small transitional living room with grey and mustard theme

19 Most Practical Grey and Mustard Living Room Inspirations for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Grey and mustard living room is suitable to say as an upgrade you can give to the sophisticated all-grey living room design. As you may already know, the grey living room is happening in these recent years.

Grey and Mustard Living Room

It is true that the all-grey living room is such a hip lately. The color does not only represent a contemporary neutral look but can also show an ultra-modern and chic style depending on the shades chosen.

However, it is reasonable that using only grey tone in the living room can be boring after a while. Therefore, adding another color to the place can be a good thing to do. Here, mustard is our recommendation.

This yellow tone looks cheerful but not too bold. It can boost the mood in any grey living room interior as well as making it seems playful.

Since grey is a versatile and neutral tone, it won’t be hard to pair it with mustard yellow. All that you need to know is the right way to mix and match both of them.

As a help, in this post, you can find 19 inspirations to update your living room with grey and mustard theme. The ideas we will share with you here prove that you can improve the room design in the ways that are most practical. Check them out in the following.

1. Grey, Mustard, and White Living Room

living room with grey, mustard, and white color scheme
living room with grey, mustard, and white color scheme. image ©

When redesigning your interior with grey and mustard yellow, you can use not only the two colors in the scheme. If you want to, you can add a third compatible color, such as white.

The most significant advantage you can get when you add white tone in the grey and yellow interior design is the fact that white is also a neutral color. It makes the combination of the three tones in the scheme effortless.

Besides, the combo between grey and white can also produce a sophisticated contemporary or modern look in the area. Here, the mustard yellow has a function that tends to be accentuating since both of the neutral colors earlier can work as the background.

There are so many ways you can do to create a nice-looking living room design with grey, white, and mustard color scheme. As an example, please take a look at the picture of a transitional living room above.

As we explain to you earlier, in this living room the grey and white colors seem to be the background tones. It makes the yellow tone pops better as the accents.

We can say that the application of grey and white in this room is equal. Both colors appear on wall design, ceiling, and furniture pieces.

While the interior trim used in this design is pure white, which is available in many paint brands, you need to know that the grey wall tone belongs to the greige category. To be more specific, it is Benjamin Moore Shale 861.

As told earlier, the white and grey tones also exist in the furniture in this living room. Those include the couches and chairs.

On the other hand, the existence of mustard yellow here gives a fun and playful look in the living room that still has some traditional touch. This color appears not only on the couch cushions but also in the two rectangle ottomans with unique legs located right in front of the fireplace.

2. Charcoal Grey Couch and Mustard Table

a living room with charcoal grey sectional couch and mustard yellow tufted upholstered table
a living room with charcoal grey sectional couch and mustard yellow tufted upholstered table. image ©

The next practical inspiration is to combine one or more charcoal grey couch and a mustard table in the living room. The combination of these items creates a contrasting and elegant look at the same time.

One thing you need to remember always is that this idea is that it seems to prove that there is no limitation of shade for the grey color you choose for the living area. You can select any shades of grey if you want to, including also charcoal, which at a glance looks very similar to black.

The idea of placing a charcoal couch near a mustard table like this is suitable also to apply in a living room with light neutral wall color. The tone can be light grey or any other color that has a grey undertone.

As an example, you can look the picture of contemporary living room above. This room has Dulux Timeless as the paint. FYI, it is a creamy paint that looks like it has a slight grey undertone. The use of this neutral wall color like this makes both of the couch and table stand out even better.

When choosing the mustard table as the pairing for the dark grey couch, you can choose any design and model that you like the most. However, if you want to boost the elegance in the room, selecting a boxy upholstered and tufted table as shown in the pic is an excellent decision.

You can even get an extra function from this kind of table. When you have more guests come over, you can use the table as an extra seat. Isn’t it fun?

3. Grey Sofa and Mustard Cushions

greige sectional sofa with mixed-pattern mustard cushions
greige sectional sofa with mixed-pattern mustard cushions. image ©

This next inspiration is very suitable to call as one of the most practical tips to decorate your grey and mustard living area. The reason is that all you need to do is adding some mustard cushions on a grey sofa.

