a dining room accent wall made from thin brick tile

Tile That Looks Like Brick: 13 Inspirations You Must Look!

Tile that looks like brick is a home element with raising popularity this time. The first reason behind this phenomenon is of course because of the ease in getting the authentic brick look offered in a thinner form of tiles.

Tile That Looks Like Brick

Another reason has relation to the fact that some manufacturers make the tile to have not only a brand new look but also a worn look. Something like this is perfect for those who want to add an antique look in their home design but want it in an instant. It is excellent for people who do not want to wait for too long or to do a big renovation to install real antique bricks.

Still related to the appearance, the tile also can give a warm visual effect in any home design. Something like this is the same as the one that the real brick material can provide.

The next reason why people are in love with this tile type is because of the durability. It makes this element suitable to use in both indoor and outdoor areas and many home parts, including walls, floor, ceiling, and even fireplace.

The last but not least reason why people like to include brick tile in their home designs is that it gives them high flexibility. It is related to the fact that it is available in a large variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, types of edge, materials, and even textures.

About the material, there are a lot of choices available. For the most authentic look, the one made of real brick clay material is, of course, the best. However, you can find many other choices, including clay (as the one used to create regular and full-sized bricks), ceramic, porcelain, and even vinyl.

Now that you know about the reasons to love the brick tile, it is the time for some inspirations. Below, we will share the ideas about how you can include the home elements in your house. Check them all out!

1. Herringbone Brick Tile Floor in a Farmhouse Kitchen

brick tile flooring in herringbone pattern in a farmhouse kitchen
brick tile flooring in herringbone pattern in a farmhouse kitchen. image © tkcabinetry.com

When talking about tile that has a brick appearance, many people still think that it is only suitable to include in the wall design. The fact that they do not know is that they can use it in many other parts of the house.

One of the examples is on the floor, as you can see in the picture of a farmhouse kitchen above. Here, the cooking area, which is in the same open space with the dining room, has brick tile as the material for the floor.

This one can fit in the warm color scheme of the interior design. Besides, it also looks fascinating because of the herringbone pattern.

If you look at the floor of this kitchen area, you may think that it is from real authentic bricks because of the highly similar appearance. The material of the flooring here is tile, which often goes by the name of thin brick too.

Right now, you can find this item quite easily since a lot of manufacturers provide it. The one you see in the picture is clay brick tile from Inglenook Tile Design LLC.

2. Brick Tile Ceiling in a Transitional Kitchen

a transitional kitchen with ceiling covered in thin bricks
a transitional kitchen with ceiling covered in thin bricks. image © postcardfromparis.com

This inspirational picture shows the fact that the tile makes it very possible for you to get the brick look on your ceiling more effortlessly. Something like this might be hard to obtain when the material that you choose is the real brick.

The tile gives you ease in adding the brick look in your ceiling. That is why the idea is also excellent to use when you want to provide a new look to your interior.

In the example above, the thin brick tile is used to create a semi-arched kitchen ceiling that is paired nicely with exposed wood beams. The product used here is the Ironworks by General Shale.

The best thing about this design example is that the faux brick tile has a compatible color with the wood beam tone. It even looks nice being paired together with the other kitchen elements, including the range hood and the backsplash behind the stove.

3. Thin Brick Tiles to Cover a Fireplace

a fireplace covered in thin brick tiles in a traditional family room
a fireplace covered in thin brick tiles in a traditional family room. image © inglenooktile.com

The thin form of the faux brick tile is also found beneficial when it comes to fireplace remodeling. As we all know, this home feature usually has a prominent look that is easy to notice. It is primarily for the one that comes with a rather big surround.

Changing the fireplace look then will not only affect its appearance, particularly. It will also give a visual impact to the whole room where it is located.

Take a look at the picture above as an example. At first, this fireplace looked different. Then the homeowner wanted it to get a new look for refreshment.

It is when the idea of using think brick tile came up. Here the product used is thin brick tiles by Inglenook Tile Design LLC.

