grey and yellow bedroom with charcoal grey accent wall

11 Most Brilliant Grey and Yellow Bedroom Ideas

Grey and yellow bedroom design have a perfect color scheme that will make you feel calm for resting and full of energy when you wake up. The cause is none other but the calming grey and cheerful and energizing yellow tones used in there.

Grey and Yellow Bedroom

If you want to use this color scheme in your bedroom, it is sure that you need some ideas. In the following, you can find the 11 most brilliant ideas that are perfect for applying grey and yellow scheme in your room. Some of the designs are also suitable for editing your current bedroom look.

To help you understand each idea listed above, including also about how you can apply the concept in your bedroom, here is the complete information and examples just for you.

1. Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Charcoal Accent Wall

grey and yellow bedroom with charcoal grey accent wall
grey and yellow bedroom with charcoal grey accent wall. image ©

The first brilliant idea is adding a charcoal accent wall in the grey and yellow room. There are many reasons why you should choose charcoal as the accent wall color in your bedroom.

One of the most important reasons is because charcoal is a trending color for bedroom interior in this recent time. Adding this to your room will give it an attractive update.

The other most important reason is that charcoal grey accent wall can create a contrast look, mainly because it has such a dark tone. With this, anything you place in front of the wall will gain prominence.

There are so many ways you can do in applying this idea in your room. Besides painting the side you choose as an accent wall, you can also give special treatment to the wall as done in the example above.

In this example, the accent wall gets woven treatment with charcoal tone. The color of the wall makes the grey bed, the greige area rug, and some yellow accents on the bed look more prominent than when they have another paint tone as the pairing. Besides, it avoids the room from looking too bright for a place for resting.

2. Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Bright Blue Wall

grey and yellow bedroom with a bright blue wall
grey and yellow bedroom with a bright blue wall. image ©

The next idea is an excellent one to pick for your child. It is the idea of using a bright blue wall in the grey and yellow room design.

The reason why this design is a perfect choice for kids is that it contains bright color. This color is an ideal type to represent the cheerful character of all children.

The best thing is that this room is not only cheerful. It looks energizing because of the yellow color, and it also seems refreshing because of the bright blue wall paint.

All of those fun details are available in the picture above. It is a picture of a grey and yellow kid’s room.

Here, the grey color comes from the bed. The yellow color comes mainly from the blanket, pillows, and hanging lamps. Other than these colors, there is also a very refreshing blue color from the wall. The paint used here is Benjamin Moore Blue Seafoam 2056-60.

While the bright blue and yellow tones look admirable together, the choice of grey color to add in the bedroom can be a problem for some people because picking the wrong grey tone will directly ruin the refreshing and cheerful atmosphere in there.

In this case, choosing a lighter shade of grey is an excellent decision to do to match the bright look of the room. Another good choice to consider is greige tone just like the bed color in the example above. Still, when you choose greige, it should also be quite light and not too dark.

3. Contemporary Grey and Yellow Bedroom

contemporary bedroom with grey and yellow theme
contemporary bedroom with grey and yellow theme. image ©

When you want to build a contemporary style in your yellow and grey bedroom, several things need your concern. The first one is about the atmosphere you have to develop in the room.

In contemporary bedroom interior, light and airy atmosphere are the best to pick. You can build the feel by choosing neutral and subtle colors, particularly for the most dominant elements in the room. In this case, wall and floor are apparently the most dominant elements in the bedroom.

For this idea, you can see the example in the picture above. Here, subtle grey tones exist on the wall and floor.

For the wall paint, it looks very similar to similar to Sherwin Williams Silver Gray 0049.

While you use grey as the neutral and subtle color in the bedroom, you can consider yellow as the pop color to add in there. The best thing about this idea is that you can give accents to the room using the sunny hue. In the picture above, the yellow accents are the table lamp, pillows, blanket, bed-end bench, and curtains.

Another thing you need to consider is to make the interior feel open by placing only the furniture and decorations required or by using large glass windows and doors to avoid cramped look in the room. The idea of using glass doors and windows here is also helpful in building the airy feel mentioned earlier.

Besides, this idea also allows more natural light to enter the room. It is factually best for any contemporary interior.

4. Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Pink Accents

grey and yellow bedroom with pink pillows
grey and yellow bedroom with pink pillows. image ©

The combination of grey and yellow can create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. The design will be more interesting if another calming tone like pink exists too.

However, when you decide to combine grey, yellow, and pink together in a bedroom, you need to pick the right shade of each color so that you can build the relaxing mood in the room. In this case, you can limit the color choices in light, soft, and subtle tones.

The example above is an excellent one. This room has soft grey tones for the wall, floor, dresser, and even bedding. This color choice makes the place looks calm and relaxing.

About the use of light and soft grey tones in this bedroom, you may wonder why the designer paints the ceiling of the place with dark grey color. For you to know, it is a good thing.

While you lay down, the ceiling is what you will see the most. By having a dark grey tone for the ceiling of the bedroom, it will be easier for you to relax your eyes and get quality sleep.

Other than the choices of grey tones in the bedroom example above, there are also yellow, and pink colors exist on the headboards and pillow. Although both of them functions as accent colors here they and not too bright and bold so they do not ruin the relaxing and calm atmosphere in the room.

5. Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Oversized Brown Leather Headboard

grey and yellow room with oversized leather headboard
grey and yellow room with oversized leather headboard. image ©

Brown is another compatible color that you can insert in the yellow and grey bedroom design. One of the most brilliant ways to put this color in the room is by choosing a leather headboard for your grey and yellow bed.

At this point, leather headboards are available in so many designs. Instead of choosing an ordinary style for the headboard, of course, it is much better for you to pick something extraordinary, something that will gain more prominence for your bed. One of the best examples is an oversized brown leather headboard as you can see in the picture above.

When adding this type of headboard in your grey and yellow room, there are several things to think about design
compatibility and consistency. The first one is about the color. It would be better if you also add something with similar color on the bed. In the picture example above, the thing is a brown velvet pillow located near the yellow cushion.

The next thing is about the bigger size of the headboard. It is something that you must show off since this will make the bed more focal.

Based on that, you must be careful when choosing the side tables to pair with the bed. Here, you must be sure that the tables won’t block the headboard. An excellent example is available in the picture.

6. Grey and Yellow Bedroom with Chandelier

grey and yellow bedroom with traditional style chandelier
grey and yellow bedroom with traditional style chandelier. image ©

The next idea is to use a chandelier in your grey and yellow room. There are some reasons why this fixture is an excellent choice for your place instead of any other lighting types.

No matter what the style is, a chandelier is always an elegant and glamor fixture type. Therefore it becomes a suitable choice when you also try to build the specific look in your bedroom.

The example for this concept is available in the picture of a transitional bedroom above. Because of the darker grey hues and the golden yellow accents, this bedroom doesn’t only gain an elegant but also a glamor look. Because of this fact, a chandelier is a suitable fixture choice for the room.

When you have a painted-ceiling as shown in the example above in which yellow paint is the chosen one, a chandelier is also an excellent item to pick as the decoration. This item will make the average painted-ceiling to look more attractive.

Besides all good things mentioned above about why you should choose chandelier as the lighting fixture for the yellow and grey bedroom, you need to know that this item is also an excellent choice because of some other reasons. Most importantly, a chandelier can bring an intimate and romantic feel that is perfect for the bedroom area.

7. Grey Bedroom with Patterned Yellow Bench

grey room with patterned yellow bench
grey room with patterned yellow bench. image ©

If by any chance you already have a bedroom filled with grey tones, but it looks quite dull, adding a patterned yellow bench could be a great idea to follow. This idea is best to do when your room doesn’t have any pattern or have a tiny portion of it.

Furniture like this doesn’t only give a functional value but also a decorative one. With the pattern it has, the dull impression in your bedroom will go away.

Besides, the yellow color that the bench has is also a great thing since it doesn’t only bring a spark of color but also a source of energy you possibly need whenever you wake up from sleep. In the example above, the warm look of the bench is even compatible with the beige wall paint. If you want to know, the wall color used here is Ralph Lauren Hopsack NA65.

