purple and grey beach-style bedroom with fluffy rug and ottomans

13 Most Wonderful Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas That You Will Love

Purple and grey bedroom design has two primary tones that do not only create a calming and relaxing feel. Those colors also build up a peaceful atmosphere in an exquisite way.

13 most wonderful purple and grey bedroom ideas

Besides, this color combination also builds up an expensive and luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom area. Not to forget the fact that the purple color in the combo also makes a mysterious feel to come to the room.

If you are interested in all those and are looking for a bedroom color scheme that will give you all best qualities mentioned earlier, this purple and grey theme is the one you should consider.

In the following, you will find the 13 most wonderful ideas and examples for purple and grey bedroom design that you will love. Those ideas include:

Now that you have already known all of the ideas in the list above, it is the time for you to read the further information about each of them. The full explanation is available for you in the following.

1. Traditional Purple and Grey Bedroom

The combination of grey and purple colors in a bedroom area is very suitable for building modern look. However, you need to know that the combo can also be ideal for creating a traditional style under certain circumstances.

The example of this exists in the picture of traditional bedroom below.

purple and grey bedroom with traditional style
purple and grey bedroom with traditional style. image © Veronica Rodriguez Interior Photography

The walls of this room have two-tone style with lighter and darker grey as the primary tones. One of the grey colors is quite similar to the color of the mirror background and the pillows on the bed.

The purple hue, on the other hand, mainly appears on the bedding set covering the bed.

While the two primary colors create a bold yet compatible appearance, you need to know that they are not the main thing that builds the traditional atmosphere in there.

To develop such feel, the designer of this room chooses the right choice of furniture and decorations.

Indeed, they all have the traditional style. The most significant one is the traditional bed with metal frame. Other than this furniture piece, there are also wall mirror, traditional white dresser, a small-size black fireplace, and a small chandelier in a brass paint.

To perfect everything, there is also a neutral tone carpet flooring that is always suitable for the interior style.

From all those details, the conclusion is that if you want to build a traditional bedroom style, you cannot count on to both of purple and grey colors.

Here, it is also essential for you to pay attention to the choice of furniture pieces and decorations you are about to include in the interior design.

2. An Elegant-Patterned Accent Wall in Purple and Grey Bedroom

The next idea is about the use of elegant-patterned accent wall in a bedroom with a purple and grey theme. This detail is very suitable to boost the look of the interior design especially when the room is lacking in something.

For instance, you can check out the following picture of a contemporary bedroom below.

purple and grey bedroom with elegant-patterned purple accent wall
purple and grey bedroom with elegant-patterned purple accent wall. image © Montgomery Plaza

This grey-purple bedroom is quite fantastic actually. It even has enough natural light that comes from outside through the windows.

However, if you notice, the room is quite limited in size, especially when you see the size of the bed and side tables located inside it. It seems to be suitable to say that the room is already full of all the furniture pieces.

The existence of the patterned-accent wall here gives an advantage to the bedroom because instead of paying more attention to how small the room is, people will notice the beautiful detail more. Besides, this pattern also boosts the elegance of the room to the next level.

If you are interested in this idea, there is a tip you can follow. It is that you can just use wallpaper to create the accent wall since it is way easier and faster to do.

3. Purple and Grey Combo for Female Teenager’s Room

Purple and grey combination is also a suitable choice for teenager’s room. However, for this room type, you need to pay more attention to the selection of purple tone.

Bright and cheerful feel is more suitable for teenager’s bedroom. Based on this, it would be nice if you choose a lighter purple tone. Selecting a soft purple color, such as pastel, is not a wrong decision too since it is also suitable for girls.

As for the grey color, you do not need to worry about anything. Any grey tone will fit in the room together with the purple hue that you choose.

If you need an example, you can take a look at the following pic of an eclectic teenagers’ bedroom made for two occupants.

eclectic purple and grey bedroom for female teenagers
eclectic purple and grey bedroom for female teenagers. image © James Yochum

From this picture, you can see that the bedroom has light purple domination. The wall color, which is more dominant, looks very similar to iris or amethyst purple shade. Other than the walls, more purple shades exist in furniture and decorations too.

The mate for all purple hues in this bedroom is a light grey tone that seems to be similar to fossil grey, but it is slightly lighter. With this color addition, the brightness and cheerful atmosphere in the room become quite prominent.

If you want to decorate a bedroom for a teenager with this color combination, you can also add a secondary color other than just using the two primary tones.

The example available in the picture above is the magenta pink color of the bolsters. This choice of color is perfect to choose since it goes well with both grey and purple.

4. Purple and Grey Bedroom for Men

If previously we have talked about grey and purple combination for girls’ bedroom, this time we will talk about the same combo but it is for men.

While there are still many people think that purple is only suitable for girls and women, this idea proves that the same tone is also perfect for men’s bedroom.

To create a manly look, different shades of purple and grey are more suitable for this design idea. To be more specific, the darker shades of both tones are more considerable here.

