a dark grey shingle siding paired with a light grey deck

7 Best Deck Colors for Grey House That You Must Choose

Choosing a deck color is not the same as selecting a wall tone. When talking about walls, the options are literary endless. It is not only limited to thousands of paint shades available right now. We also talk about the availability of other colored materials that you can use too.

Deck Colors for Grey House

Deck coloring is something different. You cannot just choose any color you like, even if the tone is compatible with the house’s exterior scheme.

Besides, there are some other things to consider too. The example is whether or not the tone you will use will make dirt and footprints visible on the deck area.

The example that we want to talk about further in this post is deck colors for grey house. We all know that grey is a tone that is suitable to pair with so many other colors. Although so, not all of those are suitable for the deck tone.

This post will tell you further about the seven best color choices that you can consider for the deck of your grey house. Check out the explanation and examples in the following.

1. Lighter Grey Deck: The Easiest Pick for Your Dark Grey House

The first option that we want to talk about here is the light grey deck color. Although this option can match any grey shade that you apply to the house, especially on the walls, we want to say that it works the best when paired with a dark grey exterior instead.

This combination will give you a one-of-a-kind look. Besides, the contrasting view will seem stunning.

Please take a look at the following picture as an example of the combination.

a dark grey shingle siding paired with a light grey deck
a dark grey shingle siding paired with a light grey deck. image © insigniahomesmi.com

This home exterior has dark grey shingles as the material to cover the wall. For the deck, you can see that it has a lighter grey color.

The wooden deck’s tone here is not really in the light grey category because it still has a dark impression on it. Although so, compared to the wall color, it is several shades lighter.

Well, it is a tip that you should follow to create a stunning exterior. If the walls are dark grey, you can pick a deck color that is at least two shades lighter than that.

Let us talk a bit about the deck shown in the picture. If seen from the visual, it looks like it obtained the color from a painting process instead of staining, remembering that the tone perfectly covers the entire surface of the wooden material that the grains are even invisible.

Another possibility is that the material is not real wood. It could be engineered stuff that gets pre-coloring treatment to obtain the grey tone. No matter what it is, its color excellently matches the dark grey walls.

2. Hide Footprints and Dirty Look with Darker Grey Deck Color

Another deck color that you can pick as the match for your grey home is a darker grey. Unlike the previous option, this one is the best to pair with a lighter grey house.

The contrasting view between the deck and the house will create a stunning and sophisticated look. Something like this works the best in the modern or contemporary exterior.

The best thing about choosing a dark grey color for the deck is that it is proven the best for hiding footprints and dirty look. That is why we can also say that this option is the best to pick if your deck has high traffic.

Even if you do not have time yet for cleaning the area, such as when you need to be out of the house for several days, there will never be a problem. You should not worry that it will look like a mess because of the dirt.

a darker grey deck as a match for a light grey house
a darker grey deck as a match for a light grey house. image © mfarchitecture.com

To get inspired, you can take a look at this picture of a stunning contemporary deck. As shown in the image, it is the pair for the light grey walls.

The color of the deck is not that much of a difference from the wall tone. However, you can see that it is in a darker shade. The contrast is shown clearer if you look at the light grey stucco wall instead of the siding.

As you can see in the picture, you can see that the homeowner has a large dog as a pet. It makes the dark grey deck color choice here a smart option since it can help hide the footprints of the furry friend, especially after it plays outside the house.

While compatible with the light grey walls, this deck tone is also suitable to match the darker grey outdoor furniture placed on it. Besides, it looks stunning together with the clear-stained wood wall too.

a dark grey deck paired with regular grey house exterior
a dark grey deck paired with regular grey house exterior. image © wallauer.com

Here is another example of using a darker grey deck tone to match a house color, which is a lighter grey. In this traditional exterior, it looks like the decking is more than two shades darker than the wall.

This option serves all the benefits of a darker grey tone for decking, including the fact that it can hide dirt and footprints, as we already explained earlier. Those are not the only thing that we can discuss from this picture example.

