pink and grey bedroom with rogue ceiling

17 Most Beautiful Pink and Grey Bedroom Designs You Will Love

A beautiful look is the one you will directly see when you enter a pink and grey bedroom. This room design is also a suitable one for you to choose when you are about to create a place for yourself or even your daughter.

Pink and Grey Bedroom

Besides the fact that the color combo in pink and grey room looks beautiful, there is some specific feel each main tone in the combination can create. Pink is an excellent choice for producing calm atmosphere, and grey can build up a trendy look. All these details can make the overall design to be attractive.

The question then: is it enough to randomly pair both pink and grey tones in a bedroom to produce the most beautiful look? Of course, it is not.

You need to know about some design ideas to get the prettiest bedroom with grey and pink color theme. For some inspirations, in the following are 17 most beautiful pink and grey bedroom designs that you will love.

1. Pink and Grey Bedroom with Patterned Accent Wall

pink and grey bedroom with strawberry pink patterned accent wall
pink and grey bedroom with strawberry pink patterned accent wall. image ©

The first design we recommend you to pick is the one that has patterned accent wall as you can see in the picture above. Of course, since pink and grey is the color theme here, it would be best for the decorative wall to be in one of those tones. In the example, the color of the accent wall is strawberry pink, and it has flower patterns on it.

When you know about this idea, you may wonder how you can create the accent wall. In this case, there are two easy options you can consider.

The first option is by installing wallpaper to the wall you choose to be an accent of the room. This option is a more straightforward choice than the other one.

The second option is wall stamping, as done in the bedroom example above. You can do this option in two main steps. The first step is painting the fundamental tone of the wall. The second step is stamping the wall to create the beautiful pattern.

In wall-stamping, there is an essential thing you need to keep in mind. It is that the paint used in the stamping process must be brighter or darker than the primary color of the wall to make the pattern visible.

If you decide to use the same paint with the one you use to create the fundamental tone, you need to make it thinner or thicker to produce a visible pattern. Besides, it is also important to wait until the base color perfectly dried before stamping the wall for a more effective result.

2. Simple and Dreamy Pink and Grey Bedroom for Teenager

pink and grey bedroom with a simple and dreamy design for a female teenager
pink and grey bedroom with a simple and dreamy design for a female teenager. image ©

The dreamy look is another choice you can build in a bedroom with pink and grey primary colors. The existence of pink tone here makes the idea suitable to choose more for female teenagers.

When you build a dreamy look by using grey and pink as the primary tones, you need to know that the result is perfect for a bedroom as a place for resting. With this idea, you will be able to create not only sweet but also a relaxing room.

The example of a bedroom where the application of this idea exists is available in the picture above. In this shared-bedroom, the designer even adds a simple yet dramatic night lamp to each bed.

As you can see in the picture, even soft pink and grey are the most prominent tones in the room; they are not the only colors exist in the place. There is also white tone, which in fact has a quite dominant portion in the bedroom.

Adding white color in a simple and dreamy bedroom with grey and pink tone like this is OK to do, including also when the color is quite dominant. However, you need to remember that the pink and grey must be more prominent so you will not ruin the theme. In the example above, for instance, the dominant white color looks more as it becomes the background that makes the two primary hues visible better.

3. Princess-Themed Pink and Grey Bedroom

Victorian princess-themed pink and grey bedroom
victorian princess-themed pink and grey bedroom. image ©

Another idea you should check out is a princess-themed bedroom with a pink and grey theme. Mainly for this idea, there are several things you need to pay more attention to make the room suitable for your princess.

The first is about the choice of grey and pink tone. Any shades of pink and grey are suitable for this idea. However, the soft ones have a sweeter look that makes them more ideal for the princess theme.

The second thing is ruffles. This type of details is perfect for a princess room precisely because it gives a girly look needed in the place. Ruffle detail like this is excellent to apply on bed skirt or curtains.

The next thing is about the pattern. Adding elegant pattern in this bedroom theme is a great idea to do. In the picture above for instance, in the bedroom above, such pattern exists on wall and area rug.

The last but not least thing to pay attention to is the furniture choice. Beautiful and girly option, such as the upholstered headboard, the bench, and the dressing table in the bedroom example, is the one you need to pick more.