Providing a patterned yellow bench for your bedroom is easy, especially when you have money for it. You can go online shop to find the right seat if you think a conventional way of shopping furniture will spend too much time.

If you already have a bedroom bench, just change the upholstery with the one that has a pattern and yellow color. This option might need an extra effort to do, but it can save you some cash.

8. Inviting Grey, Yellow, and Black Bedroom

an inviting bedroom with grey, yellow, and black color scheme
an inviting bedroom with grey, yellow, and black color scheme. image via

When you have a grey and yellow bedroom, it is possible for you to have a desire to add another favorite color in there so that you can see a more personalized look in there. What if the other choice of color that you want to add is black?

Well, adding a black color to a yellow and grey bedroom is not a bad thing to do. This tone doesn’t only create contrast, but it can produce a stylish look too.

If you want to build up an inviting and warm feel in the grey, yellow, and black bedroom, there are some things you need to do. Although the yellow tones you use in the room already have a warm look, it could be not enough to make the place looks inviting because of the boldness of the black color.

In this case, a warm wall and floor tone would be useful. In the example above, greige is the choice for both of the wall and the carpet floor. As you may already know, greige is a type of grey that has a beige undertone that finally makes it looks warm.

Other than the wall and floor color, you should also consider the lighting system you install in the room. As exemplified in the picture above, choosing yellow light is more suitable for building warm and inviting look in the room.

9. Contrast Grey and Yellow Bedroom

contrast grey and yellow-themed bedroom
contrast grey and yellow-themed bedroom. image ©

Grey and yellow colors are also suitable to create a contrast look in any bedroom area. Apparently, by pairing the two colors, you can directly see the contrast design since the tones are so different from one another.

One thing that is quite interesting here is that you can create a contrast look not only by pairing the grey and the yellow colors. Here, you can also match some different shades of grey to produce the same look. You can also use the same idea with the yellow tone.

As an example, please take a look at the picture above. This contemporary bedroom has grey and yellow theme with a
bit of touch of black and white tones.

Especially for the grey color, there are some different shades used in the design. Those include the tones of the wall, the round mirror, the pillow, and also the bedding. With these colors only, you can create the contrast look you want.

10. Airy Grey and Yellow Bedroom

airy grey and yellow bedroom
airy grey and yellow bedroom. image ©

Airy is another look that is suitable to use in the yellow and grey bedroom. This specific look is also the perfect one for you if you want to feel refreshed when you wake up from your sleep in every morning.

Building this look in your very own room is not a hard thing to do. Other than the grey and yellow colors, you need to make sure that the place also has white or another bright neutral tone dominant in the room too.

The trick given in the example above is an excellent one. The designer pairs the grey and yellow theme in the room with a white wall. The best thing of all, the place also gains a perfect airy look from the glass windows, which also give the room natural scenery from outside.

11. Grey Bedroom with Yellow Dresser

grey bedroom with custom yellow dresser
grey bedroom with custom yellow dresser. image ©

This last brilliant idea is quite similar to some ideas mentioned previously in this post. It is a suitable idea for adding a yellow tone to your grey bedroom. This time, the color comes from yellow dresser as you can see in the picture above.

This idea is straightforward and practical because there is nothing much you should do. The only thing you need to do here is adding a yellow dresser in your grey bedroom.

This idea even gives you a more affordable option since you can paint your dresser in yellow color. This way you don’t have to use a lot of money in applying the design in your bedroom.

As inspiration for you, the color of the dresser in the picture above is similar to Benjamin Moore Delightful Yellow 335.

See, all of the ideas shared in this post are great to follow when you want to create a grey and yellow bedroom interior. Some of the ideas are even suitable to edit your room if by any chance you already use the color theme, or you have a bedroom with grey or yellow scheme.

The ideas shared in this post are quite easy to follow. Even if there are some items needed, it won’t be hard for you to find each of them.

The one sure thing you need to keep in your mind is that all of the ideas have the combination of grey and yellow tones. Both of them are perfect for the bedroom since they can create calm, cozy, energizing, and relaxing feel.

Do you know what that means? That means no matter which idea from the list that you choose, the best look and atmosphere inside your room is the one you will get.