The remodeling idea here even used detailed elements, such as the L-shaped tiles, to cover the fireplace corners and create an impression that it is from authentic full bricks. That is why, for those who do not know, they may think that the fireplace is from real bricks since the very beginning.

One thing that you need to remember when you want to remodel your fireplace with the same idea is the choice of material. We recommend you to use only tiles with excellent heat resistance. The example is the thin brick from clay like the one used in this project.

4. Brick Tile Floor in a Farmhouse Laundry Room

a farmhouse laundry room with brick tile as the floor material
a farmhouse laundry room with brick tile as the floor material. image © inglenooktile.com

As we already told you in the beginning, faux brick tile is a flexible material you can use in any room in your house. By applying a specific pattern, you can even create a different impression.

For instance, take a look at the farmhouse laundry room picture above. The floor looks stunningly beautiful with the brick tile, which is none other but the Wright’s Ferry in Marietta Color Mix by Inglenook Tile Design LLC.

If seen from the detailed view, this tile is not the one with a very smooth surface. It has not only a warm but also a timeless appearance in it, which finally makes it a good investment.

Besides, it also has an antique touch in it. That is why it looks excellent to include in a warm antique interior color scheme as the one you see in the laundry room. It can even match the wooden bench until the warm white wall and trim colors.

5. Brick Tile Ceiling in Barrel Vault Style

stunning barrel vault ceiling from thin brick tile material
stunning barrel vault ceiling from thin brick tile material. image © goddensudik.com

This inspirational example shows you another way of using tile with the brick look on the ceiling. The style we can see here is called by the name of barrel vault, which is a classic one.

A design like this is indeed the one that no random people can make. You will need to hire a professional builder to get this look. Although it means more money to pay, the result is all worth it.

Other than the fascinating design of the thin brick ceiling, from the same picture, we can also see that this material is another excellent selection for any Mediterranean interior. You can see how gorgeous it looks when being paired with other natural elements in the kitchen area. It includes the white-painted stone walls, the wooden-beamed range hood, the wood furniture pieces, and even the stove backsplash.

6. Accentuating Brick Tile in a Contemporary Dining Room Wall

a dining room accent wall made from thin brick tile
a dining room accent wall made from thin brick tile. image © coronado.com

With tile that has the brick look, you can do a remodeling project in any rooms and home elements. The example that you see here is the creation of an accent wall in a contemporary dining room.

The unique appearance of the tile makes it easy to create an accentuating wall, which is supposed to the one that people lay their attention first when they enter the room. The best thing of all, most brick tones are easy to include in any color scheme.

In the dining room design above, the material used for the accent wall is called Eagle Buff Coronado Special Used Thin Brick. It makes a very unique worn out backdrop. It is easy to blend with the whole room details, including the wall arts placed on it.

7. Rustic Brick Tile Floor in a Traditional Hallway

rustic floor from thin brick tile in a traditional hallway
rustic floor from thin brick tile in a traditional hallway. image © inglenooktile.com

Tile with a brick look is also a suitable material to add a rustic touch in your home interior as well as exterior. It can even give a significant impact on a small remodeling project as done in the traditional hallway above.

By replacing the old flooring with the one that looks like brick, the look of the entire place changes. Particularly in this hallway design, some mortar is purposely left on the brick tile texture to create an even stronger rustic look.

If by any chance, you are curious about the type of brick used in this project, it is the Wright’s Ferry category of Inglenook Tile Design LLC.

8. Cobalt Blue Thin Brick Tile Fireplace Surround

cobalt blue fireplace surround from glazed thin brick tiles
cobalt blue fireplace surround from glazed thin brick tiles. image © cletile.com

The tile that comes with brick appearance does not only have an unfinished brick look. Right now, it is also available in various color options so you can find your favorite color to include in your home design.

A stunning example that you need to check out is this one. This wall-size fireplace surround is made from thin brick tiles. The remarkable idea is that it gets color from a glazing process in which the cobalt blue tone is the chosen one. The glaze itself is something that can make the thin brick tile looks like ceramic.

