chic living room with white brick fireplace and wall

5 Most Unusual but Interesting Choices to Answer ‘What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace’

Do you ask yourself about what color should I paint my brick fireplace?

what color should i paint my brick fireplace

If that is so, it seems you realize that painting brick fireplace is a thing you can do to change the look of the fireplace specifically and the look of your interior space.

If right now you have not found any paint color for this project, maybe because you are confused about which color is the best to pick, in this post I will present you five unusual but most exciting paint color choices for the brick fireplace.

Those include: white for creating the bright and more spacious look, black for creating fashionable contrast look, gray for creating the unusually neutral look, greige for creating the warm but bold look, and brown for creating building up the cozy atmosphere.

You can find a further explanation of those colors in this post. Of course, I will also include my personal opinions and some examples that I have seen to make everything easier to understand.

This way, hopefully, you will get inspired and find the right color that you are looking for.

1. White – Bright and More Spacious Look

In my opinion, white is an excellent color to consider when you have a brick fireplace that you want to paint.

This is a neutral color, which means it can be paired with any color easily, so there is no need to worry about any other colors that are already in the room.

Of course, the neutral characteristic is not the only reason why I pick white as a recommendation.

If you paint your brick fireplace in white color, there is a higher chance for you to get brighter and more spacious look in your interior space where the fireplace is located.

This is undoubtedly the reason why the color is very suitable to pick when the home interior space is rather small. It will be more evident if you take a look at an example below.

chic living room with white brick fireplace and wall
chic living room with white brick fireplace and wall. image © Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

At a glance, the chic living room looks rather small and there is a traditional fireplace that is painted in white included in the design. The wall of the room also does not seem to be tall enough in this plan.

However, as clearly shown in the picture, it does not seem to be a problem here, and the room still looks comfortable.

In my opinion, the existence of white-painted fireplace as well as the extra brick wall that is painted in the same white color here plays a quite significant wall in avoiding the small room to look smaller.

I think if the brick fireplace and wall are not painted in white and still have their original color, which means they have the natural warm color of brick, there is a chance for the room not to look this bright and comfortable.

Everything is even better because the white brick fireplace is also paired with white armchair, lounge chair, mantel shelf, and also a built-in shelf. All these white items create a clean impression in the living room too.

Another interesting fact that you need to know is that white paint for fireplace does not always create a clean impression as I told you previously.

This can also create a bit of warm look since, as you may already know, there are so many shades of white available right now, including the ones with warm undertones.

Check out this other example that I also think to be an excellent source of inspiration.

eclectic living room with white brick fireplace with mantel shelf and white wall
eclectic living room with white brick fireplace with mantel shelf and white wall. image © wolnekram

If you look closely, this living room design is very similar with the one shown in the previous example in the way that it has a white fireplace, white wall, white furniture, and medium tone hardwood flooring that is decorated with neutral tone rug. However, this one looks warmer, right?

The reason why the living room can have such a warm look is none other but the warm white paint that is applied to the fireplace.

The paint is known to be Benjamin Moore Buttermilk 919, which has a kind of cream or yellowish undertone that emits rather strongly.

2. Black – Fashionable Contrast Look

OK, I have to admit that I am a big fan of dark colors, mainly black. Although so, this is not the reason I recommend you to pick black as the next considerable color to paint your brick fireplace.

When you paint your brick fireplace in black color, a contrast look is apparently the one you will obtain.

Besides, black is also a color that looks fashionable when used in interior design. If especially it is paired with white the result is not only a contrast and stylish look but also a classic one.

As an example, you can take a look at the picture of contemporary dining room below, in which a black brick fireplace is an element of it.

contemporary dining room with black brick fireplace and accent wall
contemporary dining room with black brick fireplace and accent wall. image © Maxa Design

I cannot deny this. The brick fireplace design shown in this picture is just stunning. It is, as a matter of fact, a unity with the brick wall, which because of the black paint also becomes an accent wall in the interior space.

There is no mantel added to the fireplace design, but it does not make it less interesting.

Adding a mantel to this fireplace will only make it looks weird because of its placement in the corner of the accent wall.

The last but not least interesting thing you need to know from this example is that black brick fireplace is very compatible with wooden material, especially when the material has darker tones.

In the picture example, there are quite a lot of wooden materials used. Those include corner shelf, wooden room divider, dining table, window trim, and dark tone hardwood flooring.

Among all those, the dark tone flooring looks to be the most compatible with the black brick fireplace since both of them are directly connected to one another.

If being asked about the result of a combination between the black brick fireplace and darker tone wooden material, I can say that a stunning and elegant look is the result. You should consider this combination if you want to boost the elegance of your interior space.

While there are quite a lot of good thing about choosing black paint for the brick fireplace, it is too bad that I cannot figure out what the brand and series of the glossy black paint color used in the spacious dining room design above.

Maybe you can use the reference below as alternative since the glossy black paint color looks quite similar to the one used in the example above.

black brick fireplace with black mantel shelf
black brick fireplace with black mantel shelf. image © Jessica McKay

In this next example of the painted brick fireplace, the glossy black paint used is known to be Valspar Dark Kettle Black 4011-2.

With this kind of fashionable color, you do not need to decorate the fireplace too much since this will only make the black color sink.

If you want to, you can just easily decorate the fireplace as shown in the picture above in which the black fireplace is decorated with a single piece of painting only.

3. Gray – Unusual Neutral Look

My other choice of unusual but exciting paint color for the brick fireplace is gray.

