laundry room with black cabinets and beige walls

15 Most Excellent Laundry Room Colors to Make Any Washday Blissful

Being able to pick the right laundry room colors can make any of your washday more blissful. As you are already familiar with, the activities of washing and folding laundry can be such a burdening chore to do especially when you are tired or when the laundry is too many.

Laundry Room Colors

In such situations, the right laundry room color can lend you a hand in creating a more relaxing visual. With a more relaxed feeling, you can do all the chores with a better mood so you won’t feel burdened anymore.

Some colors can even make a small laundry room looks larger than it is. This way, you can get extra comfort when doing laundry.

Check out 15 most excellent laundry room colors that we collected especially for you in the following. As an extra, you will also get information about the visual effect that each color can do to your laundry room.

1. Dominating Grey for Modern Fun

all-grey laundry room
all-grey laundry room. image ©

The first excellent example of colors you should consider for your laundry room is grey. To be more specific, all-grey is the theme recommended for you to apply in the interior.

This color is highly suitable for you to pick if you are someone who is into modern style quite the most. The best thing of all, even if you only use grey to color the laundry room, it won’t look dull but fun instead. Of course, to create such a look, you need to know about how to use the tone correctly.

As an example, please take a look at the picture above. This one has grey domination from the cabinets and wall.

The cabinets here have Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray SW7017 as the paint color, while the wall tone comes from Sherwin Williams Repose Gray 7015.

Although the room has grey tone domination, it does not look dull. The reason is that the grey tones in there are not true gray but warm instead, which is also famous as greige.

The existence of greige colors in the room makes it a cozier place to do laundry. Besides, the color type also enhances the beauty of the interior.

If you are not interested in using greige, there are some other ideas you can follow. For example, you can combine silvery grey tones and white to create a bright laundry room.

There is also an idea of using soft greys. These tones are excellent, to make your laundry room airier and looks more massive at the same time.

2. Black and Beige for Dark Soothing Ambiance

laundry room with black cabinets and beige walls
laundry room with black cabinets and beige walls. image ©

Beige is the color that can enhance the coziness in your laundry room. Some people may find it interesting to color most of the room in this color. However, some others are not interested in the idea since the warm tone could make the room feels uncomfortably hot.

If you have the same thinking, you can pair beige with black for the laundry room. Together they will create a soothing ambiance with dark touch in the interior. Of course, the cozy value of beige will still be there too.

Check out the picture above as the example.

As you can see, the equal portion between the black furniture, the beige tile floor, and the beige wall looks fabulous. The room also does not look does not look too dark even if the cabinets seem to dominate it.

As additional information, the cabinets are custom-made, and it gets Slate Finish by Wood-Mode.

3. Black and White for a Timeless Spirit

black and white laundry room
black and white laundry room. image © Grove Park Construction

If you don’t know what color to choose for your laundry room, you can always go to the easiest yet fantastic choice. It is none other but black and white combo.

This color combination is popular because of the timeless value. It makes the combo suitable to use at any time.

Depending on how you apply each of the colors, you can create a different fun look in the laundry area. For example, when you select to dominate the room with white and to accentuate it with black as shown in the case above, you can create a bright and spacious interior with some bold touches.

4. Blue Green for Bold, Elegant, and Relaxing Look

medium blue-green and white laundry room
medium blue-green and white laundry room. image ©

The color you see in the cabinetry in the picture above is neither blue nor green. It is, in fact, the combination of both colors that are more familiar to call as a blue-green and this is the next recommended tone we suggest you pick.

When you use a blue-green color in your laundry room, you will not only be able to get a relaxing look in there. You can also make the interior looks bold and elegant at the same time.

It is true that blue-green color available in different shades nowadays. However, you need to know that most of them are quite dark. About this, you need to know about how to use the color properly without making the laundry room looks too dark.

As an example, when you want to paint the cabinetry in the room with blue-green tone, you can choose a brighter neutral color like white for the walls and ceiling. This way, the dominating dark blue-green color of the cabinet will not swallow the place.

5. Cream for a Roomy and Warm Space

cream laundry room
cream laundry room. image ©

If you are interested in coloring the laundry room in a neutral tone, but you do not want it to be white, a cream color is the best alternative you should consider first. It is a neutral color that can make your washing area to look roomy and warm at the same time.

Although cream does not belong to the category of yellow, it still has this sunny color undertone. Because of this, the cream is also a suitable choice to add a slight of fun visual in your laundry room.

The way to use cream in your laundry area is quite various. You can, for example, use the color to paint the cabinets and then pair it with a white wall and ceiling. Of course, you can also reverse the idea if you want to.

