front door with brown stain and oyster tan-painted trim

11 Attractive Stained Doors with Painted Trims Ideas to Get Inspired

Are you looking for an attractive door design to include in your home interior or exterior design? If the answer to this question is yes, it seems that you need to look for the combination of stained doors with painted trims immediately. This combo will provide you a unique look that you will love.

Stained Doors with Painted Trims Ideas

The stained doors, which in this case mostly have wood as the material, is an interesting part of any home design. It does provide not only color but also the natural wooden appearance. On the other hand, the painted trims will be the details that do not only frame but also emphasize the doors too.

In this post, we will share to you 11 attractive stained doors with painted trims ideas so you can get inspired in designing ones for your property. However, before we share the inspirations with you, it will be beneficial if you know the differences between stained and painted doors first. You can read all of them in the following list.

  1. The first difference is located in the product used. One of them is a stain, and the other is paint.
  2. The second difference is about consistency. In this point, stain usually has a thinner than paint.
  3. The third difference can be seen after you apply them on doors. Commonly, the stain will soak into the wood. On the other hand, the paint will only sit on the surface.
  4. The fourth difference is that stain does not need many coats while paint usually does. However, if the wood is highly absorbent, there is a big chance for it to require more coats.
  5. The fifth difference is located in the drying time. Although right now there are quite a lot of paint products that can dry fast, the stain is usually still faster when it comes to this point.
  6. The sixth difference is that stain usually still allows the natural components of the wood to be visible. On the contrary, paint tends to conceal them.
  7. The seventh difference is that stain usually give a matte look while the look resulted from the use of paint can vary.

If there are differences between stain and paint, are there any similarities between both of them? The answer is yes, there are also some similarities, although they are not many.

It seems that there are only two significant similarities that you must know. The most fundamental similarity between wood stain and paint for the door is that they both add color.

Other than that, both stain and paint offer protection. The types might be different based on the brand that you choose.

Now that you already know about the differences and similarities between stain and paint for wood material, it is the time to get inspired. Read further to find out the best combinations between stained doors and painted trims that we have collected especially for you.

1. Medium Brown-Stained Door with White-Painted Trim

a wood door with medium brown stain and white-painted trim
a wood door with medium brown stain and white-painted trim. image ©

For the first inspiration, please take a look at the door at the right side of the picture and not the main entrance with the rounded upper part. Here, you can see that it gets color from medium brown stain and it also has white paint for the trims.

The first thing that we want you to know here is that white is the trim color that is chosen quite a lot by many designers and homeowners. Do you know what the reason is?

It is because white is the most neutral paint color that you can pair easily with any stain for the door. No matter what the stain color that you choose it will never go wrong with the white trims. Besides, they are also beneficial in the way that they can reflect the light, primarily when used in interior design.

In this picture, it seems that the door is not heavily coated with the medium brown stain. The proof is the fact that you can see the natural wood features on it.

A combination like this is quite neural. The thing that we try to say to you here is that you can easily pair it with any wall color. In this picture, the color comes from neutral color wallpaper from Maya Romanoff Wallcoverings.

2. Coffee-Stained Door with White-Painted Trim

custom coffee-stained front door with white trim
custom coffee-stained front door with white trim. image ©

White trim is also the one that you can paint quite easily with a darker stain for doors. An example is available in the picture above, in which an entry door gets color from a custom coffee stain that looks quite dark with a hint of a brown tone. It is a choice that can create a cozy atmosphere.

Here, the door also gets decorations from the white trims and sidelights. For you to know, the paint used here by the designer is Sherwin Williams Westhighland White SW 7566.

It is clear that the entry is already bright enough because of the adequate natural light that enters through the glass doors and sidelights. The existence of white trims here makes the room feel even brighter. Besides, it gives the airy impression that can be good for anyone entering the house.

3. Dark Brown-Stained Door with White Paint for the Trim

a walnut-stained door with white trim
a walnut-stained door with white trim. image ©

This next idea has quite the same appearance as the previous one. It consists of darker-stained door and sidelights with white-painted trims.

However, it is also different at the same time in the way that it is quite inspirational. It can make it easier for you to pick one from many choices of wood stain for your doors. The idea you can see in the picture is to choose a stain color based on the type of wood material.

In this example, the door is made from walnut, a wood species that naturally have a darker tone and tight grains. It is also considered as a hard choice.

The stain that the designer used for this door, as well as the sidelights, has the same name as the wood species. It may be the reason why the final result looks darker than the natural wood appearance.

It then creates a quite contrasting look when paired with the white paint of the trims. Other than that, together with the warm grey wall paint, it creates a comfortable look in the home exterior design.

4. Antique Brown Stained-Door with White Paint Trim

a mahogany door with antique brown stain and white trim
a mahogany door with antique brown stain and white trim. image ©

If you have doors with recessed parts in the design, using an antique brown stain to color, it can be a good idea. It will not only create a beautiful vintage touch to the door. It also has a unique look because you can make the borders of the recessed area to have a darker tone.

In the example above, because of the Dura Seal Antique Brown Stain, the door still looks stunning even if there is not any windows or sidelights accompanying it. If you want further information, this piece is the creation of Vintage Millworks Inc.

Another inspiration you can see from the same picture is about the use of white-painted trim. This one is not merely about the easiest trim choice. It is also about creating a compatible look with the brick walls, which also has a white color.

5. Black-Stained Door with Black-Painted Trim

contemporary black-stained door with black trims
contemporary black-stained door with black trims. image ©

Other than white, another neutral paint color that people often chose for the trims as a pairing for stained doors are black. Although so, it creates a rather different look.

