a unique entry design with navy Dutch-style front door

9 Most Stunning Navy Blue Front Door Paint Inspirations for Exterior Update

Navy blue front door shows calmness, tranquility, and peace. The dark shade even indicates elegance. In some cultures, painting the front door with navy blue can attract prosperity too.

Navy Blue Front Door

For you who plan to sell your property, changing the front door color into navy blue can be an excellent idea to try. FYI, the shade can increase the curb appeal, which means a possibility to sell it a better price.

Right now, tons of navy blue paint choices are available at stores. This fact can create a doubt in choosing the best one for your front door.

Here we have the list of the most stunning blue paints that you can use in the front door repainting project to help you out. We will include some ideas too so that you will know how attractive a home exterior will be when navy blue is the tone chosen for the front door.

1. Benjamin Moore Blue Suede Shoes 798

Benjamin Moore Blue Suede Shoes front door with white sidelight
Benjamin Moore Blue Suede Shoes front door with white sidelight. image © renovatehou.com

The first paint color that you can use to get a navy blue tone for your front door is Benjamin Moore Blue Suede Shoes 798. It can be an excellent selection if you do not like the door to look too bright.

When you pick the navy blue front door, it would be nice if the sidelights and trims are in a neutral tone. Doing it will help you in increasing the curb appeal of the house. The reason is obviously that the contrasting appearance is catchy. It also makes the navy blue tone something accenting in the design.

You can take a look at the traditional front door design above. The white sidelight and the trim here make the Blue Suede Shoes color pops stunningly. Besides, it bridges the door and the multi-tone brick wall too.

2. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

a traditional Benjamin Moore Hale Navy front door
a traditional Benjamin Moore Hale Navy front door. image © vanessafrancis.com

The second paint choice that we will suggest here still comes from Benjamin Moore. The name is Hale Navy HC-154.

One thing that we found to be quite interesting about this product is the fact that it has a grey undertone, which is very normal to find in quite a lot of dark blue paints. It makes the front door painted with this paint looks different based on some conditions, including various lighting environment.

In low light, the front door usually looks like it has more grey in it. On the contrary, the navy blue appearance seems stronger with more light, as shown in the traditional entry photo above.

As you can see in the picture, there is no grey undertone on the front door, while the designer mentioned that the paint used here is Hale Navy. In a case like this, lighting is commonly the reason behind everything.

The thing we love about the design is the accentuating wallpaper. It has a blue tone to match the navy blue paint color of the front door.

3. Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue HC-155

a traditional exterior with Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue front and garage doors
a traditional exterior with Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue front and garage doors. image © jcari.com

This next choice is Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue HC-155. It has a very similar look with Hale Navy, but it is lighter. Even their number in the series is next to one another.

Just like the Hale Navy, this one also has a grey undertone, which visibility depends on the lighting as well as the technique used to repaint the front door. If you need proof of this, you can see the picture of the traditional exterior above.

The front and garage doors are all painted in Newburyport Blue. However, they look different, right?

This is the fact that there is a roof blocking some amount of light and making the front door look darker. On the other hand, the garage doors that seem more open receive more natural light, making it look brighter.

Another thing that you must notice from this home exterior design is the fact that the blue door color goes well together with the light grey tone of the wall siding. FYI, grey is a color that you can match effortlessly with navy blue.

4. Benjamin Moore Blueberry Hill 812

traditional double front door with Benjamin Moore Blueberry Hill paint
traditional double front door with Benjamin Moore Blueberry Hill paint. image © thermatru.com

Here is another option from Benjamin Moore. The name is Blueberry Hill 812.

It is an excellent option to show elegance in your front door design. Everything will look even better when paired with nice-looking door design as the one you can see in the picture.

In this traditional entry design, the designer used a double-door with gorgeous glass detailing. The door’s color looks so relaxing that it can give a peaceful feel to everyone seeing it. Something like this is a curb appeal that you can add to the house when you plan to sell it.

If you look closely, this navy blue front door is paired with black-colored handles. We love this detail not only because of how fabulous look but also because the matte black color looks compatible with the door’s blue tone.

Another interesting detail from the design that still has relation with the front door is none other but the cream yellow shingle siding. It seems to prove that the entry’s navy blue tone is not that hard to pair with any wall color.

5. Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244

eclectic front door with Sherwin Williams Naval paint
eclectic front door with Sherwin Williams Naval paint. image © megandaoust.com

Let us move now to the top choices of navy blue color from Sherwin Williams. In the picture of an eclectic entry above, you can see the use of Naval SW 6244 paint to give a color boost to the front door.