Although the main idea we mention here is quite simple, you should not underestimate the power of cushions. They seem like serving only the decorative value for the sofa specifically and the room generally. Although so, you need to know that these items can also boost the comfort value in the interior.

Another advantage you need to be thankful for from this idea is that you can choose any mustard shade for the cushions no matter what the grey color of the sofa is. We can say so because all grey tones are always neutral, which means you can easily pair them with any other colors on your selection.

To inspire you more in choosing the right mustard cushions for your grey sofa, you can check out the image above. This image is a transitional living room in which is a grey sectional couch has mustard yellow decorative cushions on it.

The choice of the pale mustard yellow cushions in this living room is merely excellent. The tone does not only match the warm greige color of the sectional but also suitable for the light warm gray wall color. FYI, the paint used for the walls is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23.

4. Dark Grey Living Room with Mustard Accents

dark grey living room with accentuating mustard cushions
dark grey living room with accentuating mustard cushions. image ©

The next most practical idea is suitable for you already have a grey living room. To be more specific, it is a living area that looks dark with grey domination.

Here, we will suggest you add some accentuating mustard items in the room. The function is not merely about creating some accents in there but more to break the solid darkness caused by the use of mostly dark tones in the interior.

An example of this is available above. Here, the room seems to have a rather dark look because of the choices of tones for the sectional couch, the high-back chair, and the wall with Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone 1474 as the paint.

As you can see also in the picture, there are some mustard pillows placed on the sectional sofa to add some accents in the room design as well as breaking the dark and dull impression caused by the dark atmosphere in there. Although the yellow tone of the cushions is not the bright one, it still adds a touch of brightness and fun in there.

5. Cozy Grey and Mustard Living Room

a cozy living room with warm grey tones and mustard yellow cushion
a cozy living room with warm grey tones and mustard yellow cushion. image ©

Grey and mustard color scheme is also a perfect one to create a cozy living room in which you and your guests love to spend time. The way to create a comfy atmosphere is also effortless to do since you only need to pay attention to several things.

Instead of filing the room with neutral or true grey tones, it will be so much better if you choose warm colors. Since you want the place to look cozy, it would be beneficial if the warm grey tones also dominate more portions in the interior.

For instance, you can use this type of grey, which is also familiar to call as greige, to color the walls of the living room. The example of this is available in the picture above. Although the wall paint has white trims as the combination, it can still show the comfort value for the room.

The next thing you can consider is making the room looks bright and spacious. This idea is not only suitable for a large living room but also the small one.

The way to make it real is quite simple. You need to provide adequate lighting for the room. In this case, natural choice from the sun is excellent.

Other than that, you can try to build the expansive feeling in the room. If needed, you can involve white color in the scheme to create the visual. This color is applicable in many elements of the room, including trims, floor, furniture, and even decorations.

Of course, since grey and mustard are the primary colors we talk about in this post, you should not forget to add the yellow tone to create the comfortable room design. The couch pillows you can see in the picture above are excellent examples.

From the cozy value, you need to know that these pillows are velvet. This material is not only famous because of the extra elegance but also because of the comfortable feeling it can create, particularly when you touch it.

6. Light Cheerful Living Room with Grey, Mustard, and Green Scheme

a slightly cheerful living room with grey, mustard, and green colors
a slightly cheerful living room with grey, mustard, and green colors. image ©

With grey and mustard color combination you can create a light, cheerful look in your living room. In this case, the grey tone will work more as a neutral background for the fun yellow color.

One thing that is interesting about this inspiration is that mustard and grey are not the only colors included in the scheme. There will also be a green tone involved to create the light cheerful visual in the sitting area. While making the place looks slightly cheerful, green can also add some refreshing visual in there.

As told earlier, grey works as the background color in this design idea. That is why you can make it have more portions in the room, including also making it as the wall color.

In the picture above, the room has Sherwin Williams Steely Gray SW 7664 as the wall paint. Besides, the wall also gets grey drapes as decorations that add more portions of grey tone in the place.

