tan and teal walls in a transitional interior

9 Most Compatible Colors That Go with Tan You Must Know

Tan is a versatile color that you can use in any room in your house and tend to create a warm and serene impression there. We can also say that it is a neutral tone, which means that you can easily pair it with any other colors to create a scheme.

9 Colors That Go with Tan

Although so, it is undeniable that tan will look better when you pair it with the right colors. Therefore, in this post, we will share with you some colors that with tan better than the others.

Here, we will give you the complete information and also the examples to help you out in designing your home interior. We list all those in the following, especially for you. So, read further.

1. White for a Classy Look

a traditional living room with tan and white color scheme
a traditional living room with tan and white color scheme. image © janelockhart.com

As a starter, let us talk about the ultimate neutral color that you can effortlessly pair with any tones, including also tan. It is none other but white.

Pairing white with tan shades can create a classy look in your home interior. Besides, white is also excellent to create a balance when the room has tan as the most dominant color. This way, you can avoid the place from looking to warm, which can be uncomfortable for some people. As long as you use it right, white color is also suitable to create a brighter impression in a room with tan domination.

With all these values, the last but not least thing to know is that the combination of tan and white is quite versatile. It means you can use it in any room in your house if you want to.

As an example, you can take a look at the picture of a traditional living room above. This room has a combination of various tan shades and white. As you can see, the place looks classy with the combo, mainly because there is also some addition of black.

Besides, as we already told you earlier, the addition of white color in this room is excellent. It is particularly because it creates a balance in the color scheme.

Besides, you can also see that the ceiling of this living room is quite low. Thankfully, the room designer applied white on it, so there is a visual effect that makes the element looks taller.

2. Black for a Classy and Sophisticated Look

tan and black transitional bedroom
tan and black transitional bedroom. image © juliesews.com

As we already mentioned a bit about it in the previous subheading, the next color that will look good when you pair it with tan is black. The visual effect that you will see from the combination is classy and sophisticated.

Besides, black accents are also excellent to create an elegant impression in the interior design too. Even the portion might not be much; it can still create an impact since black is also a quite bold tone.

About the use of this combination, you can choose any room in the house to apply the colors. Although so, it would be best to apply it in places where people usually gather, such as living room, family room, or dining room. This way, the classy and sophisticated look can gain more awe.

Besides, the tan and black combo can also be an excellent choice for your private place, such as the bedroom. It applies even better when you love your room to have all the visual effects that the two tones can create.

Please take a look at the picture above as an example. This transitional bedroom, which seems to function also as a private workroom, has tan, black, and white in the color scheme to create not only a classy but also a sophisticated look.

In this interior design, there are several inspiring details that we can pay attention too. The example is about the addition of accentuating black pillows on the tan and white bed. It elevates the design quite nicely while at the same time, being functional and creating a comfortable look.

Another good example is the way the designer pair tan and black directly in several parts of the room to show the design consistency. The cases are visible on the pairing between the bed and cushion, the window and floor-to-ceiling curtain, and the desk and chair.

3. Shades of Yellow for a Sophisticated Look

Windsor tan and yellow chairs in a contemporary living room
windsor tan and yellow chairs in a contemporary living room. image © sporadicspace.com

The next color that will look great to pair with tan is yellow. The fact that you need to know is that many people are still afraid to add this sunny tone in their interior because of how bright it is.

If you are one of those people, you need to see how great the combination between tan and yellow is. Primarily, when the two colors are together, they will create a sophisticated look.

Something like this is not only about beauty. It is also about the luxurious impression and also the statement that you can add in the room.

If you need an example, you can take a look at the picture of a contemporary living room above. Here, we want you to focus more on the pairing between the two chairs there.

The tan chair that you can see here is Oak CH07 Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner. As for the yellow one, it seems to be a custom product.

The two chairs look great while being side by side. Besides, the choices are just excellent to build up the sophisticated and luxurious impression needed to complete the room.

One thing that you should not forget these items are successful in creating a statement in the interior design too. Other than that, the placement can even make them the center of attention, which is good for you to get inspired.

4. Soft Pink for a Feminine Look

a contemporary bedroom with tan headboard and soft pink walls
a contemporary bedroom with tan headboard and soft pink walls. image © taraseawright.com

The next color that goes well with tan is soft pink. Together, they will create a feminine look.

That is the reason why the combination is perfect to use in women’s or girls’ bedrooms. However, you can apply the combo in other parts of the house if you want to, no matter whether you are living alone or with people that will be fine to have a pink tone in other rooms in the house.

As an example, the picture of a contemporary bedroom above shows bow the two colors can look good together. They can even create not only feminine but also a luxurious look.

In this room, the tan color appears significantly in the beautiful headboard. Other than that, there are also two accents pillow and a throw blanket that have different shades of tan.

As for the pink color, it seems to be more domination. It appears mostly on the walls, curtains, and some other decorations.

For the walls that you see in the picture, the designer mentioned that it is custom silk wallpaper. However, if you want to get a similar look, you can also use paint. Some of the recommendations to try are Sherwin Williams Warming Peach SW 6338 and Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink No.245.

Besides the fact that the room looks feminine, you can see clearly that a luxurious impression is also in there. Thanks to the choices of metallic accents and decorations.

5. Soft Green for a Beautiful Country or Cottage Look

a traditional bedroom with tan and pale green color scheme
a traditional bedroom with tan and pale green color scheme. image © cyndiparkerinteriors.com

If you want to create a beautiful cottage or country look, then you can pair tan with any soft shades of green. While tan tends to create a warm and earthy look, the green tone can give a refreshing touch in the interior. In other words, you can create a balanced look with the combination.