If seen from the appearance at a glance, it looks quite dark. However, you can see that the navy blue shade is visible quite clearly, which means the color does not make the door look more like it is black.

Pay attention to the hardware chosen for the door, which is the knob and the keyhole. Both of them have a gold color that creates a stun in the entry design. It makes gold another color you can consider to pair with the front door’s navy blue tone.

Another idea that you can imitate from this design is the existence of other blue items in the porch area to create a coordinating look. Those include the garden stool that also functions as a side table and the round blue planter.

the facade before the door is repainted with the navy blue paint
the facade before the door is repainted with the navy blue paint. image © megandaoust.com

Take a look at this photo. It is another thing that we want you to know from the front door design.

We know that everything is a remodeling project to give the door a new look from this pic. You can see how it stunningly look after the repainting is done, right?

The project is very simple to do, but it can make the home facade way more appealing. Even when the wall paint is not changed, the look is still very different in an excellent way.

6. Sherwin Williams Luxe Blue SW 6537

a beach style house with bright blue wall siding and Luxe Blue front door and shutters
a beach style house with bright blue wall siding and Luxe Blue front door and shutters. image © glenn layton homes

This next option from Sherwin Williams can be an alternative to pick when you want to paint the front door with navy blue. The shade that we meant is Luxe Blue SW 6537. Compared to Naval; this one is lighter.

The beach-style house above is an example that we use to show you how gorgeous this paint color is. In the design, the tone does not only appear in the entry but also the window shutters.

We want you to notice from the picture the use of a light blue color on the wall siding. The paint used here is also from Sherwin Williams, which is Tradewind SW 6218.

Blue wall tone is another color that you can match easily with the navy blue front door. The combination looks particularly nice when used in a beach-style home exterior design, as shown above.

7. Sherwin Williams Rainstorm SW 6230

a craftsman entry with Sherwin Williams Rainstorm door
a craftsman entry with Sherwin Williams Rainstorm door. image © virginiatraditionbuilders.com

This next navy blue paint color for the front door is very interesting. It is Sherwin Williams Rainstorm.

The reason why we said so is that it has a very subtle green undertone in it. Because of that, it becomes a perfect choice to consider when you love both navy blue and green.

It becomes reasonable to pair a Rainstorm front door with a green tone, such as emerald. However, if you do not want the home exterior to look too bold with such a color scheme, you can choose something else such as a grey tone with a green undertone, as shown in the picture’s wall siding appearance.

In the pic, we can also see an American flag decorating the exterior design, and it also has a navy blue tone in it. Of course, it then looks compatible with the front door shade.

We can say that you can include the navy blue entry project as a part of a decorating idea to celebrate the 4th of July. This idea can create a patriotic theme for others to see.

8. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

a transitional front door with Hague Blue paint
a transitional front door with Hague Blue paint. image © lisettevoute.com

The next option of navy paint color for your front door comes from Farrow & Ball, Hague Blue. One thing that we find to be interesting from this choice is that it also has a green undertone as the Rainstorm from Sherwin Williams we talked about previously.

The example of a front door colored with this paint you can see above is just gorgeous. There are so many things we love about this.

The first is the navy blue tone that looks elegant and timeless at the same time. It gets even interesting because the designer decided to use the same paint to color the door trim. It is an idea you can try if you love to add boldness to the entry design.

The next is the golden color hardware used to complete the door design. The color comes from a brass finish chosen by the designer. The final result is amazing because it gives a luxury touch to the front door.

The last but not least thing to forget is the door design itself, in which glass details exist. With the addition of the navy blue paint, the appearance is stunning.

9. Dulux Passionate Blue S41H9

a beach-style front entry with Dulux Passionate Blue door
a beach-style front entry with Dulux Passionate Blue door. image © burleighconstructions.com.au

The last but not least paint color option that we suggest you pick for the front door comes from Dulux. It is the Passionate Blue S41H9.

The same brand has some other great navy blue shades, such as Misty Blue S40F8 or Integra S40F7. However, we love this Passionate Blue more.

This paint looks popping that it gives the front door a prominence. It becomes such a good breaking point in the beach-style home exterior dominated with neutral tones, including white and grey.