Since we only want to create a light, cheerful look in this idea, you need to be careful in choosing the mustard yellow and grey colors to decorate the room. First of all, you should not select tones that are too bright since it will make the visual too cheerful.

Other than that, you should not add too many items with green and mustard tones since it will also create a too cheerful visual. The example shown in the picture above is an excellent one for you to get inspired.

7. Grey Living Room with Accentuating Mustard Chair

grey living room with mustard chair
grey living room with mustard chair. image ©

You can add mustard accents to your living not only by placing pillows on the grey seats you have. You can do something more interesting by adding a mustard chair in the room as shown in the picture.

It would be very great if the yellow chair also has a nice-looking design that matches the room style. This way, there is a chance to make the seat a focal point to arrest attention in the living room.

From the example above, other than the use of accentuating chair in the sitting area, there is something you can get inspired.

It is the use of grey natural stone for the accent wall that at the same time also works like a fireplace surround. It seems to prove that gray wall tone is obtainable not only from paints but also from some natural sources.

8. Modern Grey and Mustard Yellow Living Room

small transitional living room with grey and mustard theme
small transitional living room with grey and mustard theme. image ©

The use of grey and mustard tones in the living area becomes a very suitable choice for you who always love modern design, whether it is purely modern, contemporary, or even transitional. The only reason is that both of these colors are compatible with modern interior design.

Although it sounds to be very easy to create a modern living room with the color scheme, you should not think that you can add and place any items in there as long as they are in mustard and grey colors. It would be very thoughtful if the choice of, as well as the placement, can represent the value of modern style.

Modern interior usually looks simple. Besides, this style also tends to give focus more on function instead of any other values.

Some simple looking light grey couch can be an excellent choice for the room. If by any chance the interior is rather small, you need to choose a small sofa.

If needed, you can add some mustard chairs as additional seats. This type of seating is the best since you can move it around very quickly. When you think they make your small living room looks cramped, you need to move them to another room in the house.

To keep the simplistic look of the room, you can choose grey as the dominant color instead of yellow. This tone is also suitable for making your place looks spacious, especially when the ones you want are light gray.

The last but not least is about decorations. While we recommend you not to put too many decorations in your modern living room, we also suggest you pick eye-catching decorative items for the place.

In this case, some mustard and grey sofa pillows with interesting writing would be an excellent choice. Besides, you can also hang some wall decorations with unique images or quotes to make the room looks even more interesting.

9. Grey, Mustard, and Chocolate Living Room

chocolate couch in grey and mustard living area
chocolate couch in grey and mustard living area. image ©

The next inspiration we want to share with you here is grey, mustard, and chocolate living room. The first impression you will get from this design idea is cozy and inviting.

While mustard and grey have their advantages, the chocolate brown tone is the one that gives the most significant contribution in making the room inviting and cozy at the same time.

Based on this reason, it would be better if this color exists on the seat you place in the room, such as the chocolate brown couch in the picture above. This way, you and other people who come to visit you will see the inviting visual effect that will make them feel like spending more time there.

Of course, other than seats, you can use the brown color in other elements in the room, such as wall, rug, table, or decorations. However, if you want to keep grey and mustard as the most dominant tones in there, adding only one but a striking chocolate brown item is the idea you should give a try.

The example of this exists in the pic of a small transitional living room above. Here, the place has a chocolate brown couch, two mustard chairs, two mustard pillows, and Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey HC-168.

10. Bright Grey and Mustard Living

grey and mustard living room with bright natural light
grey and mustard living room with bright natural light. image ©

Giving enough natural brightness to your grey living room is such an excellent idea to try too. This idea will work even better when the place also has mustard yellow accents, which color still belongs to the category of sunny tones.

This idea will not only give you a healthier living room because of the adequate sunlight from the sun. It will also make the room look bright even if there are some darker shades of grey involved in there.

With bright sunlight from outside, you can even have a comfortable reading corner as the one you see in the picture above. To create it, you need to place a comfortable chair and an ottoman that you can use to rest your feet while reading.

