a lace-white siding paired with grey trim in a traditional exterior

13 Unusually Amazing White House with Grey Trim Ideas for a Better Curb Appeal

In home exterior design, we can say that the white house with grey trim combination is not used quite a lot, although the idea had occurred quite long ago. The most common combo that we can find more often is grey walls with grey trim.

13 White House with Grey Trim Ideas

However, this does not mean that an exterior with white walls and grey trim does not look good at all. The fact is that it can create an interesting visual that can catch more people’s attention because the grey color can make a pop on the white building.

Using grey trim as a match for a white house can even boost the curb appeal when done properly. Something like this can affect the sale value.

Another interesting fact is that grey is a popular color in recent years. It is suitable for use in both interior and exterior. Using it for the trim also means that the design is up to date since it follows the recent trend.

About the white color, grey is a neutral tone that is suitable to match with it. Both of them go well together to create a neutral yet trendy and stylish exterior look.

If you agree with all the things we just mentioned above, you must check out all the 14 unusually interesting white house and grey trim ideas that we found. All of them will help you know how to increase the house’s curb appeal by using the combination.

1. A Touch of Grey Trim to Make White and Black Exterior Even More Stylish

a lace-white siding paired with grey trim in a traditional exterior
a lace-white siding paired with grey trim in a traditional exterior. image © jacksonbuilthomes.com

The pairing between dominant white color with black accents is undeniably something that can build up an attractive classic feel in home exterior design. This fact gets even better because the combination is also suitable to use in almost all styles.

The traditional exterior that you can see in the picture also has the combo. As you can see, it has white siding material that is painted in Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65.

The black accents used in the design are visible on the door, windows, and louvers. Unfortunately, we cannot find any information about the black paint used here.

Besides those colors, you can also see that there is also a touch of grey in the exterior design. Specifically, you can see it in the trim.

The tone used here is rather light. If you are curious about the paint used, it is Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray SW 7650.

The addition of the grey trim in the exterior may be simple. Although so, it boosts the style value of the house and even significantly increases curb appeal.

There is one more thing that we love about this design. It is a fact that the light grey trim looks highly compatible with the white siding. It does not disturb the black and white design since it is also compatible with both primary colors.

2. Unique White Stucco Exterior with Grey Ripple-Style Concrete Trim

a white stucco contemporary house with grey concrete exterior trim
a white stucco contemporary house with grey concrete exterior trim. image © burmeisterwoodwork.com

In this next exterior design idea, we will find the combination of white and black colors with grey as the trim. Although so, this one is different because we also find some interesting details in it.

The white color of this house comes from the stucco material. There is no paint information included, but it looks like it is a pre-colored material.

On the upper part, you can see that the roof’s black color becomes an excellent match for the white stucco. From the look, it is very clear that the material is metal.

Now let us talk about the grey trim. There are at least two details that catch our attention the most from the design.

The first is the attractive styling that certainly becomes a catchy element in the house’s curb appeal. As you can see, it is a bulky trim with a rippling style.

The next thing is the color. It is something that comes from the concrete material used to create the trim. It looks very suitable to match with the creamy-white stucco color of the walls. Together, they build an excellent contemporary visual, which is the main idea of the house.

3. Greige Trim: An Excellent Match for The Creamy-White Exterior

a cream-white house with greige exterior trim around the windows
a cream-white house with greige exterior trim around the windows. image © archerbuchanan.com

Just like the fact that there are quite a lot of white shades that can be used to color the home exterior, there are also many grey options that can be chosen too. An example of this exists very clearly in the picture above.

The white paint used to color this traditional exterior, although we do not know what the exact product is, belongs to the category of creamy white shade. It emits a slight warm visual while still showing the neutral value.

The trim color used here is also not a pure grey. Instead, it is greige, which consists of a mixture between grey and greige color. It is a perfect match for the creamy white walls since they have a warm impression inside.

Particularly in this exterior design, the beige undertone of the trim color is quite strong. Together with the creamy wall paint, it produces a timeless vision that is suitable for a traditional house, as shown in the picture and the others built in different styles.