6. Dominating White for Bright and Visually Spacious Room

small laundry room with white color domination
small laundry room with white color domination. image ©

The next color choice is quite easy to guess actually since people have been using it from time to time. This selection is all-white or even dominating white.

Although we all can say that white is already a common choice for laundry room as well as the bathroom, it does not mean that the fame will go down. The cause of all this is the spacious visual effect that this tone can create.

Besides, it is also the perfect color to create a clean impression that is just perfect for washing area, which is none other but a place where you clean your dirty clothes.

All-white design for a laundry room is not a bad choice. However, some people do not like to color the place only with one color. Some of the most common reasons are dull look and a too-bright visual.

That is why dominating-white can be a choice here. However, when you choose this color idea, you need to be careful when selecting another color as the pairing to keep the expansive visual effect.

One of the best solutions is by pairing white with another bright neutral tone like light grey. As an example, please take a look at the picture above.

This laundry room has white cabinets that even have white quartz material for the countertops. Since the backsplash is also white tiles, it is evident that the tone dominates the place.

As an inspiration to avoid an all-white laundry room design, the designer chooses a light gray tone for the wall. The paint color is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-58.

7. Pastel Colors for Beautifully Soothing Look

white and pastel blue laundry room
white and pastel blue laundry room. image ©

The next color recommendation we are about to give you here is suitable for you who always want to have a beautiful laundry room. It is none other but pastel tones.

Almost all color shades have the pastel version. Something like this is an advantage since it is possible for you to find your favorite tone for the laundry room.

The best thing of all, pastel colors always has the soft-looking characteristic that can build up a soothing sensation in the place. This way, you can pass every of your washing days more blissfully.

There are so many ways you can choose to apply pastel colors in your laundry room. You can use it on walls to make it gains more portion in the place.

Other than that, you can also apply the color on the cabinets to make it prominent as done in the pic above. Here, the pastel tone used on the units is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143.

8. White and Beige for Airy and Light Feel

white and beige laundry room
white and beige laundry room. image ©

The right color choice will help you deal with the limitation of space in the laundry room if by any chance the place is quite small. While it is true that white is the best color pick to make any interior looks more spacious than it is, it can make the room looks too bright if you do not pair it with other tones.

Because of that, we suggest you try the combination between beige and white color as you can see in the picture above. There are at least two significant reasons why we recommend you to do so.

The first one is because both of beige and white are neutral. Together they can still make your laundry room looks roomy.

The second one is because the beige color can reduce the brightness in the room with a dominating white tone. That is why a lighter and airier atmosphere is the one you will get.

9. Green for a Calm and Peaceful Atmosphere

white and sage green laundry room
white and sage green laundry room. image ©

Creating a peaceful laundry room might be the one you need to do to make your washday full of bliss. In this situation, applying green tone to the interior is the solution we want you to give a try.

It is true that green is a color that can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, primarily because of the resemblance it has with nature. However, it does not mean that you can use any shade of green to create the ambiance.

Since a peaceful and calming look is the one you want, it is better for you to choose a green shade that is soft, a bit dark, and not too bright.

A choice like the sage green you can see in the laundry room walls above is an excellent example. With a calming tone like this, you can also rest your eyes a bit while taking care of your laundry.

10. Blue for a Breezy and Refreshing Look

white and pale aqua laundry room
white and pale aqua laundry room. image ©

Next, we have blue as the recommended tone for a laundry room, no matter whether the room is spacious or not.

If previously we mention that green is the right color to make the place looks calm and peaceful, here, you need to know that blue can also create a peaceful atmosphere. However, the room will look more refreshing and breezy because of this tone.

If green resembles trees and forest in nature, blue will remind us about something else. It is water like the ocean, river, or lake. All these also become the reason why this tone looks so refreshing.

As we all know, blue is also available in different shades, starting from the soft, the bright, and the dark ones. Soft and bright blues are the tones you need to take into consideration more if you want to create the breezy and refreshing look.

What you can see in the example above the room does look not only refreshing and breezy but also beautiful at the same time. The cause is none other but the Sherwin Williams SW6211 Rainwashed paint applied on the wall by the designer.

11. White and Light Gray for Larger Look and Soothing Ambiance

white and light gray laundry room
white and light gray laundry room. image ©

If in subheading one we recommend you to color your laundry room with a dominating grey tone, this time we will create a combination suggestion. It is a specific combo between white and light gray that can produce both larger look and soothing ambiance too.

Because of the extensive visual effect that this color combination can create, this selection is perfect to choose for a small laundry room. It can also be an ideal pick for a narrow washing area as the one you see in the picture above.