For the specific information, the product you see in this project is Liberty Brick Crosby in Cobalt Blue color by Clé. The fantastic tone it has is perfect to create an accentuating home element, just like the wall-size fireplace surround.

9. Grey-Glazed Brick Tile as Backsplash in a Contemporary Kitchen

grey backsplash from glazed think brick material
grey backsplash from glazed think brick material. image © fireclaytile.com

Here is another example of glazed thin brick tile that you can use in your home design. In the contemporary design above, the home element is used to create the backsplash near the stove and counter.

The grey glazing makes an excellent addition to the contemporary kitchen design that also comes with a touch of industrial style. Something like this is very reasonable because the tone itself belongs to the neutral category.

10. Textured Brick Tile Backsplash and Wall in a Farmhouse Kitchen

brick tile to add texture on the wall and backsplash of a farmhouse kitchen
brick tile to add texture on the wall and backsplash of a farmhouse kitchen. image © phillipsmithcontractor.com

From this next idea, we will still talk about kitchen backsplash. However, the type of tile we will discuss here is a bit different.

Well, This Boral product still has a brick look in the design. However, the appearance is a bit different because the surface is textured.

The neutral look of this kind of tile is suitable to use in any interior style. However, if you ask us about which are the best ones, we can say that the textured surface would be a perfect match for the farmhouse, Mediterranean, or rustic designs.

11. Brick Tile for Range Hood Cover in a Southwestern Kitchen

range hood cover from brick tile
range hood cover from brick tile. image © coronado.com

This next inspiration contains another kitchen remodeling project idea that you may find interesting. It is to change the look of your old range hood cover by using tile with the brick look.

With an idea like this, you can give the kitchen area a charming touch in a quite simple way. Besides, a small remodeling like this will not cost you a fortune.

The product used in this Southwestern range hood remodeling is Eagle Buff Used Thin Brick by Coronado.

12. Thin Brick Tile Exterior

brick tile to remodel a house exterior to have the look of authentic stone brick
brick tile to remodel a house exterior to have the look of authentic stone brick. image © cletile.com

The next inspiration that we want you to take a look here is this one. It is the use of thin-tile in exterior design to create the look of stone brick in the Mediterranean style house.

Here, you can see that the worn-out look is quite apparent. It makes the tile an excellent choice for you who want to create your antique world.

If you question whether or not this thin brick can withstand the outdoor conditions, you should not worry about a thing. It has the same material with the authentic block, so it has the quite same durability and strength too.

13. Thin Brick Tile on Patio BBQ Island

the use of brickweb tile technology on a BBQ island
the use of brickweb tile technology on a BBQ island. image © oldmillbrick.com

This is the last but not least inspiration you must look from our list. This one is the picture of a BBQ island located under a roofed patio.

Although the final look of the thin brick design here is fabulous, especially after it is paired with marble countertops and the stainless-steel appliances, it is not the primary thing that we want you to know from this picture. The main inspiration is actually about the use of brickweb technology.

With it, it will be faster for you to install the thin brick material because several tiles are attached to a particular web. Once everything needed is connected on the surface you want to cover with the brick look, you only need to add grout for the finishing touch.

In the picture example above, the tile, as well as the brickweb, is provided, especially by the Old Mill Thin Brick System. With their creation, there is even a chance for you to be able to install the brick-looking tile on your own without any professional help. Interesting, isn’t it?

14. Closing

The inspirations about tile that looks like brick that we share to you in this post are just a few from many. From all the ideas we shared with you on the list above, we can say that the tile is a perfect material for a lot of home remodeling project types. However, you can still use it in a new building project too.

Among other types of tile, it seems that the thin brick is the most popular one to get the authentic brick look. Some manufacturers even provide the newest technologies that can make the installation easier and faster to do, such as the brickweb technology in the latest example above.

Although so, just like what we have said earlier, there are still many other examples you can find out there. They also include the fact that there are many different tile types that you can use to imitate the look of the material.

But, according to our opinion, the thin brick tile is still the best in this case. What about you? Do you agree with this or do you have your own choice? Share your thoughts!