a white transitional house with black roof

11 Most Popular Roof and House Color Combinations You Must Know

The right roof and house combinations can create an excellent home exterior view. Besides that, you must know that they can offer some other benefits, including energy saving.

Roof and House Color Combinations

In this post, we will share with you some of the most attractive roof and house color combos that you can use as a source of inspiration when you want to build a new house or remodel the one that you currently have.

We will also include complete information for each of the combinations so that you know everything about it. This way, it will be easier for you to decide later, which one is the best selection that you need.
Let us start with the combination number one, which is the most popular of all time.

1. White House with Black Roof for a Classic Look

a white transitional house with black roof
a white transitional house with black roof. image © midtowncustomhomes.com

The combination that we want to discuss first in this post is between the white home and the black roof. This combo is not only the most popular but is also the one that will give you a timeless classic look.

Another plus point is that white color can make the house look bigger from the outside. That is why you should consider this idea when you have a small house.

The neutral value in both colors also makes the combo easier to match with any exterior style. That is why it can also be an excellent choice to pick when you are planning a remodeling.

The same neutral value also makes it more effortless for you to include any other exterior elements in the design. Those include the doors, windows, trim, gutters, beams, etc.

In the picture of a transitional home above, the designer chose black exterior elements to match the IKO black roof. This choice creates a design consistency.

However, if you are interested in the home exterior combo but want to choose the exterior elements that have a color other than black and white, it would be fine. Or, you can use a different color only for the front door while the other elements are still in black or white.

Another fact that you must know from this combination is that white is a popular wall exterior tone because of the excellent ability to reflect sunlight. It is something that affects the energy cost of the house.

The white color helps saving energy concerning the fact that it can make the home interior cooler. It becomes the reason why the wall tone choice is suitable for the hot climate area.

However, you need to know that the black roof offers something that is entirely on the contrary. The dark tone absorbs the heat of the sun.

If, by any chance, you live in a hot climate area, but you are still in love with a white house and a black roof, you can always use it. If you do not want to have a problem with the black roof’s heat-absorbing ability, please consider good-quality insulation and ventilation.

2. White House with Charcoal Grey Roof for an Alternative Classic Look

a white farmhouse with charcoal grey roof shingles
a white farmhouse with charcoal grey roof shingles. image © plankandpillow.com

This next combination is between a white house and a charcoal grey roof. The primary reason we recommend this combo is not only because of the popularity but also because it can be an excellent alternative to the black roof and white house option that we talked about earlier.

At a glance, charcoal grey has a high similarity with black. Many people even think both of them as the same color.

In the picture of a farmhouse residential building that you see above, the type of roofing used is charcoal grey shingles from GAF. The pair for this is a wall siding painted in Cream Delight 7002-14 by Valspar. It is a white paint that has some creamy undertone in it. It is an excellent option for farmhouse style.

The combination of a white house and a charcoal grey roof has all the benefits that you can find in the white house and black roof combo because of the high similarity. However, you might worry about other colors of elements you want to include in the exterior design.

You should not worry about that actually because charcoal grey is also a neutral option. It means that any tones can be included effortlessly in the home exterior if you want to.

Take a look at the picture. Here, the most significant elements are the catchy black windows and the wooden front door. As you can see, they still look compatible with the charcoal grey roof shingles, right?

3. Light Grey House with Light Grey Roof for a Beautiful Traditional Feel

a light grey traditional house with light grey roof
a light grey traditional house with light grey roof. image © High Gate Builders

For you who want to get a beautiful traditional feel in your home exterior design, this color combination is the one you must pick. It is between a light grey house and a light grey roof. FYI, it is a part of the grey-on-grey trend that seems to become a popular talk in recent years.

The visual resulted from the use of this color combo is just gorgeous. It even leads to a timeless look that many homeowners often consider as a form of investment.

You can take a look at the picture above as one example. This house has a grey wall siding and a light grey roof. The two greys here are in different shades, but you can see how they excellently match each other.

The thing that is quite interesting in the design shown in the pic is the use of white trim, particularly on the part where the roof meets the body of the house. This white exterior element becomes a kind of bridge to avoid a clash between the two grey shades.