There are at least three most important things you need to pay attention to when designing a living room like this. First, you need an adequate amount of glass windows to let in the natural light of the sun.

Second, it would be nice if you also install some shades for the windows. These items will give you privacy when needed and will also allow you to reduce the light from outside if you want to.

Third, please think about the choice of wall color to avoid the room from looking too bright or too dark. The medium grey wall paint in the pic is a good example. It is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.

11. Grey and Mustard Living Room with Mint Accent Wall

grey and mustard living room with mint accent wall
grey and mustard living room with mint accent wall. image ©

Adding a third color in grey and mustard interior is always fun to do as long as you know the right tone to add. In this inspiration, the color is mint for the room’s accent wall as shown above. Here, the paint used is SC 71 Mint from the Shabby Chic Collections of Painting the Past.

The addition of minty color in a living room filled with neutral grey like this can make the place get a refreshing touch. Besides, since this tone creates an accent wall, it can make a plain interior to look more fabulous and fun.

If you want the room looks even better, you need to design it to allow more natural light to come in. This way, each color in the scheme, including the mint, will pop more brilliantly.

12. Grey and Mustard Living with Gray Leather Sofas

grey and mustard living with leather sofas in different gray tones
grey and mustard living with leather sofas in different gray tones. image ©

The most common colors of the leather sofa are brown, black, and white. Although so, you need to know that grey sofa with leather upholstery can make a huge difference in your living room.

Of course, this type of sofa is also a suitable choice to pick for building grey and mustard interior. All you need to do is adding a mustard pillow or throw blanket to match the seat with the color theme.

The bulky and masculine characteristics of leather sofa make it a perfect choice for a male homeowner. Although so, you do not need to worry that the living room will look too manly because of this.

As we already told you earlier, you need to add some mustard-colored decorations in there to break the sharp look of the grey leather sofa.

Another fact you need to know is that the combo between the grey sofa and the mustard decorations placed directly on the seat, such as pillows or blanket, can create not only a comfy but also a soothing look.

13. Grey Living Room Walls with Mustard Yellow Artwork

an eclectic living room with grey walls and mustard yellow artwork
an eclectic living room with grey walls and mustard yellow artwork. image ©

When we talk about the grey and mustard color scheme for a living room, we do not speak only about the combo between grey walls and mustard furniture or on the contrary. We can also talk about something a bit different, such as the pairing of grey walls and mustard yellow artwork.

An example of this exists in the picture above. Here, the walls with Divine Seaglass paint have a unique art by Andy Warhol called “Cowboy and Indian Series: Plains Indian Shields”.

The combination of the grey wall paint and the mustard artwork is not merely about compatibility with the color scheme. It is also about beautifying the place generally.

Another benefit has more relation to space limitation. If there isn’t any place for you to put some mustard decoration in the room, placing artwork on the wall is the best solution you should consider.

14. Light Grey Living Room Walls and Sleek Mustard Sofa

sleek mustard yellow sofa in a light grey living room
sleek mustard yellow sofa in a light grey living room. image via

If you are a person who loves a simple living room that can still show some fabulous look, this next inspiration is the one you are looking. It involves the combination of light grey walls and sleek mustard sofa.

In this inspiration, the light grey walls work as something neutral although it looks just stunning. On the other hand, the mustard yellow focal item arrests most attention in the room.

A sleek sofa must have clean lines. Since you want to make it as a focal item in the room, you need to consider carefully about how many people the sofa can accommodate. This suggestion has a relation to the possibility that you may not add any other seats in the room.

Indeed, clean lines alone are not enough to make the mustard sofa the center of attention in the living room. It would be best if you consider the details.

For example, the mustard sofa in the picture above has both clean lines and tufted design. All these details are enough to make the seat looks stunning and focal in the room.

If by any chance you are curious about the sofa, it is a customizable Luxe by American Leather. The name of the mustard yellow upholstery here is Toray Ultrasuede Sunshine.