As told earlier, when you choose white paint for the door trims, you can get a brighter and more open look. When your choice goes to black trims, a bolder and framing appearance is the one you will achieve.

Just like white trims, the black ones are also easy to pair with any stained-doors no matter what their color is. In the example above, the door is in black stain, which finally makes the final result looks so bold and contrasts to the brown color of the wooden walls.

Although in this entry design, the doors and trims are both in black color, they do not make the interior looks too dark. Thanks to the glass features of the door and the very top part of the walls that allow the natural light from outside to enter the room for a brighter interior.

6. Brown-Stain Door with Black-Painted Trim

contemporary front door with brown stain and black trim
contemporary front door with brown stain and black trim. image ©

Black trim is also an excellent choice to pair with a brown-stained wooden door, just like the one that you can see in the photo above. This idea is the one that you can use in both interior and exterior designs.

The specific visual effect that you can obtain from the combo is not only bold but also elegant. It is mainly when the stained-door color is something from the range between medium to dark brown.

In the picture above, the whole design looks stunning because the designer also chooses quite the same stain color for the pillars and ceiling of the entry for a higher level of compatibility. It looks similar to the one used on the door, but it is different and has a more red or orange undertone in it.

7. Medium Brown-Stained Door with Brown-Painted Trim

door with medium brown stain color and brown trims
door with medium brown stain color and brown trims. image ©

If you are looking for a neutral trim color to pair with your stained-door but you are not interested in black or white choice, brown is another selection that you can pick. The thing that you need to know is that this one is not always easy to pair with other colors, although it also belongs to the neutral category.

Because of this, you should be very careful in choosing not only the paint color for the trim and the stain for the door but also the wall tone. We can say that these three items are directly related to one another, and that is why compatibility is essential here.

Take a look at the picture above as an example. Although it is an attractive one, we cannot say that it is an easy example of the use of stained-door and brown-painted trim at the same time.

The color choices seem to be a bit difficult here because of the matte brown trim, which seems to look like a cedar brown. It looks fine with the wall tone, but something is a bit off with the combination of it and the door stain.

However, everything is about personal taste here. But, if we must make a choice, a darker and less matte brown trim would look better for the stained door in the picture.

8. Brown-Stained Door with Tan-Painted Trim

front door with brown stain and oyster tan-painted trim
front door with brown stain and oyster tan-painted trim. image ©

Here is another interesting example that you can take a look. It does not use any neutral paint anymore for the trims, but a shade of tan that goes by the name of oyster tan.

There are at least three colors used in this exterior design. Those are the pecan brown wall, the oyster tan trims, and the brown door stain.

At a glance, everything looks contrasting in this entry. Although so, the final looks excellent. Overall the exterior design looks warm and welcoming.

If being asked about the combination between the stained-door and the trims alone, it is excellent. The dark color of the door looks gorgeous, being paired with the oyster tan tone.

9. Grey-Stained Doors with White-Painted Trim

barn-style doors with grey stain and white trims
barn-style doors with grey stain and white trims. image via

When talking about the stained door, you shouldn’t miss grey as a considerable option. This one looks impressive when being paired with white or black trims. However, you can still choose some other colors like brown or even grey if you want to.

About the grey wood stain, there are several things that you need to know so you won’t make any mistake in coloring your doors with it.

When applied on wood, you usually do not need too many coats. Doing so will only make the grey color more dominant so the natural wood appearance will lose. In many cases, a single layer only is enough to create a grey stain on wooden material.

However, when you are not satisfied with the look resulted from a single coat only, you can add another layer one by one. It is better than adding a lot of layers at once. See the result after you are done adding a coat to find out whether or not it is the look that you are looking for.

Another thing that you need to know is that when wood doors are stained with a grey color, the final result won’t be a true grey. There is a possibility for you to see some different undertones, including blue or purple.

10. Brown-Stained Door with Grey-Painted Trim

farmhouse exterior with brown-stained door and grey trim
farmhouse exterior with brown-stained door and grey trim. image ©

Grey is the color that you can use not only for staining wooden doors. You can also use it to paint the trims as you can see in the example of farmhouse design above.

Here, the grey trims and brown-stained doors look fabulous being paired with stone and red brick paint walls. There is also a bit of brown touch from the pillars. Overall, this farmhouse design looks warm and inviting at the same time.

One good thing that we can find in this example is that the designer also uses the same grey tone to color the roof of the house. It seems to make the grey trims a compatible part of the exterior design generally.

11. Brown-Stained Door with Green-Painted Trim

a brown-stained front door with fern green trim
a brown-stained front door with fern green trim. image ©

Another example of an attractive combination between stained-door and paint-colored trim is this one. Here, the combo includes a brown stain and green trim. The green shade you see in the picture above is fern shade.

From the picture, there are three primary colors included. Those are brown from the door, green from the trim, and red from the brick walls.

One thing found to be interesting is that all the three materials, each with a different tone, is suitable to say to look natural. The impression is seen quite prominently from the brown and green color. It somehow reminds us of the forest, which also becomes the reason why the combo looks calm and refreshing.

12. Closing

Those are all the attractive stained doors and painted trims inspirations that we can collect especially for you. Is there one or more from the ideas above that you think to be suitable for your home design?

No matter which idea that gets you inspired, there is one thing that you must keep in mind about door staining. It is that each stain will look different on different wood. The number of coats applied as well as the way to apply them can also give a difference.

All the ideas and combinations that we share in this post are just examples. It means there are still a lot of other options available if you try to explore further.

Or, by any chance, you already have some inspirations other than the ones we list above?