cream kitchen cabinets paired with red brick backsplash

17 Most Fabulous Cream Kitchen Cabinets Designs You Must Know

Cream kitchen cabinets offer a warm feel and elegant look in any cooking area. While these two points become the most general reasons why homeowners choose the color for their kitchen cabinets, there are still quite a lot of advantages offered by the tone.

17 cream kitchen cabinets

Some of the most significant are:

  • Cream resembles white but with a warmer look. The neutralism makes it easier to pair cream with other colors in the kitchen.
  • Cream is an excellent choice for traditional kitchen style.
  • Cream is a versatile color to use in any kitchen styles.
  • Cream color can catch and reflect sunlight to make the kitchen brighter.
  • Cream is a clean-looking hue for kitchen cabinets.

For you who also find that all those significant benefits are fascinating, we will discuss further about 17 most fabulous cream kitchen cabinets designs in this post. The designs include:

Read further to find the explanation for each of the design in the list above.

1. Traditional Cream Kitchen Cabinets

cream traditional kitchen cabinets
cream traditional kitchen cabinets. image ©

As told earlier, cream is an excellent color to apply on cabinets in a traditional kitchen design. This tone doesn’t only provide the neutral look needed in any traditional kitchen. It also produces an inviting and warm feel that makes the cooking area a perfect spot not only for cooking but also for having a quality time with family and friends.

When you decide to install a set of traditional cream cabinets in your cooking space, you shouldn’t only think about the style that is suitable for a traditional-looking interior. It would be so much better when you also pair the cabinets with other kitchen elements to support the interior style.

As an example, you can consider which paint color is perfect as a pairing for the traditional cream cabinets. If you also want the feel to spread in the entire kitchen, choosing a soft or pastel tone is the best for the wall.

An example of this is available in the picture above. Here the color of the cabinets is a very light cream.

Here the placement of the cream cabinets is against the wall with Benjamin Moore Timid White OC-39. This paint has a subtle grey undertone that also makes space looks cozy.

In this kitchen, the placement of the cabinets is against the wall with Farrow & Ball Pale Powder No. 204 as the color. This product has an aqua tone so it can create an airy feel in the kitchen interior too.

2. Cream Cabinets, Hardwood Flooring and Ceiling

cream cabinets paired with repurposed hardwood floor and ceiling
cream cabinets paired with repurposed hardwood floor and ceiling. image ©

From so many materials that are suitable to pair with cream cabinets in a kitchen area, hardwood is proper to call as one of the most recommended. This material is fit to use as the countertops, but these are not the features we want to discuss further in this subheading. Here, we will talk about floor and ceiling made of hardwood material.

Both of these features are the perfect pairing for any cream cabinets. Together, the three of them will create a cozy and comfortable feeling in the kitchen area.

Hardwood materials for floor and ceiling are not hard to find right now. However, you need to know that many of them can cost you a lot of cash because of some factors, including wood type, quality, and appearance.

If you want to save some cash, you can use a repurposed hardwood material just like the ones you can see in the picture above. From this picture also, you can know the wooden material, and the cream cabinets look nice together even both have quite contrasting colors.

3. Cream Kitchen Cabinets and Glossy Colored Backsplash

cream cabinets and red backsplash
cream cabinets and red backsplash. image ©

Cream cabinets can be a good choice for a contemporary kitchen too. However, with the neutrality it has, the cabinets can look too ordinary to support the interior style.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to find the right mate for the cabinets so the furniture will also gain a contemporary touch. One of the best choices to consider is backsplash because it has a direct connection with the cabinets.

There are so many types of backsplash suitable as a match for cream cabinets. The one we recommend you here is the colored backsplash. It would be great if you can find one with bright and glossy appearance since this type of kitchen cabinets is so right for the style. Besides, you should also consider a backsplash that has bold color, no matter what the material is.

Please take a look at the picture above to see an example of the glossy backsplash with a bright red color. It seems the material of this backsplash is colored glass with heat/fire resistant, so it is okay to install near the stove.

You can see that the color of the glossy backsplash in this kitchen looks fine to match with cream floor cabinets and the ones with a darker color on the wall.

4. Cream Cabinets with Colored Inside

cabinets with soft green inner and glass doors
cabinets with soft green inner and glass doors. image ©

The next design to consider for your cream cabinets is the one with colored inside. As you can see in the picture above, this design idea is more suitable to use when you have cabinets with glass doors.