4. Shabby-Chic Pink and Grey Bedroom

pink and grey bedroom in shabby-chic design
pink and grey bedroom in shabby-chic design. image ©

The next idea to put into consideration is shabby-chic interior design for the grey and pink bedroom. It is undeniable that pink is a tone used quite a lot in this style, and this is the reason why this design is suitable to pick for the bedroom color theme we discuss since the beginning of this post.

Although so, it doesn’t mean that grey is a wrong choice for the style. It is a suitable one because you need this for creating a neutral background in a shabby-chic interior. In the example above, grey is not the only tone used for the wall. The wall is in a two-tone design with pink coloring the upper part of the wall and grey the lower one.

To make it easier for you to build the shabby-chic style in your bedroom, you need to keep several things in mind. The first one is about the choice of furniture. For this style, it is always the best to choose vintage furniture.

The next thing is about flower pattern. Filling the bedroom with fabric with flower pattern is an effortless yet effective way to create a shabby-chic style in there.

5. Pink and Grey Bedroom with Wooden Bed and Canopy Frame

pink and grey bedroom with elegant wooden bed and canopy frame
pink and grey bedroom with elegant wooden bed and canopy frame. image ©

Adding a wooden bed in a pink and grey room for female occupant can also be an excellent idea to try. It would be even better if the bed also have a canopy frame as shown in the picture above.

A canopy frame with the same material with the bed will boost the elegance of the furniture piece. It also means that the elegant value of the room will go to the next level too because the bed is a somewhat focal item in any bedroom.

The canopy frame is also a functional item since you can install a canopy on it if you want to. It means you can use a canopy with pink or/and grey tones and makes the room even more beautiful.
One thing you shouldn’t forget when you are about to place this type of bed in your grey and pink room is that it is not a suitable choice for a small bedroom. The rather big size of the bed is the main reason here.

6. Pink and Grey Bedroom with Purplish Wall

pink and grey bedroom with a purplish wall
pink and grey bedroom with a purplish wall. image ©

Using a purplish wall tone for the pink and grey is another fabulous idea. Moreover, purple is a color that is compatible with both grey and pink.

However, adding a true purple tone to the wall might change the pink and grey color scheme of the room. In this case, what should you do then?

The best way is by using purplish grey wall tone instead of using a true purple paint color. This way there will be no purple color added to the room, and you can still keep pink and grey as the main and most dominant tones in there.

There are a lot of grey paints that have a purple undertone. When facing the right direction and when receiving an adequate amount of light you can see that the wall has a small portion of purple hue in it. The example of this exists in the picture above in which Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone No.275 paint colors the wall of the room. For you to know, it is a grey paint with a purple undertone.

7. Hot Pink and Grey Bedroom

hot pink and grey bedroom
hot pink and grey bedroom. image ©

Do you want to create a bold look with pink and grey combination in your room? If so, you should try the idea of using hot pink and grey color.

Hot pink is the color that adds boldness to the room while grey is the color that makes the pink hue looks more prominent than it is. Here, you can pair the hot pink tone with any choice of grey. However, medium grey tone, as the Sherwin Williams Topsail SW 6217 shown in the picture above, is a better idea.

If being asked about the portion of each of the pink and grey tone in the room, everything is on your choice and preference. As an example, in the picture above the place has grey and the most dominant color and pink as the accent tone. Although the pink color is less than the grey one, the fact that it is a hot pink shade proves that it can add significant boldness to the room too.

Another fascinating example you are possibly interested in is the use of hot pink tone as an accent wall in your grey bedroom. This example is also a fabulous way to bring girly boldness in your bedroom area.

8. Pink and Grey Bedroom with Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

pink and grey bedroom with cherry blossom wallpaper
pink and grey bedroom with cherry blossom wallpaper. image © pkmackinder @

When it comes to a bedroom design with pink color as the one we discuss here, cherry blossom is another pretty detail to add. This detail is suitable for all age, but it is more suitable to pick for teens.

There are so many ways you can choose to add cherry blossom details in your pink grey bedroom. However, if you want it to look marvelous, you can use it on your wall instead of on other parts of the room.

Of course, it does not mean that you have to create a pink cherry blossom painting or mural on your wall since this would be troublesome. It is way easier and faster if you install cherry blossom wallpaper on your wall instead. The example is available in the picture above.

