabinetry theme shown when the rolling door is open
the laundry closet interior with black and white cabinetry theme shown when the rolling door is open. image ©

Here is the second laundry closet example that we found. The rolling door used here is the product of D.I.Y Ezy-Fit Roller Shutters.

Although there is no information shared about it, it looks like a part of another room. It could be a garage or something else.

The sure thing is that this laundry closet is bigger than the previous one. It even has more complete cabinetry that is just perfect for storing.

If you look closely, something is interesting here. We meant none other but a wall-mount dryer that is also excellent for a small place.

how the roller shutter looks like when it is closed
how the roller shutter looks like when it is closed. image ©

This photo shows how the laundry walk-in closet looks like when the rolling door is closed. As the previous one, everything inside is concealed perfectly too.

4. Unique Home Office Closet with Roll Up Door

While trying to find the ideas to help our friend, we also found another picture of a closet with a roll-up door. Although so, it does not have a laundry function. Instead, it is used for a home office, and it finally makes us want to create one.

Mid-Century Home Office Closet with Colorful Design and Corrugated Metal Roll Up Door

the half-opened corrugated metal roll up door of the colorful mid century home office closet
the half-opened corrugated metal roll up door of the colorful mid century home office closet. image ©

This is the picture that we meant previously. From this pic, you can see the half-open metal rolling door comes from Janus International Group.

It is not very clear about the exact location of the concealed home office. However, seeing that it is located not far from the front entrance of the house, there is a chance that it is in the hallway.

If that is really so, the roll-up door can benefit from hiding everything inside the home office from plain sight. It is also beneficial when there is no time for tidying up when some guests are coming over.

how the home office closet interior looks when the roll up door is fully opened
how the home office closet interior looks when the roll up door is fully opened. image ©

Here is how the home office looks when the roll-up door is opened. As you can see, it is dominated by orange, a soothing and cleansing vibrant color that can help boost your working spirit.

The working desk you can see here seems to be made in custom to fit the size of the closet. From the look, it appears there is barely a space between it and the desk when the door is closed. That is why we think it is pretty impossible to store the orange Connubia Jam Adjustable Stool inside the closet except when it is adjusted lower and then hidden under the desk.

Plenty of storage is also available because of the addition of wall-mount shelves. The white color is highly coordinated with the white countertop of the working desk.

We specifically love how everything is arranged neatly inside the closet with the help of storage boxes and file holders. Some of these items even have a coordinating orange color to match the refreshing wall paint.

Having such an interesting feature like this in our bedroom can really be the solution to get a comfortable and concealed home office to write and work in, even though the space is really limited in the room. It is much better than having the working desk in plain sight so that it seems to keep us away from a peaceful sleep at night and haunt us with an unfinished writing project.


A roll up closet door is an excellent idea to consider including in the interior home design. It is especially when we do not have enough space to create a designated room based on our most needs function.

Another good thing to consider is that the choice of the closet to match with it is not only limited to laundry. Basically, a roll-up door is suitable to use for any closet type if you want to.

Unfortunately, there is not much inspiration about a closet with this specifical door type that we can find right now. That is why we definitely need extra effort when we are about to create one in our home.

Although so, you do not need to worry because sometimes what you need the most at times like this is extra creativity. You can start by looking for the closet inspiration you love the most, and later you can try to figure out whether or not you can pair it with a roll-up door.

What do you think about all the things that we have spread here? Do you want to share your thoughts? Or even better, share the closet design with a roll-up door that you already have at home?