In this example, the gray tone appears mostly on the wall and floor. For you to know, the wall paint used in this design is Benjamin Moore Wind’s Breath 981.

As for the white color, it does not only appear on the ceiling and interior trims of the room but also in the appliance as well as the cabinetry. Here, the cabinets color comes from Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117.

12. Darker Tan for Warm and Calming Atmosphere

white and sandcastle tan laundry room
white and sandcastle tan laundry room. image ©

Creating a calming atmosphere in your laundry room can also be a great idea that you should give a try. About this, the color that we recommend you to choose to create this type of ambiance is darker tan.

This tone does not only have a calming look. It also looks warm at the same time.
Do you know what it means? It means by using this tone you can gain a more comfortable feeling whenever you are in your laundry area, especially when the color portion is rather large.

Just like when you use any warm colors in your home interior, maybe you also worried that tan would make the laundry room looks uncomfortably hot. Moreover, the choice that we recommend you here is dark tan, which can make the interior looks dull if you misuse it.

Well, in this case, you need to know that you can always pair tan with other colors to tame the intense and dull look if you want to. Our recommendation is white as shown in the picture above.

The darker tan wall paint here is quite dominating. However, the designer pairs it with white color from the ceiling, floor, and the Farrow & Ball Wevet No.273 paint of the cabinets.

The perfect neutral look of white seems to create balance in the room with darker tan wall paint like this. Besides, it can also build up a beautiful farmhouse feel as you can see in the picture example.

13. Red for Spirit Boost

white and red themed laundry room
white and red themed laundry room. image ©

If you always feel like you lack spirit in doing the laundry task, all you need to do is to add some red color in the room. This tone will help you boost your soul so you will feel like you gain more energy to do the chore.

When you hear about the idea, you may worry that the use of red color in the laundry area will make the place looks too intense. You shouldn’t have to worry about such a thing.

You do not always have to fill the room with all-red color. Of course, you can combine this tone with another one to avoid the intense and uncomfortable look.

Check out the laundry room picture above. This place has the domination of white tone and some sparks of reds here and there.

The red colors in this room are not dominating. However, since the designer can choose the right items with these tones a boost of spirit is still obtainable.

In simple words, when you want to add red tone to make you feel full of spirit whenever you are in the laundry room, you should use the color only in items or interior elements that are prominent. Some excellent examples you can find in the picture above are the red gorgeous stackable washing machines.

14. Yellow for a Cheerful Visual

white and yellow laundry room
white and yellow laundry room. image ©

When it comes to the use of color to help you do your washing chores without feeling lazy and tired, yellow is the next recommended to you should take into consideration. This color is just perfect to create a cheerful visual that can make you feel happier whenever you are in the laundry room.

The next information you also need to know about this color is that it can enhance your energy through its look. Besides, yellow is also a color that can draw attention, so it makes the laundry room more interesting.

Although all the positive values we mention above sound amazing, you also need to know that yellow color also has a negative side. When you use it wrong, it can make the laundry room looks frustrating and too warm.

The solution that we offer to you here is to combine yellow with a neutral tone to avoid the bad looks appear in your interior. In the example above, the other color is white.

In this laundry room, the yellow tone is quite dominating since the designer applies it to the walls and ceiling. Thankfully, the interior trims, as well as the appliances, are white, so there is not too warm or frustrating visual resulted in the place.

15. Wood Colors for Naturally Relaxed Feeling

wood-themed small laundry room
wood-themed small laundry room. image ©

For some people, nature is the best place to find relaxation. That is why natural inspiration for the laundry area is the last but not least idea that we will share to you here. To be more specific, it is the use of wood color in the room to bring a naturally relaxed feeling in there.

From so many ways you can do to bring wood colors in your laundry room, one best choice is to use a real wood material there. As an example, you can choose hard or exotic wood for the cabinets since it does provide not only quality but also a good look.

As an example, please take a look at the picture of traditional laundry room above. Here, the base material of the cabinets is cherry wood with cacao finish.

Although the cherry wood material only adorns the cabinetry of the room and not the other elements, the relaxing natural feeling in there is still prominent. The main reason is that different colors in there, including the tones of the floor, walls, washing machines, and countertops, are neutral and way lighter than the color of the units.

See, there are so many color options available for you to pick to make your laundry room a place full of bliss.

From of the selections in the list above, we can summarize that the most important thing is to make the room looks soothing, relaxing, calming, fun, or even visually more spacious. With all those, you can gain extra comfort in doing your washing routine without feeling burdened anymore.

So, is there any color choice and combination above that you find interesting? Or, do you have your selection?