I call this one unusual because gray is included in the category of neutral color.

This is a matter of fact also the reason why it gains more and more popularity in the world of interior design, especially in recent years.

Unfortunately, there are still quite a lot of people who do not know that gray is neutral.

This is why when they are in need of neutral color for their interior space they tend to pick black, white, beige, or any other most common neutral colors instead of gray.

This color can even be a much choice when you stuck between black and white.

When bright white paint color looks shocking, and when black seems to look too dark, gray is just right because it is not only calmer but also softer than the other two colors.

While being known to be more suitable for modern and industrial interior design styles only, actually gray is fit to be used almost in any interior design style.

As an example, you can take a look at the picture of transitional living room below in which the brick fireplace is painted in gray, which exact color is known to be Behr Squirrel 790D-5.

transitional living room with gray painted brick fireplace
transitional living room with gray painted brick fireplace. image © Open Door Architecture

As shown in the picture above, the gray brick fireplace fits in the transitional room design nicely even if there are quite a lot of contrast colors included in the same space. Those include a brown or wooden color that seems to dominate the area more than others.

The light gray color of the brick fireplace looks entirely compatible with the brown or wooden colors in the rooms, especially the ones that come from the wood trim and dark hardwood flooring. I think this cannot be separated from the neutral characteristic of gray color.

Even in the example I give to you here light gray is the color used to paint the brick fireplace, it does not mean that only light gray paint can be used to color your brick fireplace. If you want to, you can also use dark gray paint like charcoal paint color or any other else.

Of course, when you choose dark gray paint for the fireplace, it is a must for you to consider the color scheme of your interior since you need to make sure that the gray paint will match the color scheme rightly.

It is true that gray is a neutral color as I told before.

The reason why you should also consider the color scheme of your interior is to help you out in deciding whether the brick fireplace is more suitable to be painted in light or dark gray color.

4. Greige – Warm but Bold Look

Well, greige can still be included in the category of gray color.

Although so, I prefer to put it in a different category of color to pick for brick fireplace since it is so exciting and has some unique characteristics.

For you who might not know about what kind of color greige is, it is a color that consists of the combination of grey/gray and beige color. This is why previously I said that this color could be put in a gray category.

In my point of view, this color is very suitable to pick when you wish to color your brick fireplace in gray but does not want it to look cool. It is true that the beige undertone this color has makes it emits warm look nicely.

Factually, there are quite a lot of greige paint color options available right now.

I prefer the darker with strongly obvious beige undertone ones because this type of greige does not only creates warm look when applied to the brick fireplace. It is also bolder.

By choosing this, it will feel like you will have an addition of bold and stunning detail in your interior space instantly.

One thing that you need to be careful with when you want to use this color to paint your brick fireplace is related to other colors included in the room design. Here you need to realize that greige is a warm color.

If you want the warm atmosphere in the room stronger, of course, you need to pair the greige color with other warm tones.

On the contrary, if you want the room to look more balanced or even fresh, pairing the greige color with neutral and cool tones can be taken into consideration.

For me, pairing greige with warm tones seems better because if I want the room to have a relaxed atmosphere, I would prefer choosing a more comfortable gray tone for the fireplace instead of greige.

As an example, you can check out the picture of the greige fireplace as a part of a warm, eclectic family room below.

eclectic family room with tall greige brick fireplace
eclectic family room with tall greige brick fireplace. image © Kevin Twitty Interiors

The family room shown in the picture looks rather small, but still, the designer used darker greige color to paint the fireplace.

Although so, the picture proves that even the brick fireplace color is darker it does not make space looks uncomfortable or not cozy.

This is something that is not only resulted from the fact that the darker greige fireplace is paired directly with white wall. It is also about the choice of seating furniture, which all has warm tones.

If by any chance you are curious about what greige paint color that is used to renew the look of the brick fireplace, it is a choice comes from a popular paint brand Sherwin Williams. The paint color is Sherwin Williams 7018 Dovetail.

5. Brown – Cozy Atmosphere

If your interior space where the brick fireplace is located is lacking in coziness, my suggestion is for you to paint the brick fireplace in brown color. It will be better if the brown color has a darker shade.

In interior design, dark shades of brown can make any room looks cozier. Surely, this also means that the room gains more comfortable look too.

Another thing you need to know is that this color can also create a comforting and relaxing effect. This is why this kind of color is often chosen for bedroom and library or reading room.

I have found an excellent example of how the dark shade of brown is used to color brick fireplace. In this case, the brick fireplace is included in the category of the floor to ceiling fireplace.

simple living room with brown brick fireplace
simple living room with brown brick fireplace. image © Impact Home Staging Experts

I said previously that this example is good because I think without the floor to ceiling brown brick fireplace the room will look boring.

The existence of brown brick fireplace here also does not only make the room cozier. Instead, this gives the room something focal that people will directly arrest their eyes to whenever they enter the room.

The last but not least thing you need to know here is that brown is also a neutral color. It means that when you paint your brick fireplace with this color, there is an entirely big chance for it to look compatible with other colors in the room.

What do you think about the five choices of color for painting brick fireplace that I have suggested for you in this post?

Is there any color that you think to be suitable for your very own brick fireplace even if it looks unusual?

Or do you have any other choices of the paint color that you think to be better than my favorites?

Of course, you can share them if you want to.

The sure thing is, no matter what color is chosen for the brick fireplace, painting the fireplace is a good thing to do to update the fireplace look specifically and to give visual effects to the interior space.