We can also say that white trim is one of the most excellent choices to match with light grey house and light grey room combo. Choosing the wrong trim tone for such a building can result in a terrible look so you won’t get the beautiful traditional feel we talk about here.

4. Light Grey House with Charcoal Grey Roof for Prominence

a light grey traditional home exterior with charcoal grey roof
a light grey traditional home exterior with charcoal grey roof. image © carefreehomescompany.com

This next idea is still a part of the grey on grey trend when the main topic that we discuss is about the combination of house and roof colors. This time, it is a light grey house that is paired with a charcoal grey roof.

The contrast between the two tones creates a beautiful, prominent look. That is why the combo can be an excellent choice to pick when you want your house to look more visible in the surroundings.

Please take a look at the picture of a traditional home exterior above. Its basic idea is the pairing between a charcoal grey roof and light grey walls.

Here, the roofing used is a popular choice in many places. It is the charcoal Timberline HD Shingles by GAF.

The thing that we find to be attractive from this design is that the designer decorated the windows with charcoal grey shutters. It is a simple but great idea to follow when you also consider adding some decorations as parts of the home exterior.

5. Dark Grey House with Charcoal Roof for a Bolder Look

a dark grey house with charcoal roof
a dark grey house with charcoal roof. image © luxebuilders.com.au

We still have one more option from the grey on grey trend. It is an exterior design with dark grey for the house and charcoal for the roof.

The theme in this combo is dark tones. It is reasonable then if the final result is a bolder look that makes it a more suitable choice for modern themes, including contemporary and transitional styles.

The picture of a transitional house that you can see above contains an attractive idea that we want to discuss more. It is the use of highly similar colors for the two exterior elements.

As you can see in the picture, the roof and the house color look very similar, although we are not sure whether or not they are the same shade. We are trying to say here that it produces a coordinating appearance in the design besides the fact that it also creates the bolder look we talked about earlier.

When you choose this combination, you must know that the trim, window, and door color can play an essential role in the design. We can say that there are two best options to consider here, although it is still possible for you to choose something else.

The first option is white, as shown in the picture. This choice helps add some brightness as well as create sense in the design.

The second option is a grey tone that is the same as the wall and roof color. Something like this can create a unique and even bolder appearance to make your house prominent.

An important fact you must consider about this pairing is that all the colors used are dark. As we already told you, something like this is more suitable for a house located in a cold climate area since the dark tones can absorb more heat from outside.

Using the combination in a hot-weathered area is not recommended because of this reason, unless you design the house to have a cooler interior, such as by adding a proper ventilation and insulation system. You can also use an integrated cooling system for the home if the energy bill is never a problem.

6. Greige House with Brown Roof for a Cozy Look

a greige craftsman house with brown roof shingles
a greige craftsman house with brown roof shingles. image © remingtonarchitecture.com

Sometimes, creating a cozy exterior look is the only thing that you want. If that is so, you may think about some warm tones, especially for the walls.

Instead of choosing some regular choices, why don’t you choose something unique instead? The one that we want to suggest to you here is greige color as the Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray HC-111 paint color on the wall siding of the craftsman house in the picture above.

If you do not know about what greige is, it is the mixing between grey and beige. The result is a grey tone that has a strong beige undertone in it.

Since the look that we want to create here is cozy and comfortable, the best choice of roof tone as the pairing is none other but brown. The product you see in the picture is a residential roofing product in weathered wood color from CertainTeed.

The combination between a brown roof and greige like this is particularly excellent to pair with white trim as done in the house shown in the pic. FYI, the white tone has a balancing role here.

7. Wood Color House with Brown Roof for a Rustic Look

a rustic wood house with brown roof
a rustic wood house with brown roof. image © landsenddev.com

This next combination that we want to tell you still has a warm and cozy atmosphere, but that is not the thing that we want to emphasize here. We want you to look at how the combo can build up a fantastic appearance.

The pairing is between wood color for the house and brown for the roof. As you may already know, these tones are used quite often in rustic home design. As a bonus, you must understand that this most natural look is relaxing and soothing to see.