Here, we also want you to look at the addition of white railing in the deck design. This element is not only something that can match the dark grey wooden deck. It is also something that can create an even more complex and richer exterior scheme.

3. Grey-Stained/Grey-Washed Deck Color to Add Beauty to the Grey Home Exterior

Another deck color option that is also great to pair with a grey house is grey-stained or grey-washed. It will not give you a perfectly covered visual. Although so, it can provide a stunning weathered look to enhance the beauty value of the deck area specifically and generally boost the overall exterior appearance of the house.

While the fact is that deck materials right now are not limited only to wood, you must know that this coloring technique works the best only on wooden material. Whether the species naturally has dark or light color, you can still apply the method to get the weather appearance.

home exterior with grey siding and grey-stained deck color
home exterior with grey siding and grey-stained deck color. image © cyrkitchen.com

You can take a look at this picture as an example. The wall siding, which is also the most dominant material of the house, has a regular grey paint.

As for the deck, you can see that the wooden material’s natural look and grains are still visible in the design. It is also very clear that the wood species is something that comes from the dark category.

The coloring method used here, as mentioned by the painter, is grey-staining. Although the original brown look of the wooden backyard deck already looks compatible with the wall siding’s grey paint, with the staining process, it seems even more suitable in the design.

Another thing that you should not miss from this kind of deck color is that it can also be a good alternative to pick when you consider about footprints and dirt quite much. The tone is best for hiding those all.

From the same picture, you can also look at the railing design if you wish to get an even more complex inspiration. The design used here is multi-tone with a black and white combination that also matches the house’s exterior trim option.

a light grey shingle siding exterior with whitewashed deck
a light grey shingle siding exterior with whitewashed deck. image © royerarchitects.com

To get the beautiful weathered appearance on the deck that you want to match with the grey house, you should not always do any coloring method. If you wish, you can only choose the right material that naturally has the look.

An example of this is available in the picture of the deck above. As you can see, the flooring looks like it got some treatment that makes it gains a beautiful and stunning weathered appearance.

The fact that you must know is that there is no coloring method applied to it. The material chosen by the designer here is ipe wood with no finish, and as time goes by, it obtains the weathered look naturally.

You must consider carefully when you are about to pick this kind of material is the quality. As we all know, many decks are located outside and do not even come with a cover, which means that it has to endure the weather and other related things that may affect the look.

If you worry that the deck will not last long because no finish, coat, or seals are applied to it, you should not choose it. Remember, a weathered look is something you can create without even counting on to the natural weathering process.

4. Cozy Brown Deck for Your Grey House

The deck is an exterior element that you can use in so many ways. In other words, it is a multi-functional part of the grey house.

Do you want to use it as a place for gatherings, such as an alternative living or dining area? If the answer is yes, you can try to pair the grey house with a brown deck.

The fact that you must know is that both colors are the ones that are easy to pair. Any shade of brown will look compatible with any shade of grey.

a traditional house with grey siding and brown deck
a traditional house with grey siding and brown deck. image © qdcinc.com

This traditional house is an example that you can take a look at. The exterior has grey siding with white details on the doors, windows, trims, and railing.

As for the deck, you can see that it is a wooden deck with brown color. In the given information, it is a pre-colored composite decking material.

We love not only the compatibility between the deck color and the grey house. We also love how the entire color scheme blends nicely with the natural surroundings of the location.

a grey stucco house with brown deck and brown doors and windows
a grey stucco house with brown deck and brown doors and windows. image © odsarchitecture.com

This next example is even more stunning. The grey tone of the home exterior here comes from stucco material painted in grey.

The thing that we love the most from this design example is the visual created from the matching between the grey stucco color and the brown tone of the wooden deck. There is a dark impression in the combination that finally makes an elegant contemporary exterior.

5. The Stunning Pairing between Dark Grey House and Tan Deck

It is possible that you have not heard of it yet. Although so, tan deck color is indeed one that is considered the best to match with grey house. In this case, we particularly talk about the dark grey house.