With the glass door, the colored-inside you create is visible from outside. Not only that, but the color you use on the inside of the cabinets will also affect the kitchen design generally. Undoubtedly, the visual effect resulted depends on the choice of color you pick for the inner side.

In the picture above, the designer paints the cream cabinets with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. This paint color looks quite warm and light.

The inner of the cabinets, which is visible through the glass doors, is Benjamin Moore Warm Springs 682. This is an excellent color to create a soft and sweet feeling in the kitchen area.

There is extra information you need to know about this kitchen cabinet design. It is that the idea is perfect for a small kitchen since the glass doors can avoid a cramped look in the limited space.

5. Glazed Cream Kitchen Cabinets

cream kitchen cabinets with glaze
cream kitchen cabinets with glaze. image ©

From so many fabulous cream cabinets’ designs, the one with glaze is the most popular. Are you familiar with this design?

If by any chance you are not familiar with it, you need to know that cabinet glazing is a technique in which you add color to some particular parts of the cabinets to create accents that will make the architectural details of the furniture prominent. Many also call this a pin-stripping technique.

Check out the picture of a traditional kitchen above as the example.

From this example, we can also know that the same technique can create an antique look on your kitchen cabinets. Even if the cabinets are brand new, you can directly get the antique look if you use this technique.

It is possible for you to perform this technique on your own since tutorials are available everywhere. However, if you are not so sure about it, you can always hire a professional glazer, but, of course, you need to provide money to pay the service.

6. Cream Kitchen Cabinets and Dark Hardwood Floor

cream kitchen cabinets paired with dark hardwood floor
cream kitchen cabinets paired with dark hardwood floor. image ©

Because of the warm appearance, cream cabinets are always compatible with a warm floor. Because of some reasons, the recommendation we give you here is dark hardwood floor.

This type of flooring is the best in enhancing the elegant look of the cabinets as well as the entire cooking area. Besides, because of the dark tone, the floor can make the cabinets’ color to look more prominent.

When supported with the right lighting, such as dramatic yellow light as shown in the picture above, the result is impressive. The whole kitchen area will loom warm and inviting because of the combination of the cabinet color, the dark hardwood floor, and the lighting.

When you choose a dark hardwood floor as the pairing for your cream cabinets, you should also consider selecting a darker brown color for the island. Elegance and compatibility are the main reasons here.

7. Cream Kitchen Cabinets and Stainless-Steel Appliances

cream kitchen cabinets paired with stainless steel appliances
cream kitchen cabinets paired with stainless steel appliances. image ©

The next design to get inspired is the matching between cream cabinets and stainless-steel appliances, such as stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and so on. From all types of appliances, this one is the best for your cream cabinets.

Cream is a shade of white. It doesn’t only have a neutral appearance but also a clean look.
About the design we talk about in this part, stainless-steel kitchen appliances also look clean and more hygienic.

Take a look at the cream cabinets in the picture that look nice as a mate for the stainless-steel fridge, stove, and microwave. The cream color here seems very similar to Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008.

Not to forget that they also look stylish and modern. A choice like this is excellent to choose for upgrading your kitchen style.

Another advantage you can get from pairing cream cabinets and stainless-steel appliances is that the color of the cabinets can reflect light excellently. This ability can make the appliances look shiny so you can build the clean impression in the cooking area even better.

8. Cream Cabinets with Dark Wood Tops

cream kitchen cabinets with dark wood countertops
cream kitchen cabinets with dark wood countertops. image ©

If you are interested in bringing natural beauty to your cooking area, there is something you can do to the cream cabinets. It is to pair it with dark wood countertops.

This type of kitchen countertops looks warm. Besides, both of the cream colors of the cabinets and the natural dark wood color of the countertops are neutral.

Both of the points mentioned previously prove the compatibility between the cabinets and the tops. In other words, you don’t have to worry that they won’t look good together. They are fabulous.

At this time, wood countertops for kitchen cabinets are available in lots of choices. Some of the most popular ones are birch, cherry, oak, and teak.

The one you can see as the pairing for the cream cabinets with Antique White Paint by Dura Supreme Cabinetry in the picture above is dark walnut tops. Here, the combination of the cabinets and countertops also create a natural contrasting look while at the same time making the kitchen area looks warm.