When we said wood color here, what we meant was the real wooden material that still has its natural look for the home exterior. In the picture above, the majority of the wooden wall gets a treatment that still shows the natural appearance of the wood. Some other parts are painted in a unique green tone that blends the house excellently with the green forest-like surroundings.

As for the roof, it has a pure brown color that matches the wooden wall excellently. It matches the rustic theme quite the most.

The thing you must know is that this idea is a perfect selection for a log house too. You can even use it for a small cabin if you have one.

8. Red Brick House with Grey Roof for a Warm Look

a red brick house with grey roof and grey shutters
a red brick house with grey roof and grey shutters. image © georgiafrontporch.com

Many homeowners love the red brick house, primarily because of the benefits it offers. While those are obvious, let us talk about something more specific here. The red brick house is still a favorite because of the stunning warm look.

If, by any chance, you have a red brick house and you are planning to update the exterior design, leave the red brick alone. As a solution, you can consider changing the roof color.

The suggestion that we will give you here is using grey for the roof. The combination between it and the red brick house can create a uniquely warm look. It will be better if the grey tone has a warm undertone.

Take a look at the picture as an example. The design of this traditional red brick house is even better because of the existence of the grey window shutters, which color matches the color of the roof excellently.

9. Red Brick House with Black Roof for Bold Classic Look

a red brick house with black roof and black shutters
a red brick house with black roof and black shutters. image © ashli slawter architecture

Still about the red brick house, now we will talk about a different combination. It is between the red brick and the black roof.

This combo is the one that will provide a bold look to your home exterior. That is not all. A classic touch will be strongly visible in this combo too. It is something that can make even a small house looks stunning.

For an even more interesting design, you can add a touch of white to some other exterior elements of the house. The examples shown in the picture are windows, columns, and rails.

The addition of a white tone will not ruin the classic impression created by the pairing between a red brick house and a black roof. Instead, white is another perfect color for a classic home exterior style.

10. White House with Chrome-Color Metal Roof

a white farmhouse with metal roof
a white farmhouse with metal roof. image © stephaniegambleinteriors.com

Are you looking for a roof and house combination that is perfect for a hot climate? If so, this option that we will discuss is an excellent choice you must consider. It is a white house with a chrome-color metal roof.

White color and metal roofing are the best for reflecting the radiant heat of the sun. This fact is beneficial for a house located in a hot climate area. With it, the home interior won’t be too hot. In other words, the cooling cost can be cut significantly.

Any color of metal roofing can give the benefit that we just mentioned. If that is so, why we said about chrome color here?

Well, the reason is that a white house looks perfect to match with chrome-colored roofing. Together, they create a bright and clean appearance that is suitable for any exterior style. The one you see in the pic is a farmhouse.

11. Light Blue House and Chrome Metal Roof for a Beach-Style Look

a beach-style house in light blue color with white roof
a beach-style house in light blue color with white roof. image © glenn layton homes

Still, about something excellent for a hot climate, let us talk about something even more specific. It is a popular color combination for a beach or tropical-style house.

The way to create the look is by pairing a light blue house and chrome metal roofing. The picture shows the exact example you need to see.

In this home design, it is clear that the type of metal roofing used is the one with chrome color. On the other hand, the blue color comes from Sherwin Williams SW 6478 Watery. To make the design more attractive, the designer also uses white accents.

12. Closing

Roof and house color combinations are basic knowledge you must know when you are about to build a new house or remodel the current one. It is something that will tell you not only about how to make the building attractive on the exterior but also about some other related benefits. One example is the fact that the right combination between the house and roof colors can boost the property’s sale value.

The 11 combinations that we have shared with you in this post are the ones used quite a lot by many people all around the globe. That is the reason why we called them popular. Of course, other than the combinations we shared here, there are still many different options available.

The sure thing is that you must make sure that your choice is not merely about the look but also some other essential things. For instance, you must know that a specific roof and house color can affect the temperature in your home interior.

Location is another thing you can consider when choosing the right color combination for the roof and the house. It would be nice for the roof color to blend naturally with the surroundings to create a harmonious look.
So, which combination that you think the best for your house? Tell us your opinion!