Tan and dark grey seem to be two colors that are clashing with one another. The fact is not as bad as you think the combination might look like.

When paired with a tan deck, the dark grey house’s stunning visual will pop even better. While the grey becomes the bold tone in the design, the deck’s tan becomes a neutral choice to balance everything.

a dark grey house with tan accoya wood deck
a dark grey house with tan accoya wood deck. image © awarchitect.com

We mean, take a look at this stunning contemporary exterior where the dark grey siding meets the tan Accoya wood deck. You can see on your own how the home design looks attractive with the very simple combination, right?

6. Cedar Color: Best Natural Deck Option for Grey House

Another deck color option that is the best to choose for your grey house is cedar. In this case, we are not talking about any paint or stain but the natural tone of cedar wood.

This species has long been known to be a good choice for decking because of the rot and moisture resistance, less maintenance, durability, and the fact that it does not easily split or warp. The specific pairing between it and the grey house can create a stunning visual with a natural touch.

a light grey house with gorgeous orange cedar deck
a light grey house with gorgeous orange cedar deck. image © Orange Building Co.

The picture that you can see here shows the exact example. You can see how the combination between a light grey house and a small cedar decking creates such a wonderful appearance.

Another best thing that we all can find from this design is that the original, natural look of the cedar wood is still prominent. It seems that no special finish is added here.

a traditional exterior with dark grey shingle siding and custom cedar deck
a traditional exterior with dark grey shingle siding and custom cedar deck. image © artisannj.net

This traditional grey house with cedar decking and a built-in Jacuzzi is another excellent example that you should take a look at. The decking that you see here also has the natural appearance of cedar wood.

The orangey color of the wooden deck matches the dark grey shingle siding of the house. The grey tone seems to become an amazing neutral background for the decking.

7. Clear Stain or Seal for Wooden Deck

As we already told you earlier, staining is another coloring option that you can choose for the deck of your grey house. In this last choice, we will talk about a specific option.

The color of the deck here basically looks very natural. It comes from the clear-stained or sealed wooden material.

We must thank the fact that grey is neutral enough to match with any tone. That is why any wood tone will do here.

a light, warm grey house with clear-stained deck
a light, warm grey house with clear-stained deck. image © Cathy Schwabe Architecture

The example that you can see in the picture above looks very simple but gorgeous at the same time. It shows an image of a warm grey house that comes with a small deck in the design.

This decking is a clear-stained one. That is why you can still see the natural features of the wooden material, such as grains.

a large decking with clear-stained appearance on the exterior environment of a dark grey house
a large decking with clear-stained appearance on the exterior environment of a dark grey house. image © cosdesign.com.au

As for this one, it is also a stunning example that we love. It is not merely about the custom decking design but more on the fact that the clear-stained deck can also look compatible being paired with the dark grey house.

8. Closing

What do you think about the seven best deck colors for grey house that we have explained above? Do you believe there is any suitable match with the exterior color theme of your residence?

It would be best if you always remembered that coloring your grey house’s deck is not merely about the shade that you are about to choose. There are some other things that you must also consider so that you will get the best that you want in the end.

For example, you must think carefully about the choice between stain and paint. It sounds similar, but both are different from one another.

A stain is a more common choice that most people choose to add color to the deck in their home exterior. Although this option is quite limited in the choices of shades available, there is a major benefit that makes it a better choice in this case. It commonly stands foot traffic better than paint does.

If you want something to completely cover the deck surface, including the grains when the material is wood, the option you should pick is solid stain. On the other hand, if you want the deck material’s natural look to be still visible, you can choose a transparent stain instead.

As for the paint, the major benefit that it has is the larger variety of colors available for you to pick. It allows you to choose something unusual, such as a vibrant tone for the deck.

Whether you choose a stain or paint for the deck, the sure thing that you must remember is that it should be suitable for an outdoor environment, including weather-related properties. You must also know that repainting and restaining is something you must do to keep the deck appearance and quality excellent.

About the time when you should do the repainting or restaining, it depends on the type of material that you use for the deck. However, the most common period is once every two or three years.