light grey bedroom with navy pillows and blanket

15 Awesome Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

An impressive color combination is something that you can always find in blue and grey bedroom design. It is so because the combo can create not only a comfortable atmosphere but also an inviting look.

15 blue and grey bedroom ideas

Some shades of blue can even produce a refreshing view inside the bedroom. You know all these are excellent for creating a perfect place for resting. With all these, it is also possible for you to have a desire to spend all your time in the room.

If by any chance you are looking for some blue and grey bedroom inspiration you are in the right place. Here, you can find the 15 most awesome ideas you can follow to create a perfect bedroom with blue and grey color scheme.
Those ideas include:

Let’s talk a bit about each of these ideas.

1. Refreshing Blue and Grey Bedroom

refreshing look in a blue and grey bedroom
refreshing look in a blue and grey bedroom. image ©

The first idea is for creating a refreshing blue and grey bedroom. This kind of bedroom design is a suitable choice for you who always want to get a fresh start in every morning to do your daily activity.

About the type of colors you should choose based on this idea, there is only one most suitable choice you can pick here. It is any light shades of grey and blue.

The light shade of grey offers something neutral to the room design. On the other hand, the choice of light blue tone adds the refreshed look needed in there.

As we all know, there are so many choices of light blue and grey shades available right now. Based on this, you only need to choose the right shades to use in the bedroom color scheme. This fact is also helpful since you can decide which blue or grey tones that is suitable for female occupant and which ones are excellent for a male occupant.

For example, please take a look at the picture above. Here, the bedroom has the combination of light grey tones and aqua colors. The blue wall paint used here is known to be either Sherwin Williams Retiring Blue 6763 or Sherwin Williams Swimming 6764.

The selection of refreshing aqua wall paint in this room creates a perfect design for a female occupant. However, you need to know that the choice of furniture pieces and decorations placed in the room also plays a vital role in deciding whether the room is suitable for a girl/woman or a boy/man.

2. Cool Blue and Grey Bedroom with Warm Accents

a cool blue and grey bedroom with warm-colored accent pillows
a cool blue and grey bedroom with warm-colored accent pillows. image © LJL Design Ilc

Many people see that the combination of blue and grey tones in a bedroom result to something excellent like an inviting and comfortable look. However, some other people think that there is something problematic about the combo.

It is that both of the primary tones make the room looks too cold. Do you have the same thought in your mind?
If you do so, there is no need to worry. You need to know that there is a straightforward yet impressive trick you can do to deal with the problem. The method is adding some warm accents in the room to create warmth in there.

As told earlier, the way to apply this idea in your bedroom is very easy to do. You can take a look at the picture above as an example.

This room has Benjamin Moore Sterling 1591 as the wall paint. With a very slight blue undertone, this tone is suitable to call as a cool one.

Other than the dominating wall paint, there is also patterned blue bedding set in this room. This set also gives a contribution to the cold atmosphere built up in the bedroom area.

If you have a room like this and you want to chase away the cold atmosphere, you can add some pillows in warm colors as done in the bedroom example above. The only things you need here is warm-colored pillowcases. So simple, isn’t it?

3. Beach Style Blue and Grey Bedroom

blue and grey bedroom with beach style
blue and grey bedroom with beach style. image ©

Another remarkable thing about blue and grey combination for a bedroom is that both of the hues are very suitable to use to build a beach style place. In other words, if you are someone you are so into beach style bedroom this color combination is the one you need to take into consideration.

The statement is not something said without any reason. The color combination is very suitable to choose to bring a breeze feel in any bedroom. This idea will work even better when the blue color used is bright and light.

The example is available in the picture of a beach style bedroom above. Here, light and bright blue wall paint becomes the source of breezy feeling inside the room.

Although there is no exact information about what the brand of the paint used here, the choice looks very similar to Benjamin Moore Robin’s Nest 618, Behr Tide Pools 480E-2, and Ralph Lauren Sea Grass. No matter which brand of the paint is the wall paint doesn’t only remind us of a breeze feel in beach area but also the bright blue sky above it.

Another wonderful inspiration you can get from the same picture example is about the addition of white tone in the blue and grey bedroom scheme. White color can bring a relaxing touch to a room with grey and blue as the most dominant tones.