4. Gorgeous Off-White Brick and Siding Exterior with Medium Grey Trim

grey trim to complete an off-white exterior siding
grey trim to complete an off-white exterior siding. image © millworks.com

Some home exterior uses two different materials for the walls. An example of it is the pairing between white brick for the first floor and white siding for the second floor, as shown in the picture above.

In this transitional exterior design, the paint color applied on both wall materials is the same. We could not find any information about the specific product used here, but the color category is off-white.

The trim color used to complete this design is medium grey. This option tends to be on the neutral and cool side.

That is why if you want the outside of the house to look warmer and welcoming, you can choose something on the warm side like greige. Or, if you want a bolder touch, you can paint the trim in dark grey instead. All of those options go well with off-white walls, just like the ones you see in the pic.

5. Unique Exterior with Bold, Dark Grey Trim and Textured English Stucco Finish

ivory-white stucco exterior with dark, bold grey trim
ivory-white stucco exterior with dark, bold grey trim. image © gilday.com

This classic-looking Tudor-style home exterior design proves that when you wish to combine grey trim and white house, the variations available are many. Specifically from this design, the most prominent elements are the white textured stucco for the walls and the bold, dark grey trim.

First, let us talk about the grey trim since it looks so bold in the design. The boldness of this exterior element is caused not only because of the grey paint applied to it. Instead, it is also because of the bulky size. It is reasonable then if this too becomes something that makes the house more noticeable in the neighborhood.

The second is about the white stucco finish that also boosts the unique value in the house’s curb appeal. If you look closely, you will notice that it is a textured one. FYI, this stucco application type is quite common to call the English-style.

6. White Brick Exterior with Interesting Soot Grey Trim

soot grey trim as a match for a white brick home exterior
soot grey trim as a match for a white brick home exterior. image © Ditto Residential

From this exterior design, you will know that there are many grey shade choices available out there. The one used in this house looks very interesting because it seems as if it has a brown undertone in it.

In this two-story traditional house, we do not exactly know about the paint color used. Although so, you must know that the shade is called soot grey.

The thing that we love the best about it is that it does not only look compatible with the white brick material. It also looks good being close to the red brick houses located near it.

We love that the combination between the white wall paint and the soot grey trim creates an elegant visual. Something like this is another good value you can consider when thinking about making your house’s curb appeal better.

7. The Combination of Grey Trim and Red Accents to Complete White Home Exterior

grey trim and red accents decorating a traditional white home exterior
grey trim and red accents decorating a traditional white home exterior. image © rogerturk-northlightphotography.com

Including another color in the white house and grey trim home design is possible for you to do. However, you must ensure that the addition does not overpower the main shades and not ruining the color scheme.

As an example, you can see the picture of a traditional house above. The exterior color does not only consist of white from the wall siding and light grey from the trim.

There is also an accentuating red color. It is something applied to the double front door and some other decorative details.

This red color alone already looks compatible with the white and light grey paint. However, the designer made it even more interesting by adding black detailing, as shown in the front door and window color.

The black addition is not only meant to add a bold touch to the home design. It also bridges the exterior with the metal fence bordering the land so that everything looks good together.

8. Super Gorgeous Ivory House with Light Greige Trim and Light Grey

a gorgeous white house with light greige trim color
a gorgeous white house with light greige trim color. image © southerngreenbuilders.com

This exterior design is the one you must take as a source of inspiration when you want to pair the dominant white color with grey trim and want the combo to look super gorgeous. All the details included in this house are amazing and complete each other.

Let us start with the wall siding. The textured look, as well as the ivory pastel white pastel color, looks stunning. The paint used here is Sherwin Williams Shoji White SW 7042.

As for the trim, the designer chose Sherwin Williams Morris Room Grey SW 0037. It is a darker greige option that looks well together with the ivory shade of the wall siding.

To complete the information, the eaves and soffits of the house are also painted in greige, but the shade is lighter than the trim. It is Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043.