It looks like there is only one side of the wall covered with cherry blossom wallpaper in this teen’s bedroom while the other parties are in grey. In other words, the wallpaper becomes an accent here.

It is quite reasonable actually because even the cherry blossom detail is pretty using it to cover the whole wall of the room is not a good idea. Doing so will make the place looks too busy because of the pattern.

9. Pink and Grey Bedroom with Painted Ceiling

pink and grey bedroom with rogue ceiling
pink and grey bedroom with rogue ceiling. image ©

The next idea is adding color to your ceiling. Of course, because of the color limitation, we will focus only on grey and pink tones here.

The main benefit of coloring your bedroom ceiling is that it will create a visual effect that will affect the whole room. However, the result will only appear when the right wall tone exists as a mate for the painted ceiling.

The main idea is like this. There are two right combinations to consider when you want to add color to your bedroom ceiling.

The first one is a dark ceiling and light wall. The second one is a light ceiling and dark wall. For each idea, you have to choose a color for the ceiling and another color for the wall.

When you choose to paint the ceiling with a dark tone and the wall with the lighter tone it will visually make the room lower. The meaning of lower here is not always wrong because when you can choose the right ceiling paint, the place will be cozier.

On the contrary, when you choose a lighter tone for the ceiling and darker hue for the wall, the lighter color will be helpful in avoiding the room from feeling cramped. The bright ceiling makes the room feel more spacious than it is.

A design example is available in the picture above, in which there is a combination of a rogue pink ceiling and greige wall. Although the room looks lower because of the darker pink ceiling, it is OK because it gives a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for a bedroom.

10. Soft Pink and Grey Bedroom with Black Accents

soft pink and grey bedroom with black accents
soft pink and grey bedroom with black accents. image ©

For a bedroom with soft pink and grey color scheme, black accents are an excellent choice to pick. Primarily, the black accents give boldness to the room design. Is that all the accents can provide? Of course, it isn’t.

Black accents can punctuate the prime soft tones in the color scheme. Besides, they can avoid the room from looking too sweet or girly.

Please take a look at the picture above as an example. This transitional bedroom has a soft Johnstone’s Renaissance

Pink wall paint and a medium tone of grey for the trim and door color. Besides, the room also has some black accents from the hanging lamps, wall mirror, and headboard.

Here, it looks like all of the black accents have a direct connection with the pastel pink wall. Besides the fact that the accents look bolder since they have a pink tone in the background, they also seem to break the sweet look of the wall paint positively.

11. Luxurious Pink and Grey Bedroom

pink and grey bedroom in luxurious style
pink and grey bedroom in luxurious style. image ©

If you wish to have a luxurious look while using grey and pink as the primary tones in your bedroom, you shouldn’t think about which shades to choose for the design only. Instead, you need to consider carefully also about the choice of material to select for the room.

Thankfully, there are quite a lot of materials that have a luxurious look available. These materials are not always pricey, but they sure have a look you are looking.

Since the room is for female occupants, suede and velvet material are good recommendations to consider. These materials also exist in the eclectic bedroom design above.

This room has velvet and suede materials to emphasize the luxury value. It also has a purplish grey wall that looks more luxurious and sweet at the same time than the true grey paint.

Another excellent idea available in this design example is the use of hot pink shade accents. These accents add some glamor look that is compatible with the luxury theme in the room.

12. Pink and Grey Bedroom with Wall-Mounted Bed Canopy

pink and grey bedroom with pink patterned wall-mounted bed canopy
pink and grey bedroom with pink patterned wall-mounted bed canopy. image ©

Other than canopy bed frame as told in the previous subheading, you can also use wall-mounted bed canopy as another alternative for the grey and pink bedroom. This accessory has a sweet and pretty look that makes it perfect for a girl’s bedroom.

Some wall-mounted bed canopies even have princess style as you can see in the picture example above. It becomes the reason why the accessory is a perfect choice for little girl’s bedroom.

When you choose to use this accessory, it is good to consider using curtains with the same color and material with the wall-mounted canopy. This idea can spread the pretty look in the whole bedroom area.

