15 Most Beautiful Cinder Block Wall Painting Ideas to Refresh Your Interior and Exterior Look

Ideas / June 19, 2021

Cinder block is a wall material that many people choose for their homes, whether for interior or exterior usage. Many of them even used it raw without any surfacing or coloring because they fell in love with the minimalist visual and the texture that it offers.

However, it often happens that there is a desire to update the look to something more refreshing after some period. The question is how to do that?

Should you add plaster first on the surface? If you must do so, it will take time and cost you more even when you can do the project yourself.

Thankfully, you do not need to do all that to get a new and refreshed look on the raw cinder block wall. All you need is just a new paint color to apply to it.

In the following, we will show you the 15 most beautiful cinder block painting ideas. Get inspired and create the refreshed interior or exterior look that you want.

1. Taupe Cinder Block Fence and Garage Walls for a Welcoming Visual

The first idea that we want to show you exists in this exterior home design picture. Notably, we want to discuss the wall fence and garage that share the same material, which is cinder block.

As you can see in the picture, the structures do not look raw. They have the same paint color.

FYI, the paint used here is Benjamin Moore Fairview Taupe HC-85. It does not simply offer an earthy visual but also a cozy look.

The thing that we found to be interesting about this exterior design is that not all walls included in there are painted with the same hue. The fact is that there are some other colors used as the pair for the taupe shade.

The first Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray HC-87 applied in the walls of the house. The second is Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290 that significantly increases the welcoming feel in the facade.

There is interesting information shared by the architect here. It is that before getting painted, the cinder block walls were primed first with a masonry primer. You can do the same thing when you wish to get the best final result.

2. A Striking Exterior with The Combination of Dark Grey Cinder Block and Tigerwood Walls

In this next idea, we will still talk about painting a cinder block wall fence. The difference is that the block is not the only primary material used here.

As you can see clearly in the picture, the fence is combined with exotic wood called tigerwood. Everything looks so stunning here.

However, you must know that to create such a striking visual like that, choosing the right paint color is crucial. In this case, the product used is Sherwin Williams Gibraltar SW 6257.

The dark grey color and the natural tone of the wood seem to complete each other. The combination keeps everything minimalist while at the same time provide the highest level of elegance.

In this project, masonry primer was also used before painting. One of the most significant functions is that it can seal the porous surface of the cinder block so that later it can receive the paint better.

3. A Unique Interior Cinder Block Wall with Multi Paint Colors

A painting project for cinder block walls should not always be done by applying even color that covers the whole surface. Sometimes, you can get creative by creating an abstract multi-tone visual as done by Nooks in Bloom that you can see in the picture.

The primary purpose of this project was to create an excellent backdrop for the space. You can also do the same thing when you wish to add something unique to your interior.

Since it is a multi-tone painting idea, there are several products used here. The primary paint color used in this project is an off-white hue known as Meeting House White 50YY 74/069 by Glidden.

The interesting thing is that the other two colors used to create the mixture visual here are actually leftover paints. The hues are maroon and off-black.

It is honestly fascinating. It seems to prove that you do not always need to buy everything required for the painting project. If you have some leftover paints, you can get creative and use them to save cost.

4. Chic Atmosphere in a Living Room with Charcoal Grey Paint

This next idea is actually a part of a makeover. At first, this interior came with details that were quite unpleasant to see. Those were none other, but the two bands of black tile resulted from the industrial design applied to the home factory, which the private residence used to be.

Instead of tearing down everything, an idea popped. It was to color the entire wall surface, including the small black subway tiles in charcoal grey paint. The picture you see above is the result of the makeover.

The paint product used here is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain 2134-30. At a glance, it looks very close to black.

Compared to the initial condition, the final result looks way better. The darkness offered by the new cinder block wall boosts the style value of the open living room to the next level.

It gets even better with the white wall since it adds a classic combination in there. It becomes such a good pair for the charcoal cinder block wall.

5. White, Textured Cinder Block Interior Wall

The makeover idea that you can see in this picture is quite simple to follow. However, the result is not less attractive.

The idea that we meant is to color your interior cinder block walls with simple white paint while still keeping the texture visible. In the picture, before getting painted, this nook got a minor repair in which the cracks were filled. After that, it got 2 coats of masonry paint before getting a layer of regular white paint.

The interesting thing about this makeover is that the new walls do not stand alone to make the interior more beautiful. There is also a catchy egg-shaped chair with a red cushion and a gorgeous chandelier emitting a yellow light to enhance the mood.

6. A Refreshed Look with White-Painted Cinder Block Walls

The idea of painting cinder block walls in white is also applicable when it comes to exterior design. As an example, you can take a look at this picture of a country house.

The white hue applied on the walls brings a refreshing visual. We love how it looks highly compatible with the white trims and the grey roof shingles.

In a closer look, you will find another interesting detail about this cinder block wall design. The fact that there is a set of black gutters becomes the pair. Although the portion is not that big, it still brings a classic touch to the house.

When you see a house with a painted cinder block exterior like this, you may wonder about whether or not the interior is finished. Of course, everything depends on the decision of the homeowner or the designer.

However, in this country house, the interior wall is finished. You can see it in the picture above, in which the living room is also dominated with a warm white color that looks really cozy being paired with exposed beams and other beige items placed there.

7. Grey Cinder Block Walls for a Strong Contemporary Feel in a Dining Room

Applying a new paint color on cinder block walls can not only beautify your home design but also enhance the style value at the same time when you can choose the right hue for it. The picture above shows us an excellent example.

This contemporary dining room looks stunning with its grey-painted block walls. It becomes such a good backdrop for the set of light grey chairs and table placed in front of it.

Other than that, the darker grey hue looks nice being in the same room with the grey floor and ceiling. Together, everything in the color scheme in this interior, particularly the walls, creates such a beautiful and stylish place for enjoying meals.