To perfect the curb appeal, there are also some other details you can get inspired from this exterior. Those include the light grey roof, white fence, brown brick columns, and greige lattice.

9. Coordinating Grey Shutters and Trim Color in a White Brick House Exterior

a white brick house with matching grey trim and shutters
a white brick house with matching grey trim and shutters. image © thefrontdoor-architecture.com

If your white exterior includes shutters as one of the accessories, there is one idea that you can follow to increase the curb appeal. By coloring the window accessories with the same shade as the one, you use for the trim.

Something like this is the one you can see in the picture above. It is a brick house painted in white.

In the center, you can see a double front door painted in light grey color. The exact same shade is used for the trim too.

The design gets more interesting because the window shutters also get the same paint for the coloring. There are even privacy louvers with the same grey shade on the left side.

The idea of using the same paint color for the trim and some other elements, such as the shutters, front door, and louvers you see in the picture, is excellent for creating a coordinating visual. For some people, something like this looks more attractive.

10. Warm Grey Doors and Trim Paired with Bluish Grey Shutters in a White House

coordinating grey windowed-doors and trim in a traditional white home exterior design
coordinating grey windowed-doors and trim in a traditional white home exterior design. image © thefrontdoor-architecture.com

Here we still want to talk about coordinating looks in a white house exterior with grey trim detailing. However, we will be something a bit different.

The specific point that we want to talk about here is the variation you can include in the design. As you can see in the pic, the warm grey color is the most dominant grey shade in the exterior design. Other than this, there is a bluish-grey paint used for the shutters.

The addition of another grey shade like this is the variation that we meant. The purpose of adding it can be various.

In the home design above, the bluish-grey color adds a bold and cool touch. It balances the warm grey trim and doors as well as the creamy white wall tone.

11. Bold, Elegant Charcoal Grey Trim for White House

charcoal grey trim for a white brick house
charcoal grey trim for a white brick house. image © plnarc.com

One thing that you should not forget is that grey is also available in some dark shades. One of the examples is charcoal grey.

This color is gaining popularity because it is highly similar to black, but it is not as dark as black. That is why it can become an alternative for you who want a similar color like black but does not want it to be that dark.

In the picture, the charcoal grey trim becomes a bold and elegant detailing for the white brick house. The roof shingles used in this exterior are also in a highly similar charcoal shade to perfect everything.

12. Gorgeous Traditional Entry with White Siding, Grey Trim, Brown Door, and Stone Floor

white siding exterior paired with grey trim and brown front door
white siding exterior paired with grey trim and brown front door. image © derosabuilders.com

Here is another gorgeous combination of grey trim and white house that we collect for you. The thing that we love about it is that it has some elements that you can maybe include in your design.

No detailed information is included in the photo, but the wall siding is off-white, as you can see. As for the grey trim, it is a regular grey shade with a very subtle beige undertone.

The matches are chosen for this entry design look nice to pair with the white siding and the grey trim. Those include the brown front door and the natural grey stone.

If you think that this color scheme is great to enhance the house’s curb appeal, but at the same time, it looks too simple, you can follow the idea done in the pic. It is by adding colorful plants of your choice in the entry design.

13. Off-white Stucco and Natural Stone Walls with Grey Trim Combination

an off-white stucco exterior with grey trim
an off-white stucco exterior with grey trim. image © thebrigmangroup.com

The addition of natural stone for the white house that comes with grey trim is not only suitable to apply on the floor. If you want to, you can use it on the wall as done in the picture too.

The thing that we love about stone material like this is that many options naturally have grey color. That is why it can fit the combination between grey trim and white walls that we talk about in this post.

All of the things we just mentioned are proven by how attractive the facade’s visual is shown in the picture. With all the colors included in the scheme, we are sure that this house can arrest more attention.

14. Closing

What do you think about the combination of grey trim and white walls in the exterior? When you think about using it in your home design, you must not only think about whether or not the grey shade that you choose looks nice together with the white color. It would be best to consider how it looks when paired with other elements such as roof and accents.

Planning a home exterior design this way may take time and effort. However, the result will never fail you.