The example below is a very awesome one for you to check out.

purple and grey bedroom for men
purple and grey bedroom for men. image © Shoshana Gosselin

The two primary colors, which are grey and purple, have darker looks. The dark grey tones are perfect for men since they can excellently represent masculinity. On the other hand, the dark purple colors build up a mysterious feel.

From the bed and bedside tables, we all know that dark wooden furniture is a choice to consider in this design idea. The glossy finish makes everything even better since it adds a stylish value in the bedroom area.

Another good inspiration you can gain from the same picture is the use of grey color with a purple undertone. This type of hue is not only matching with the color combo. It is also the one that can create balance in the interior design.

5. Purple and Grey Bedroom with Chaise Lounge

The next idea is the use of chaise lounge in the grey and purple bedroom. For you who are not familiar with this furniture type, the simplistic definition of this is a rather long reclining chair.

Besides the fact that this furniture piece can strengthen the color theme in the bedroom, there are some other benefits you can obtain from this sofa. The sure thing is that its design makes it looks so beautiful and elegant.

Placing the lounge in your bedroom also means creating a comfortable reading spot or a place where you can relax a bit. You can also use it as an extra bed if you want to.

However, you need to know too that the furniture also has a disadvantage. It is that it is only suitable to place in a spacious bedroom because of the size.

As an example, please look at the picture of a transitional bedroom below in which a plum-colored chaise lounge is an element.

purple and grey bedroom with violet chaise longue
purple and grey bedroom with violet chaise longue. image © Leslie Fine Interiors

From the picture above, it is clear that the room is dominated more with lighter shades of grey. The only purple shades exist in there come from the drapes and the bolster.

Concerning the purple and grey theme of the room, the plum chaise lounge gives an excellent point. It makes the purple tone more prominent as the second primary color in the bedroom area.

6. Purple and Grey Bedroom with Fluffy Decorations

Fluffy decorations can boost the comfort value of your grey and purple bedroom. That is why the next idea is nothing else but adding fluffy stuff in the room.

Of course, you cannot just add random fluffy items in there. The items must be suitable for the bedroom as a place for resting and relaxing.

If you need an example, check out the following image of a beach-style bedroom.

purple and grey beach-style bedroom with fluffy rug and ottomans
purple and grey beach-style bedroom with fluffy rug and ottomans. image © Beach Chic Design

There are at least three different fluffy items you can find in this room. Those are an area rug, poufs, and decorations that have the same theme with the poufs.

All of these items can make the room more comfortable for taking a rest. This fact applied more to the rug because it will be the one you step on before and after sleeping on the bed. This action will leave a soft sensation on your feet and instantly boost the comfort.

Since the color-themed bedroom is the one we talk about here, you have to make sure that the fluffy items you place in the bedroom have the compatible colors. In the example above, all of the fluffy stuff has purple shades in them.

7. Warm Purple and Grey Bedroom

A purple and grey room can also have a warm atmosphere. Admittedly, in this case, you need to limit the color options in those that look warm.

For the grey color, the best shades to choose are greige. This color has a warm characteristic because of the beige undertones.

For the purple color, of course, you also need to choose some shades with warm undertones. Some of the examples are mauve, orchid, violet, lilac, and lavender.

Other than these warm purple shades, you can also use soft or pastel tones since they get along nicely with warm grey colors to create the feel you want in the interior.

The example of a warm purple and grey room is available in the picture below.

warm atmosphere in a purple and grey bedroom
warm atmosphere in a purple and grey bedroom. image © Martha O’Hara Interiors

This transitional bedroom has enough warm atmosphere from the grey walls and flooring. It gets even better because the grey bed has purple undertone and it looks warm.

Besides, there is also a soft-toned bolster placed on the bed, and it is highly compatible with the warm and cozy feel in the room.

8. Purple and Grey Bedroom with Tufted Upholstered Headboard

A tufted upholstered headboard is another great idea you should consider for your purple and grey room. This bedroom element is suitable for both men and women. It is even proper also for the youngsters.

Grey tufted headboard with simple rectangle design, including also the rather tall one, is suitable for male occupants. If the model is curvy, it tends to fit more for female.

The purple tufted headboard is also quite the same. However, if the color is soft and bright, the headboard is a better choice for female occupants.

Of course, the reason why this type of headboard is excellent for the grey and purple bedroom is not merely because it is suitable for everyone.

A tufted headboard like this may look simple, but it is not just an accessory for the bed. It is something that can affect the whole room, including the feel.

Check out this bedroom picture for instance.

tufted upholstered headboard in a purple and grey bedroom
tufted upholstered headboard in a purple and grey bedroom. image © E Design,Inc

It is a girl’s room made of purple as the dominant color and purplish grey as the secondary color. The bed in this room has a purple tufted upholstered headboard that looks simple yet so elegant at the same time.

At a glance, this headboard is suitable to choose for an older girl. It can be a decent choice too for a little girl.

If you pick this headboard for your little girl, you can use it until she grows up into a teenager or even older. The reason is that the bed accessory does not has any childish value that must you to replace it with another headboard as time goes by.