4. Soothing Blue and Grey Bedroom

blue and grey bedroom in soothing color scheme
blue and grey bedroom in soothing color scheme. image ©

Soothing atmosphere is also quite essential in a bedroom. When you feel soothed, you can get a better quality sleep that is good for both of your health and productivity.

With blue and grey tones, you can create a soothing look too. The way is by paying attention to the colors you choose for the room and to the natural and artificial light brightening up the place.

In a more specific explanation, light and soft tones are the best to choose so you can obtain the soothing look you want. In the example above, other than the Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570 wall paint, the room also has soft blue bedding set, light grey bedside tables, and pale grey bed-end bench that are helpful in creating the soothing atmosphere in there.

The ceiling even has a white color. This color is the right one to enhance relaxing feel in a room with blue and grey tones.

As for the need of light inside the bedroom, more natural light from the sun is the best choice to make the room more soothing and relaxing. However, you should also think about the artificial lights since they are crucial at night.

The sure thing is that the artificial light must not be too bright. Besides the fact that this light makes it hard for your eyes to relax before you go to sleep, this will only ruin the soothing look you try to produce by using both of the grey and blue hues.

5. Blue and Grey Bedroom with Matte-Finished Dark Blue Paint

blue and grey bedroom with matte dark blue accent wall
blue and grey bedroom with matte dark blue accent wall. image ©

Sometimes, it is harder to sleep well when your bedroom has bright color domination. The same thing also happens when you have more bright gray tones in the grey and blue bedroom design.

With this scenario, the best thing you need to do is adding dark colors in the room to create a balance as well as adding more relaxing sensation in the place. In this idea, let’s be more specific by using dark blue wall paint with a matte finish.

If you agree with this idea and want to apply it in your room, you need to know that any dark blue tones look amazing when paired with bright grey colors in wall design. The reason why you should choose the matte finish is that it seems more relaxing than any other paint finishes.

When you want to use a matte dark blue paint in your bedroom, you need to remember that you shouldn’t always have to color all wall sides with this color. Creating an accent wall with the tone is an excellent idea too since it will add another attractive point in the place.

The example of this is available in the picture above, in which Sherwin William Naval SW 6244 is the color of an accent wall behind the bed.

If you think that the portion of dark blue color in the room is still not enough and the place still looks bright, you can add another similar blue tone as exemplified in the picture above. In the photo above, there is a bedding set with color that is very similar to the wall paint.

6. Light Grey Bedroom with Navy Accents

light grey bedroom with navy pillows and blanket
light grey bedroom with navy pillows and blanket. image ©

Sometimes, creating a blue and gray bedroom design is very easy to do. This next idea is an example of that. This one is very suitable for you to pick when you have a light grey bedroom color.

A light grey bedroom is already fascinating. It has the tones that give clean, spacious, and soothing atmosphere.

You can see the example above, in which the room has Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170 for the wall.
Adding a bit of navy color in there can make the place even better. Without erasing the atmosphere mentioned earlier, the dark blue tone can add an elegant and stylish look in the room.

In the picture above, the navy accents exist in the room are the blanket and the pillows. These items don’t take too much color portion in the place but are still prominent.

Other than pillows and blankets, of course, you can choose other items in the room for adding the blue accents. Since we want the light grey color to be dominant, please be sure picking only small yet prominence navy items to place in the room.

7. Aqua Blue, Light Grey, and Coral Bedroom

blue, grey, and coral bedroom scheme
blue, grey, and coral bedroom scheme. image ©

This next idea is simple yet quite fascinating. Here, other than grey (light) and blue (aqua), you will also use coral to color the bedroom.

There is something special about the combination of these three colors. When used as the background, both of the light grey and aqua blue tones will remind us of the cloud. On the other hand, the coral hue gives something vibrant to the room.

If you want to, you can even consider the color scheme idea to be something that reminds you of beach or sea. It seems light grey and blue combo is quite famous for beach style interior, right?

If you want to use both of the grey and blue color as the bedroom background, you can consider the example above as a source of inspiration. In this room, the accent wooden-panel wall behind the bed has a light grey color, while the rest of the room has Sherwin Williams Waterscape SW 6470 as the hue.