10. Navy Blue Front Door Ideas

Now that you already know about our choices of the best colors for creating a front door design with a navy blue tone, it is the time for you to take a look at some other amazing ideas that we found. You can use them to get inspired too.

a small cottage front door with Benjamin Moore Downpour Blue
a small cottage front door with Benjamin Moore Downpour Blue. image © theimpatientgardener.com

The first is this transitional front door. The navy blue color that it has comes from Benjamin Moore Downpour Blue. We love how the blue tone breaks the mostly-white color of the property’s wall siding.

We also love the door shape, particularly. It does have not only a unique top but also stunning black hardware.

rustic front door with navy blue color
rustic front door with navy blue color. image © gda-architecture.co.uk

We cannot find any information about the navy blue paint used to color this rustic front door. We share it here because we love how this entry looks stunning, paired with the stone wall.

The small tree near it even makes it look interesting too. It somehow makes the door looks like a part of a fairy tale.

a unique entry design with navy Dutch-style front door
a unique entry design with navy Dutch-style front door. image © sgwarch.com

Although no paint color information is included in this example, it can still be a good inspiration for you looking for a unique design for the navy front door. As you can see, the arched style is already stunning.

It gets better because the type of door used in this design is different too. It is Dutch-style.

Dutch-style inky navy front door
Dutch-style inky navy front door. image © courtneythomasdesign.com

This front door also uses Dutch-style in the design. The difference is that the navy blue tone here looks inkier.
If you are curious about the paint used here, it comes from Dunn Edwards. The shade is Novelty Navy DE6335.

a navy blue entry door paired with whitewashed brick wall
a navy blue entry door paired with whitewashed brick wall. image © anthonywilder.com

The paint color used in this front door is the same as the one we mentioned earlier, which is Hague Blue. That is why we want to focus more on the door design here.

The glass domination here is interesting. However, you may question the safety value.

Well, a door like this does not usually come alone. Often, there will be another door with solid material that can be opened to the house’s inside direction.

A glass door like this function more to give a window-like effect that makes the outside view visible from the home interior. Besides, it also allows more natural light to enter the house without having to open the door.

a front door with semi-glossy navy blue paint
a front door with semi-glossy navy blue paint. image © jlawrencedesign.com

Here is another stunning example that we found. It shows a front door with a semi-gloss navy blue paint color. We do not know what is.

If you look closely, you will find a unique detailing in the front door design. It is the white color used to color the sides of the door.

We do not know whether the same tone is used to color the back part. If it is, it will match the all-white wall design in the interior.

a stunning navy blue door paired with red brick wall
a stunning navy blue door paired with red brick wall. image © mormac group

Here is another stunning idea showing the combination between a navy blue entry and a red brick wall. The blue paint here, although we do not know what the brand is, looks really gorgeous. It boosts the luxury and elegant feel of the door.

That is not all. We also love the stained glass feature of the door. It does not merely add color but also boosts the beauty of the home element.

navy front door paired with black shutters in red brick home exterior
navy front door paired with black shutters in red brick home exterior. image © memory-builders.com

There is a unique idea that we want to show you from this example. It is the pairing between the navy front door and black shutters.

When you use the exterior window accessories, you should not always use the same color to match it with the front door. The picture above shows that a different color can still create an attractive look.

11. Closing

What do you think about all the paint options for the navy blue front door that we just shared above? Do you agree that all of them are suitable for designing a stunning front entry?

If you are interested in painting your current front door with navy blue, there is a thing you must not forget. It is to coat the door using primmer first before applying the blue paint for a better final result.

Grey primmer is a recommended option in this case. However, you can always ask suggestions to the local paint store to find out about the best primmer to use to coat the current color of the front door before changing it with navy blue.

Once you apply the primer coat and let it dry perfectly, you can start repainting the front door. Several layers might be necessary here to get the navy blue tone that you want the most.

If you do not know about the right navy blue paint to choose for the front door, there are several steps that we suggest you do. First, you can visit the local store that you usually go to when looking for paint products. Ask them for some swatch strips in, of course, in navy blue color.

After that, you can take the swatch strips home to do some tests. At different times in a day, such as morning, noon, afternoon, and night take the strips outside the house to find out how possibly the front door will look like with every navy blue paint product.

Different time usually shows a different look. When you do not like the look of a certain paint product while doing the test, you can do elimination. This is an effortless way to find the best navy blue color that you love the most for the front door.

While doing the test, you can also consider some other elements, particularly those connected directly to the front door. Those include sidelights and trims. Doing so will help you find the best choice for the front door repainting project. Good luck!