9. Glamor Feminine Purple and Grey Bedroom

This next idea is suitable to consider for an adult woman who wants to have a bedroom with glamor and feminine design. In this idea, there are several must items to pay attention to. All those items exist in the picture below.

glamor and feminine purple and grey bedroom
glamor and feminine purple and grey bedroom. image © L2 Interiors

The first one is the elegant-patterned accent wall. In this picture, the color of the wall is black.

It is OK for you to choose an extra color other than the purple and grey primary colors as long as the color is compatible with both grey and purple tones. Besides, this different color must not be as dominant as the primary colors.

As shown in the picture, the black color only decorates a wall side while the other wall sides are in the lighter grey shade. Purple and grey shades fill the rest of the room too, so the black color is still less dominant.

The choice of headboard for the bed in this room is also perfect. It is not merely about the tone but more to the style of the headboard.

If you want to build up a glamor look in your room, choosing a tall upholstered tufted headboard is the best decision. It would be even better if the upholstery is velvet since it will boost the headboard’s elegance to the next level.

The next must item you need to consider is leather furniture. This furniture type always fits in glamor interior design nicely.

Since feminine is also the look wanted here, you can see that the lighter grey color of the leather armchair is an excellent one.

As a bonus, there is an excellent idea of using custom decorative items in the bedroom to support the color theme. In the example above, the custom decorations are the white and purple flower pillows.

10. Purple and Grey Bedroom with Custom Wall Mural

Next, you can spice up your purple and grey room by adding a mural in it. A mural is an excellent decoration you can add to the bedroom without taking any space.

A mural also is available in so many designs. You can even choose something that matches your taste or even your age. Another plus point about the wall decor is that you can create an accent wall with it.

An example of accent wall with mural is available in the following picture.

purple and grey bedroom with a custom mural
purple and grey bedroom with a custom mural. image © Emma Lewis Photography

The choice of the mural in this grey and purple bedroom is excellent. The tree design seems to make the area more relaxing and calm.

You need to consider something like this when choosing a mural design for your bedroom. In conclusion, you can pick something that is helpful in building atmosphere required for good quality rest.

If by any chance you are having difficulty in creating the mural on your own, there are several options you can choose. If you have enough money, you can hire a professional to design the wall decoration for you.

If money is a problem, you can just go for a cheaper option. It is none other but wall decals that you can find quite easily right now.

11. Purple and Grey Bedroom with Dark Purple Wall

Some people just love dark bedroom wall because it makes them rest better than when they sleep in a room with bright walls. If you are this kind of person too, then the next idea to consider is painting your bed with dark purple tone.

Besides the fact that this color makes the surrounding looks calm and peaceful, which is good since you can feel relaxed more whenever you are about to go to sleep, there are at least two other advantages you can obtain from it.

The first one is that this tone looks so elegant and glamor. The second one is that it makes the grey color you add to the room more stunning.

Check out this image as the example.

purple and grey bedroom with a mulberry wall
purple and grey bedroom with a mulberry wall. image © Terri White Design

The wall color of this room is mulberry. This color can be the one you choose for your room if you do not know which one to pick.

The darkness of this tone is just right. It is not too dark. Besides, with the proper lighting, it looks sweet and elegant.

This mulberry color also makes the bed pops more and becomes the center of attention n the room. Not to forget the fact that it looks highly compatible with all choices of grey tones in this bedroom.

You can see the bedroom in the picture above does not have much space. However, the dark wall color does not make it looks cramped. Thanks to the white ceiling that makes the room gains extra brightness.

12. Airy Purple and Grey Bedroom

A purple and grey room can also obtain an airy atmosphere as long as you choose the right hues for it. In this case, soft grey and purple tones are the right ones to consider.

However, to build an airier look, there are at least two other things you need to add to the room other than the colors earlier. Those are adequate lighting and a color addition that can enhance the room brightness.

All those are available clearly in the example below.

airy purple and grey bedroom
airy purple and grey bedroom. image © Clean Design

The specific wall color name in this picture is lilac. It goes well with the soft grey color of the bed, rug, and armchair.

Other than those details, the room also has a large window facing the right side so the natural light of the sun can enter the room easily through it.

The room also has some white items including also the ceiling. This way the airy atmosphere gets even stronger.

13. Purple and Grey Bedroom with Black Accents

Talking about color addition, you can also add black accents in your grey and purple bedroom if you want to.

The best thing about doing this is that you can create a bold but sweet look in the room. This look is also the reason why the reason why the color combination is excellent to apply in teenagers’ bedroom as shown in the following picture.

purple and grey bedroom with black accents
purple and grey bedroom with black accents. image © Karen Goodale Design

From this example, you can also see that you do not always have to use a solid color in the room. Choosing something with patterns, such as the dots pattern on the black blanket and pillow, could be interesting too.

Another great inspiration you can get from this bedroom design is the wall. Instead of being made plain, the wall has horizontal stripe design with the combination of white and smoke grey colors.

There are so many ideas you can choose to decorate your purple and grey bedroom. No matter which one you prefer, you can always gain benefits from the two primary tones.

Those are mainly calm and relaxing feeling, which are just perfect for a bedroom.

So, which one is your favorite idea?