As for the coral tone, you can use it for other crucial items in the room, such as the bed. Since coloring the bed with coral paint might be a bit too much, you can cover the mattress by using bedding set in the same hue. This way, the bed can still steal attention in the room.

8. Contemporary Blue and Grey Bedroom

blue and grey bedroom in contemporary style
blue and grey bedroom in contemporary style. image ©

Contemporary blue and grey room is another choice that you need to consider. A bedroom with such design doesn’t only look stylish. It also seems minimalist, clean, unique, and bright. The best thing of all, the plan generally looks simple.

It is an excellent design that often comes with a gender-neutral look. This way, the style will be suitable for you no matter whether you are a man or a woman.

Mainly for the color combination, we talk about in this post; there is something that makes it perfect for the contemporary style. Grey is a trendy tone for a modern interior.

Based on this it would be great to use this tone on a dominant bedroom part, such as the wall. In the bedroom picture above, for example, the wall has Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168 with Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White CC-20 as the pairing.

This white paint color doesn’t only add a relaxing feel in the room. It also reflects light impressively, so the bedroom looks bright.

The use of blue tone in this picture is also quite inspiring. Instead of choosing a plain blue duvet for the bed,
the designer chooses one with a pattern. A pattern like this is just right for a contemporary interior.

9. Blue and Grey Bedroom with Oversize Tufted Upholstered Headboard

blue and grey bedroom with oversize tufted upholstered headboard
blue and grey bedroom with oversize tufted upholstered headboard. image ©

When you choose it correctly, a headboard can also be the center of attention in your blue and gray bedroom. In this idea, the type we recommend you is an oversize tufted upholstered headboard like the one you see in the picture.

The size that almost reaches the ceiling, the luxury-looking material, the tufted feature, and the bulky appearance are ones that make this headboard catchy. With all those, the headboard also creates a regal look in the bedroom.

In some cases, a regal look can be too much for the room. However, the soft grey color that it has, including also the other soft tones in the room, doesn’t make it looks too much. All the hues even make the place looks comfortable.

The comfort value in the bedroom also comes from the use of Benjamin Moore Halo OC-46 on the wall. This off-white color looks slightly warm and such tone is perfect for a resting room.

About the headboard, it is possibly hard for you to get the one with such specific design. However, you can always custom order it to find the most suitable design you want.

With the custom order, you can even choose a headboard color that is compatible with your wall tone. Plus, you can select the material on your own to save some cash if you want to.

10. Bold Blue and Grey Teen Bedroom

bold space-saving blue and grey teen bedroom
bold space-saving blue and grey teen bedroom. image ©

The combo of blue and grey can also be an excellent choice for a teen bedroom. Instead of choosing some ordinary tones for the room, why don’t you pick something bold instead?

As we all know, a bold and brave design is always suitable for teenage soul. That is why apply the same thing in the bedroom can be great too.

There are some different options you can choose to create a bold teen room with grey and blue as the primary tones. For example, you can pair medium grey and medium blue tones as exemplified in the picture above.

For this idea, there are some examples of colors you can use. Those include graphite, smoke, and anchor from grey category and admiral, cobalt, and azure from the blue type.

Another advantage you can obtain from applying this color idea in the teen bedroom in your house is that the scheme is gender-neutral. Besides, you can use the same theme for a quite long time such as since your kid is still a child until he/she becomes a teen or even older.

11. Blue and Grey Bedroom with Black Trim

blue and grey bedroom with black trim
blue and grey bedroom with black trim. image ©

Using a black interior trim can be an excellent idea to do when your blue and gray bedroom has neutral tone domination, such as when the wall has light grey or even white paint as you can see in the pic above.

In this bedroom design, the blue and grey scheme, particularly from the bed, teams up with a neutral white wall. The paint used here is Farrow and Ball Cornforth White No. 228. This paint has a slight warm undertone that makes the wall goes well with the light grey tones from the bed.

About the use of neutral wall paint like this, the existence of the black trim is a great thing. This trim doesn’t only add boldness to the neutral-dominated room but also creates the sense of space since it separates the wall and floor nicely.