9. Cream Kitchen Cabinets with Brown Polished Granite Tops

cream cabinets with polished brown granite tops
cream cabinets with polished brown granite tops. image ©

If you want to pair the cream kitchen cabinets with dark brown countertops, but you don’t want to take wood as a consideration, why don’t you choose granite instead? Brown polished granite countertops can be an excellent choice for your cabinets.

There are several reasons why you should choose this type of countertop for your cream cabinets. Let’s talk about the appearance first.

Brown polished granite tops have a glossy and smooth surface that can enhance the stylish value of your cabinets to the next level. Because the color of the cabinets is bright, the dark appearance of the granite tops can also bring elegance to the furniture design. With all these, your cream kitchen cabinets can be the center of attention in the interior.

This dark appearance can also create contrast in the kitchen area. It is also something with a timeless look, which means that with the cabinets you don’t need to worry about replacing your cream cabinet soon with the new ones. It will look good forever.

Other than appearance, the dark granite countertops are also excellent in the way that it is strong, scratches-free, it is resistant to heat and stains, and it doesn’t need much maintenance.

10. Cream Cabinets and Subway Stone Tile Backsplash

cream kitchen cabinets paired with subway stone tile backsplash

A tile backsplash is the one chosen quite often to enhance the look of cream cabinets in the cooking area. If you are interested in this item, please select stone subway tile instead of others.

It is not that the subway tile made from other materials is a wrong choice. It is only that the stone subway tile can bring out the natural look of the cabinets.

Natural stone subway tile is even available in many shades. Some of them have a light brown or even yellowish appearance that is highly compatible with the type of cabinets we discuss here.

You don’t even need to do special maintenance when you choose to install stone subway tile on the wall between the floor and wall cabinets. Regular cleaning is the only thing you need to perform for the tile to avoid dust from piling up.

As told earlier, when you want to pair your cream cabinets with stone subway tile, it is much better to choose something with yellowish or light brown tone. Both of these natural colors are the easiest to pair with cream.

11. Simple and Clean Cream Kitchen Cabinets

simple and clean cream cabinets
simple and clean cream cabinets. image ©

The next design we recommend you to create when you have cream cabinets in your cooking area is simple and clean design. This design is quite easy to make. Of course, you also need to pair the cabinets with other elements to create this design.

To create the clean and straightforward impression, the best type of paint to pick for the cabinets is a lighter and softer cream tone. You don’t need any glazing for the cabinets since it won’t fit the look you want to build.

You shouldn’t forget to pair the cabinets with the right type of hardware. Chrome, no matter whether it is glossy or brushed, is the best choice for bringing up the clean impression.

Once done with the cabinets, the next thing to do is choosing the right countertops to pair with the furniture. To keep the style consistency, the best type of countertops you should select more to match the cabinets is clean white tops. The one you can see in the pic above is an example. If you choose something from a natural stone category, it is best for the tops not to have any speckles and vines.

The last but not least detail to consider in this design inspiration is the choice of wall tone to pair with the cabinets. Choosing one with the similar hue of the cabinets is a good idea. However, if you want to pick something else, please select a light and soft one. If possible, it would also be excellent if the wall paint has a slight warm undertone.

12. Cream Kitchen Cabinets with Honed Granite Countertops

cream cabinets with honed black granite countertops with leather finish
cream cabinets with honed black granite countertops with leather finish. image ©

If you would love your kitchen cabinets to have granite countertops, but you dislike the glossy look of the tops, you don’t have to worry and change your choice to something else. For you to know there is a type of granite countertops that is not glossy. It is none other but honed granite.

It is granite material that undergone a particular process that makes it obtains a matte look. In other words, it doesn’t have the high shine.

There is quite a lot of finish type you can choose for honed countertops. However, if you want to maintain the matte look of it, leather finish, which is also known as a brushed finish, is a choice to consider. This finish type also makes the granite countertops look more natural since it results in a rough appearance as you can see in natural stones.

As for the color of the granite countertops, there are many choices available, including black as you can see in the example above. Since cream cabinets have a neutral tone, it won’t be a problem.

13. Cream Cabinets with White Granite Countertops

cream kitchen cabinets with white black-veined granite countertops
cream kitchen cabinets with white black-veined granite countertops. image ©

Another design you can consider to use is the combination of cream cabinets with white granite countertops. Many homeowners choose this countertop part because all of the benefits it has. As for the one with white color, a stunning look is an extra.