For a room that looks too plain, patterned wall-mounted bed canopy is an excellent choice to pick. The pattern of the canopy will spice up the wall design.

As shown in the example above, the plain Benjamin Moore Cucumber 428 wall looks better when paired with the pink flower-patterned bed canopy and curtains.

13. Simple Mature Pink and Grey Bedroom

simple and mature pink and grey bedroom
simple and mature pink and grey bedroom. image ©

You can also create a bedroom that is suitable for a mature woman by using a grey and pink theme. The way to do it is also quite easy.

All that you need to do is to keep everything simple and functional. However, you should never forget adding a sweet touch to the room to show the feminine side.

A design like the one you see in the picture above is suitable for a single and career woman. This room looks simple and can serve both the needs of working and resting for the occupant.

The choices of color in the scheme are also perfect for an adult woman. This room has rose gold and soft pink tones that are sweet but not too girly and childish.

14. Grey Bedroom with Fresh Pink Flowers

grey bedroom with pink flowers in a vase
grey bedroom with pink flowers in a vase. image © Heather Williamson/Faye Fortune

This next idea is suitable for you who already have a grey-themed bedroom and you are interested in adding a pink touch to the room. The design meant here is adding a vase of fresh pink flowers in the grey room.

The excellence of this idea is in the fact that it is effortless to do. All you need to do is finding the right pink flowers that you love the most and place them in a vase that you will later put on your bedside table, as exemplified in the picture above, or on any other table you have in the room.

Right now, there are so many types of pink flower available at flower shops, including also the nearest one. If you want to, you can even arrange some different kinds of pink flowers in a vase.

15. Grey Bedroom with Pink Floor

contemporary grey bedroom with pink area rug
contemporary grey bedroom with pink area rug. image ©

If you have an all-grey room, but you don’t want to add flowers as a source of pink color in there, this next idea might be a good one to try. Here, you need to add pink tone to your bedroom’s flooring.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace your original flooring with a new one that has pink color since this will be too troublesome. All you need to do is adding a pink area rug on the floor.

The area rug will add enough portion of pink color in your room without creating a significant problem. It is because the carpet is not permanent and you can get rid of it anytime you want to do so.

You can place the rug in any location that you think will create an excellent aesthetic value to the room. However, putting it under the bed, as shown in the example, will be a plus point since the bed is always the most focal furniture piece in any bedroom.

16. Grey Bedroom with Rose Gold Accents

pink and grey bedroom with rose gold accents
pink and grey bedroom with rose gold accents. image ©

Another exciting way to add pink tone in your grey bedroom is by including rose gold accents in the room. Rose gold is not a pink color. It is a gold color that has a somewhat sharp pink undertone to it. It is the reason why this tone is also a suitable choice for the pink and grey design we talk about in this post.

If you are interested in this idea, please don’t think that you must add real rose gold material in the interior of your bedroom. Doing so will cost you too much money.

Instead of doing such thing, it will be more affordable for you to add decorations in rose gold color in the room, such as the animal skull decorations you can see in the picture above.

If you can, you should try to create the rose gold decorations on your own. Besides the fact that it is probably cheaper, it will also give you personalized or even one-and-only ornaments that will make your room even more unique.

17. Grey Room with Pink Bench

grey bedroom with pink bench
grey bedroom with pink bench. image ©

The last but not least most beautiful idea you should give a try is the idea of adding a pink bench to your grey bedroom so the room will have a two-tone theme. Since beauty look is the one you want to build in the place, there are several things to pay attention to when you are about to choose the bench.

The first one is about the color. There are many pink shades available right now, and you should choose the one that will represent the look you want the most.

As an example, you can take a look at the pink bench in the transitional bedroom picture above. It has a magenta color, which is not only beautiful but also looks glamor.

The next thing is the design of the bench. Of course, instead of choosing something ordinary, picking something with beautiful details is better.

In the example above, although the pink bench has average legs, it has tufted upholstery that makes it stands out. Besides, on the lower part of the upholstery, there is also a white patterned part that makes the bench prettier.

So those are the 17 most beautiful ideas you can consider for your pink and grey bedroom interior. Since most of the designs are very simple to do, it is certain that you shouldn’t always have to put too much effort to make a room look lovely. Give some of these ideas a try, and you will experience the ease on your own.