When using a black interior trim like this in your grey and blue room, adding another small portion of black tone through furniture pieces is worth-trying too. In the picture above, the other black hue comes from the small bedside table with drawers.

12. Blue and Grey Bedroom with Brown Wooden Bed

blue and grey bedroom with brown king size wooden bed
blue and grey bedroom with brown king size wooden bed. image ©

Choosing the right furniture can add warmth needed in a cold blue and grey bedroom. The one we recommend you here is a wooden bed.

No matter what the brown tone is, a wooden bed always naturally has a warm tone. That is why this furniture piece can enhance the comfort value in the room so it will become an even better place for resting.

However, if you want a better warm and comfortable feel in the room, a darker brown wooden bed is more recommended to pick. You can see one in the example above.

In this bedroom design, the choice of wall paint, which is Benjamin Moore Misty Memories 2118-60 and the choice of purplish blue bedspread tend to create a cool atmosphere in the room. The bed, which also has the quite same tone with the bench frame, gives a significant contribution in erasing the cold feel.

With such visual, the occupant of the room can have a better sleep quality because of the comfortable feeling resulted.

13. Grey Bedroom with Blue Bedside Tables

grey bedroom with blue table
grey bedroom with blue table. image ©

Adding a blue tone in a grey bedroom is easier to do than doing on the contrary because gray is a neutral hue. If you already have a grey bedroom, you can experiment by adding a blue tone in there and see how it will make a difference.

As an example, you can add blue bedside tables as the mate for your bed in the grey bedroom. See the picture above for the inspiration.

When the room has neutral grey tone domination, the existence of blue tone in there will create a pop of color. Besides, because of the natural characteristic of blue, this idea will bring something cool to the room too.

As for the other visual effect this idea can produce, it depends on the shade of blue you choose. For example, when you add navy bedside tables with a matte finish as shown in the pic, you will get not only a cool but also an elegant view inside the place.

The result will be different when you choose another blue shade, such as aqua that can add a refreshing and breezy feel to any grey room.

14. Navy Blue Bedroom with Grey Bed

a navy blue bedroom with grey bed
a navy blue bedroom with grey bed. image ©

Now let’s do something on the contrary from some of the ideas in this list. It is to add a grey tone in a blue-dominated room. Mainly, the choice of blue tint in this idea is navy blue.

This color can effectively add drama, elegance, and a romantic feel in your room while at the same time being calming and relaxing. A bedroom with all those visual effects is undoubtedly also a cozy place for sleeping or spending time, right?

For you who already have a room dominated by navy tone, the next thing to do is adding a significant amount of grey color so the color scheme will change.
The most natural thing to do it is by including a grey bed in there just like the one you can see in the example. Here, the room has navy blue color domination because of the Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue HC-155.

The choice of a grey bed in this room has a warm undertone. It is excellent because the blue hue is cold. Besides, the tone also looks compatible with the beige carpet flooring.

If you think that suddenly adding a grey bed will make the navy blue room doesn’t look OK, you can try to create a compatible point. The way is by adding a similar blue tone on the bed by using some items, such as a blanket, bedspread, or even bedding set.

15. Warm Grey Bedroom with Turquoise Accents

warm grey guest room with turquoise accents
warm grey guest room with turquoise accents. image ©

The last but not least idea to inspire you is the use of turquoise accents in a warm grey bedroom. Just like a room filled with cool grey tones, the one with warm gray domination can look dull too. That is why adding some cool and refreshing color like turquoise can make a difference.

Turquoise is a cheerful and fresh blue color that always reminds us of the sea. This makes the idea perfect for a beach style bedroom or even a room in a house located near the beach area.

One thing to remember when adding the turquoise accents in the warm grey bedroom is that the portion must not be too much. In this case, you can apply this bright color in the room through decorations, pillowcases, throw blanket, or any other small yet prominent items for a bedroom.

A bedroom with blue and grey color combination already looks fantastic because of the visual effect each of the tone included can create. Being able to decorate the room properly can make the place even more awesome. Use the ideas listed in this post to make it easier for you to use the tones in your very own bedroom.