The white tone of the granite material makes the cabinets look clean. Even if the granite doesn’t have plain color, a clean impression is still visible.

Right now, there are at least four different types of white granite tops you can choose. Those are plain, veined, speckled, and delicatus. No matter which model you prefer, you can still get a boost of elegance for your cabinets from the white granite.

The one used in the example above is delicatus. It looks extraordinary because of the irregular dark patterns.
When you choose white granite countertops with a dark pattern like this, choosing hardware, including handles/knobs and faucets for the sink you install on the upper part of the cabinets, with a similar tone is an excellent idea.

14. Cream Kitchen Cabinets and Cream Wall

cream cabinets paired with cream wall and ceiling
cream cabinets paired with cream wall and ceiling. image ©

Applying cream on cream design is also an excellent idea you can give a try. In this design, what you need is cabinets and walls that are all in the same or similar cream tone. If possible, you can also use a cream hue for the ceiling and trim of the room.

At this point, you may question about why you should use this cream on cream design. The answer is easy. With the model, you will get all the plus points of the cream color as explained briefly in the opening of this post.

If you want to use this design inspiration, you need to know that especially for the cabinets and wall it is OK if you want them to have the same cream tone. However, when you decide to use cream tone on the ceiling and trim, it is better for the hue to be lighter. In this case, you can use the theory of using at least two shades lighter than the cream wall paint. The purpose is nothing else but to make the place visually makes sense.

The picture above is an excellent example that you need to check out. At a glance, all of the cabinets, wall, ceiling, and trim in this kitchen area look like they have the same cream tone. They are not.

The cabinets and wall in this kitchen are Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20. On the other hand, the ceiling and trim are Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17. Both of these paints have a warm tone.

15. Black and Cream Kitchen Cabinets

black and cream kitchen cabinets
black and cream kitchen cabinets. image ©

When you decide to have cream cabinets in your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that all the cabinets in the room must be in the same tone. As an example, you can create a classic, timeless look by combining cream and black cabinets in a kitchen area.

There are at least two combinations you can try to create by using this idea. The first one is where the cream cabinets are on the floor, and the black ones are on the wall. The second one is something on the contrary with the first combo.

However, if you want your kitchen to have a more spacious visual, the second combination is a better selection to pick. With the cream cabinets installed on the wall, the kitchen area will look more spacious than it is. This idea is suitable for small kitchen space too.

To perfect the design, you can also add another black and white detail in the kitchen. In the example above, the feature is black and white checkered tile floor.

16. Cream Cabinets and Brick Backsplash

cream kitchen cabinets paired with red brick backsplash
cream kitchen cabinets paired with red brick backsplash. image ©

Another fabulous kitchen element you can match with the cream cabinets is a brick backsplash. A beautiful example of this is available in the picture above. Here, the brick backsplash doesn’t only decorate the wall side connected directly to the floor cabinets but also the one located behind the stainless-steel stove.

When it comes to the brick backsplash, you need to take a look more at the appearance. The look is the most significant thing that can cooperate with the cream cabinets to create a fabulous kitchen design.

By combining both of the cream cabinets and brick backsplash you will gain a traditional and warm feel in the kitchen, especially when the brick used is red brick. Other than this, this backsplash type can also create a rustic touch in the cooking area.

When you don’t install the brick backsplash from the beginning, it may be a little hard for you to use it as a pairing for your cream cabinets. In this case, the possible trick to do is installing a tile brick instead of a real brick since this is much easier to do.

17. Cream Kitchen Cabinets and Brown Range Hood

brown and cream kitchen cabinets
brown and cream kitchen cabinets. image ©

If previously there is a design with the combination of cream and black cabinets, this time the recommendation is the combo of cream cabinets and brown range hood. If with the addition of black color you will get a classic and timeless look, with this one you will get a warm and cozy feel instead.

The existence of the range hood here is not merely about function but also something accentuating the cream cabinets. If you want to, you can use the same color of the hood to color your kitchen island to add more portion of brown tone in the cooking area.

There are so many designs and idea you can choose to apply in your cream kitchen cabinets to make them, as well as the kitchen interior, looks fabulous. Using the ideas is also not a hard thing to do remembering the versatility of the cream cabinets itself. So, are you ready to make your cream cabinets look fascinating than before?