Because of the refreshing impression, the color combination also looks excellent to use in several room types. The first example is in the bathroom area.

A cottage and a refreshing atmosphere are just perfect for a room like this. This way, you can get an ideal at-home relaxation aura whenever you clean up in there.

Another room that is perfect for decorating by using the combination is the bedroom. The picture above is the example.

This traditional bedroom has soft green domination, as seen from the walls, cushions, and bench. FYI, the wall paint used here is Sea Salt SW 6204 by Sherwin Williams. It is greyish green paint color.

For the tan color, you can see that it comes in different forms in this room. Those include the bed, the chairs, and the curtains.

Besides the fact that you can see the traditional cottage look in this room design, we can also see that it has a luxurious touch. The cause is none other but the choices of items placed in there. In this case, the example is the tufted and nailhead detailing on the headboard and footboard.

6. Teal for a Rich Look

tan and teal walls in a transitional interior
tan and teal walls in a transitional interior. image © karenastondesign.com.au

You can also pair tan color in your home exterior with darker green shades. In this case, we want to be more specific by saying that teal is one of the best options.

This blue-green color is not only a trending option that many homeowners chose. It tends to create an accentuating impression when paired with tan. However, you need to know that the more specific effect it can make is a rich look.

Because it looks like the combination of blue and green, it is reasonable if we can also see a refreshing impression in it. The best thing of all, it still has a soothing look too.

Based on all those, we can say that the combination of tan and teal is striking, mainly because of the contrast appearance between them. Because it also looks relaxing at the same time, the combo becomes a suitable selection for a living room, dining room, and even bedroom.

In the example above, you can see a unique way of using tan and teal colors in an open-style interior. We can say that it is unique because each of the colors is used in a different room, so it seems like a marking of the function of the area.

As an example, the teal color appears in the open dining room, and it creates a deep and luxurious look right there. If you want to know about the paint used here, it is Jimbaran Bay S32A7 by Dulux.

Right to the dining area, we can see another open-style space separated by a single wall. It has a hazelnut tan paint color, but unfortunately, we do not know anything about the brand.

7. Dark Brown for a Peaceful Environment

a contemporary bedroom with tan and dark brown color scheme
a contemporary bedroom with tan and dark brown color scheme. image © luxedesignstudios.com

Do you want to create a peaceful interior environment? If the answer is yes, then you should try to combine tan with dark brown.

You should consider this combo as an option more because, other than the peaceful atmosphere, it can also create a very cozy feeling. It will make you feel like spending time in there.

The last but not least is the fact that the dark brown color is also perfect for resting your eyes, especially when you are tired. All those make the color combination an excellent choice for a bedroom.

Other than that, you can also use the same combo in a room where you need to feel peaceful and cozy. The example is a home library where you usually spend time reading your favorite books.

Please take a look at the picture of a contemporary bedroom above. Here, the color scheme has the domination of dark brown and tan color.

The use of the two tones in this room is also quite various. It is from the custom mirrored dark brown walls to the use of tan and brown area rug to cover the floor to create a coordinating look.

When the curtains are closed, the color theme in the room can get even more visible. The reason is that the window treatments are in two-toned design with the pairing between tan color and dark brown.

8. Bright or Bold Blue for an Accentuating Effect

a transitional living room with tan walls and accentuating blue furniture
a transitional living room with tan walls and accentuating blue furniture. image © studioten25.com

Tan and blue are two colors that are very contrasting to one another. One of them looks warm, and another is cold.

Although so, both of them are the colors that look good to be paired with one another. To be more specific, the combination will create an accentuating effect, especially when the shades of blue chosen are bright and bold.

When the portion of tan color in the interior is quite a lot, the addition of blue tone in there can be excellent too. The reason is that the cool shade can create a balanced look.

The picture of a transitional living room above is the example. Here, it is apparent that the tan color, especially from the walls, dominates a lot of space in the interior. FYI, the paint used here is Canvas Tan SW 7531 by Sherwin Williams.

Other than that, the room also has a large sofa with a warm tone. Besides, the floor is also from dark hardwood material.

All those make the room visually look warm. That is why the addition of the bold blue ottoman coffee table, chairs, and the cushion is here is useful not only for adding some accents in there but also for balancing the view so that the place won’t look too warm.

9. Soft Blue for a Soothing Environment

a rustic bedroom with soft blue accents, tan bed, and tan blanket
a rustic bedroom with soft blue accents, tan bed, and tan blanket. image © robertson-lindsay.com

The last but not least color that we want you to consider pairing with tan is soft blue. If the bright and bold shades tend to create an accentuating effect, this one can help you out in building up a soothing atmosphere.

The visual effect can work even better when you pair the soft blue tone with softer or lighter shades of tan. A combination like this is perfect for a resting and relaxing place like a bedroom or a bathroom.

In the picture above, the example is a rustic bedroom. Here, the soft pastel blue colors are more dominating than the tan shades. They appear mostly on the wall, cushions, blanket, and some other room decorations.

As for the tone, you can see that there are only some lighter versions of tan that you can see from this picture. Those include the bed and the blanker placed on it.

If you love the look, but you want to use it in your bathroom design, you can do so. The way is by using the soft blue tone for the walls and the light tan shades for the floor, tub, vanity, or other accessories.

10. Closing

Those are all the colors that go with tan that we think to result in an excellent visual effect the most. As we already told you in the beginning, tan is a neutral color that is not hard to pair with other shades.

However, by choosing one of our options, you can make sure that the result will look excellent. Besides, there will also be a bigger chance to create a specific look that you want more for a particular room in your house, no matter whether it is the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and so on.

If we only have nine best options, do you think that some other colors will look good when paired with tan too? If you do think so, share your opinion here so others can read.