If you want to choose a dark, true grey color for the walls like this but are also afraid that the room will seem cold, you should do something done in this design too. It is by using a lighting system that brings a warm ambiance to the place.

8. A Bold and Stunning Office Nook with Black Paint on the Cinder Block Wall

We found another fascinating example of how a painted cinder block wall can make a huge difference in your interior. Here, the hue used is black, which obviously brings boldness to the place.

In this industrial office nook, the black block wall looks more like something accentuating. The proof is that it is only on one side while the others are plastered and have a greyish white hue.

Do you know what we are actually trying to tell you here? Painted cinder blocks can be the right material choice for creating an accent wall because of the textured surface and the color selection you apply to it.

In the design example above, everything is just perfect. It contains a combination of textured surface and black paint that support the urban industrial interior theme excellently.

9. White, Grey, and Green Cinder Block Wall Color Combination for a Fun, Gender Neutral Indoor Kids’ Sport Room

An empty room with cinder block walls might look ordinary. However, if you paint it with fresh colors, it can be something extraordinary that you never expected before.

The spacious sports room for children above is an excellent example. The paint colors chosen for it are gender-neutral, with a combination of off-white, green, and light grey.

The paint color options do not only look refreshing and are suitable for boys and girls. It also om looking uncomfortable and cramped.

10. Beige Cinder Block Walls for Extra Comfort in the Bedroom

Having a bedroom with raw cinder block walls might be a good idea. However, it is very reasonable to want something more that can enhance the room’s quality as the most private place for you to rest and enjoy some alone time.

Indeed, painting the walls can change everything to be like you want it. Here, you can get the color that enhances the room’s quality, as done in the picture.

Here, soft beige paint is chosen for the block walls. It brings coziness without looking too warm, which may sometimes cause discomfort when you wish to sleep to recharge your energy.

For interior cinder block walls, particularly for a bedroom like this, a neater visual is often preferred. You should remember that this can be a special request mentioned in the initial building process of the house where you can say to the builder that you want a neat mortar look between each block and another.

11. A Cheerful Exterior Touch with Colorful Mural on Cinder Block Wall

The first time we saw this idea, we were directly fascinated. Something like this would be a perfect, cheerful addition to home exterior design whether you are still single or with family.

The idea here is not merely just coloring the cinder block wall with paint. It is more than that because colorful murals are included in the design.

In the picture above, cheerful contemporary murals are the ones that you can see on the block wall. It is suited to the design theme of the house.

The possibilities for the designs and styles of the murals in such an idea are endless. You can create it on your own if you are into that or hire a professional if you wish to get the most excellent result since you cannot do the project independently.

12. Cute Murals on Painted Cinder Block Wall for Families with Kids

If you have kids, considering something cute in the cinder block walls painting project can be an excellent thing. Just like the previous idea, here we are still talking about murals.

As a suggestion, when you want to follow this idea, you can pick something that your kids like the most as the theme. Doing so can add a more fun effect in the design and the eyes of those who see it, especially your children.

The picture above is an example. This is the creation of L Star Murals in the nursery and home category that brings cactus theme murals on grey-painted cinder block walls.

The cuteness of the image on the design makes the idea perfect for kids. Although so, the simplicity of the drawing also makes it not too childish for older people.

13. The Combination of Ivory-Painted Cinder Block Walls and Redwood Fencing for Simple,Attractive Look

We found another example of a painted cinder block wall fence. This one also comes with wood detailing on the upper part. It is redwood, to be more specific.

The color chosen for the blocks is ivory. It somehow looks nice being paired with the redwood material because both have warm characteristics.

The warm color combination of this wall design is quite to pick for a neutral house. Other than that, it is also suitable to match with a residence with a compatible color scheme.

When you choose a specific paint color for the cinder block wall fence, you must make sure that it will look compatible with the hues of the house. Doing something, on the contrary, will just ruin everything.

14. Grey Cinder Block Wall for a More Stylish Garden

When you see this picture, you may think that it is just a tiny, ordinary garden located in the backyard. If you look closely at the back, there is a cinder block wall painted in grey.

The picture itself shows a garden makeover, in which the block fence is a part of it. Again here, we can see that the painted cinder block looks so beautiful when paired with wood, which comes in the form of not only a fence but also a door, and a shelf for the potted plants.

In this ‘before’ photo, the cinder block fence is easier to see, and there is nothing special about it and the backyard. It seems to prove that applying paint to the wall can create a brand new look that you may not recognize.

15. Creating a Classic Stylish Interior with White-Painted Cinder Block Walls and Medium-Stained Wood Elements

Lastly, let us close this post with this idea. Here, we will also see the pairing between cinder blocks and wood.

As you can see in the picture, the wall here is painted in white. It is an effortless choice to make since the color is neutral, and it works with everything. In this interior design, this hue even matches the minimalist value.

The thing that we think to be very fascinating is how the white-painted cinder blocks are paired with medium-stained wood materials spread all over the open space. The combination finally creates not only a stylish look but also a classic visual.

Another thing that also becomes a perfect match for the white cinder block walls is the beige color of the carpet flooring and the chairs. It brings coziness, while the dominant white color tends to make the room look bright and refreshed.


There are so many cinder block wall painting ideas that you can find right now. Some are simple so that they are easy to follow, while some others are hard to do, so that you need to hire a professional to do the project for you.

No matter what, applying new paint on cinder block walls can change everything. It makes ordinary-looking elements more beautiful and unique, which also means that it can affect how the house looks.

Another thing that you must not forget is the type of paint that you can choose for such a project. To achieve a perfect result, you must select the right product specially made for the cinder block surface. Commonly, latex paint is more recommended since it can be the solution for the porous characteristic of this wall material.