15. Busy Mustard and Grey Living Room

mustard and grey living room with busy patterns
mustard and grey living room with busy patterns. image ©

Busy patterns can be an excellent selection also for your grey and mustard sitting room. Although so, you need to know about how to use such design so you can avoid creating an uncomfortable look in the interior.

As we all already know, comfort value is significant in a living room. It is something that makes you and your guests feel like spending time there.

About the use of grey and mustard tones in the sitting room, you need to know that busy-patterned mustard yellow can create a cozier place than busy-patterned grey tone can do. That is why when you want to decorate the room with such design, it is so much better for the yellow tint to have the patterns.

Even with busy patterns, mustard yellow tone can still spark the comfortable atmosphere needed in the room. It will work even better when there is neutral or warm white color involved in the design.

As for the grey color, you can use it in some other element in the room without being dominating. For example, you can place a grey sofa in a living room with the domination of patterned mustard tone as you can see in the pic.

16. Natural and Sunny Grey and Mustard Living Area

natural and sunny mustard and grey living room
natural and sunny mustard and grey living room. image ©

If your mustard and grey living room is sunny because of the windows it has, applying a natural touch to it is an excellent idea. As an example, you can take a look at the picture above.

In this living room, the most significant sources of grey and mustard tones are the stripes chairs and the area rug. What about the natural touch? For this, you need to look closely.

The floor, for example, it has a dark grey tone. For you to know, it is not just common grey flooring because the material is natural slate stone.

Other than the floor, there are also drapes with mustard flower patterns decorating the windows and providing the shade that the room occasionally needs. These decorations seem to prove that giving a natural touch can be done not only by adding materials from nature but also by putting items with natural images.

17. Simply Stunning Mustard Details in Grey Living Room

grey living room with mustard details
grey living room with mustard details. image ©

Sometimes, you do not need to put a lot of effort into designing your mustard and grey living room. Doing something simple can make the place looks stunning as long as you do it correctly.

As an example, you can try to add one or two catchy mustard decorations. This inspiration is suitable for you who already have a grey living room and want to add some updates to it.

Take a look at the contemporary apartment living room above for instance. Here, the place has light and medium grey domination from the wardrobe, table, and armless couch. They make the room looks clean.

As additions, there is a bright mustard ottoman that fits in the space right below the coffee table. Besides the space-saving solution, the color of this seat is stunning enough to steal attention in there.

On the floor, there is also a grey rug with mustard lines that form geometric patterns. This rug looks simple but enough to add a vibrant look to the flat floor.

18. Grey Sectional Couch and Mustard Pillows

grey sectional couch with mustard cushions
grey sectional couch with mustard cushions. image ©

Do you want to add extra comfort to your living room? You can try to add a greige sectional couch and put some mustard pillows on it.

Sectional couch is not only a more comfortable type of seat for modern living. It is also a versatile one since you
can use it not only for regular sitting. If you want to, you can use it when reading your favorite novels while stretching your legs forward. You can also get some snooze of it if you want to.

The color combination of both of the sectional couch and pillows creates a cozy look in the place. It can get even more comfortable when the tones you choose are light or pale for both of the grey and mustard.

For an even more comfortable look, you can color the walls with warm but neutral tone.

19. Light Grey Living Room with Mustard Floor Cushion

light grey living room with big knitted mustard floor cushions
light grey living room with big knitted mustard floor cushions. image ©

The last but not least inspiration is to put mustard floor pillows in a light grey living room. This idea is more straightforward to do when the place you have at home is already in light grey theme.

This inspiration is also the one very suitable to use when your living room is quite small. The reason is that the floor pillows are very portable. You can put them in the area when you need extra space and then you can store them when not in use. These items won’t even take too much storage space.

Another advantage you can obtain from the floor pillows is that they cost less than the price of extra seats such as ottomans or even chairs. You can also create your mustard pillows and save more cash if you want to.

So those are the most practical inspirations with grey and mustard color theme we suggest you to do to improve your living room design. The ideas prove that you do not have to do too much to bring the room design to the next level.

With these inspirations as guides, are you ready to give your living room the improvement it needs?